Why Replace Your Screen Time with Books and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Why Replace Your Screen Time with Books and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Why Replace Your Screen Time with Books and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Because burying your face in a book is a lot more appealing than burying your face in your smartphone. You're enamored with the gadgets you carry around with you. Your laptop, smartphone, and tablet are all examples of mobile devices. And you use them all day, in your own bizarre synchronous order. As it should be. They are your means of communicating with and influencing the rest of the world. All of those apps and all of the internet's power are at your fingertips. It's difficult to give up technology, especially when it's so useful. 

Bringing your laptop home from work and continuing to use it again is a dangerous habit. Okay, Netflix is fine. Sure, there's Facebook. However, you are bombarded with notifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And before you know it, you're back to sending emails, polishing campaign material, creating a blog post for the next day, or simply browsing meaningless memes and fictional stories on The Onion. When you're working on your laptop and then switch to your phone, then back to your laptop, then back to your phone, you're re-activating your brain. And staring at a screen all day not only looks stupid, but it also affects your cognitive powers. 

Here, we have covered some of the reasons why you should replace your screen time with books and additionally, we have the benefits of buying second hand novels

Empathy should be increased through books than screens. 

In preschool children, reading is linked to empathy and the ability to see things from other people's viewpoints. According to a 2010 study, the more children’s books preschoolers were read to, the more they were able to empathize with and understand the views of others. The children were also able to recognize that others' thoughts, feelings, and intentions differed from their own. This is an excellent thing to have for a 3–6-year-old child, and it significantly reduces temper outbursts. Surprisingly, researchers discovered no link between television viewing and depression. 

Boost Academic Performance 

A twenty-year longitudinal study found a strong correlation between the number of books in the home and children's educational attainment. Having 500 children's books at home is associated with a youngster progressing 3.2 years in their schooling. A few years later, the same organization conducted another study and discovered that the number of books in the family is associated to academic test scores in over 42 nations. "Regardless of how many books the family already owns, each addition to the home library helps youngsters do better (on the standard test)," says Mariah Evans, the study's author. 

E-books are inferior than physical books. 

According to research, when youngsters read books on an e-reader, they are quickly diverted from the story thread (because to all the interactive possibilities) and their comprehension of the story suffers as a result. Reading in parent-child dyads was the focus of this study. So, if the parent is going to be reading to their child anyway, it's far preferable to get a tangible book. A real book also eliminates the possibility of blue light disrupting sleep and enables for fine motor work with page turning. 

"The publishers showed me an eBook of Alice in Wonderland," says Julia Donaldson, a well-known children's author. 'Look, you can push buttons and do this and that,' they continued, pointing to the page where Alice's neck lengthens. The child can press a button to make the neck stretch, and I thought to myself, "Well, if they're doing that, they're not going to be listening or reading, 'I wish my cat Dinah was here,' or whatever it says in the text - they'll just be fiddling with this horrible button." According to study, reading real books improves comprehension over reading on a screen, owing to the distractions presented by hypermedia. For an overview of the findings, see The Internet is Changing Your Brain, which suggests that when reading online, comprehension and learning deteriorate. 

Deep Immersion is stimulated by reading books 

Don't make the mistake of thinking reading is a passive activity just because our children's bodies aren't moving when they're reading. According to research conducted with fMRI technology, when reading, "readers mentally replicate each new situation encountered in a story." Details regarding actions and sensations are extracted from the text and combined with personal knowledge gleaned from previous encounters." When reading about an activity, the same brain regions that are activated when doing it personally are also activated when reading about it. 5 The visual data from brain scans implies that readers are learning in the same way as they are performing the activity. 

Reading triumphs over speaking. 

Researchers looked studied communication patterns between parents and children in a now-famous study. From the time the child was 7 months old until their third birthday, they studied the families with newborns on a monthly basis. What they discovered was that there was a 30-million-word difference between socioeconomic categories in the study. Follow-up research revealed that this difference had an impact on children's knowledge, skills, and academic achievement in the future. 6 The study was significant in encouraging parents, particularly low-income parents, to spend more time talking to their children as a means of improving literacy. 

Recent study reveals, however, that encouraging parents to read to their children has a greater benefit than conversing with them. Because parents are likely to employ the same words in casual speech, those that are part of the 5,000 most common English words. Books, on the other hand, present new vocabulary in a natural and entertaining way. Conversations between children and their parents, conversations between two adults, and language found in popular children's books were all compared by the researcher. According to his findings, children's books had more novel terms than the other two categories.  

Reading Can Aid Your Child's Concentration 

There is a link between the amount of entertainment television viewed before the age of three and attentional problems in school, according to research. Each hour of television watched increased the likelihood of a youngster developing attention problems when they started school by 10%. 8 According to other research, over 90% of parents and instructors say their children's attention spans are dwindling. Adults' typical attention spans are significantly less than that of a goldfish, which researchers blame to advances in technology. 

Reading can assist your youngster deal with his or her attention deficit. Children learn to sequence stories since they usually have a beginning, middle, and end. To sit through a book and find out what happens at the conclusion, children use their imaginations as well as their self-discipline. Daily reading allows kids to exercise the muscles of discipline and attention regulation, making it more probable that they will be able to pay attention in formal learning. 

When you get home at night, leave your laptop at the workplace, turn off your smartphone, and replace them with a book. 

Reading a book allows you to temporarily borrow someone else's brain. Make the most of it. Technology never relieves stress, whether it comes from job, personal relationships, or any other aspect of daily life. Reading a book, on the other hand, allows you to lose yourself in a story and forget about it all. There's also the allure of reserving something private for oneself, something separate from the public worlds of love, family, work, and occupation; something free of time and self-imposed constraints. 

Do you want to be "connected" at all times? According to current studies, books provide readers with more than just a way to unwind and immerse themselves in fantastical realms. According to Gabriel and Young, books provide the potential for "social connection" and the wonderful serenity that comes from becoming a part of something larger than oneself for a valuable, brief moment. That sounds preferable to going through your Facebook feed or texting cat memes to your friends. On average, the most successful people read 10 books per year, whereas the ordinary (yes, average) person reads only one book per year. Last year, how many books did you read? 

Reading is similar to working out. It immediately improves your happiness and quality of life once you start practicing it. Have you ever felt more anxious after reading a book? I haven't done so. Sure, I'm scared. Yes, it's depressing. Without a doubt, happy. It's also a pleasant way to unwind. Because it isn't work, I read. Because it distracts me from my surroundings. Imagining things in my thoughts is preferable to watching them on TV, my phone, or my laptop. 

Second Hand Novels 

Reading encourages people to think positively, which helps them grow stronger in life. They have a higher level of empathy, imagination, and creativity. They create a passionate reading environment wherever they go, encouraging people in their surrounds to become more interested in books. 

Their gaze is drawn to a specific spot whenever they view their favorite author's new book with one of the market's most gorgeous covers. However, the cost of books is the only factor that matters. People are hesitant to acquire it because many of us cannot afford to buy new books on a regular basis. As a result, there is only one solution to this problem: acquire used books. Moreover, purchasing it online is more advantageous. It provides relief to people, particularly students, who need to buy their course book, which is tough to do with fresh volumes. These used books on the internet save us money, time, and meet our needs. 

So, here are a few fantastic reasons to buy used books

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels 

New novels are more expensive than second hand novels: 

Purchasing second hand books online saves time, money, and effort for the user while also providing knowledge. People, particularly students preparing for competitive exams, can buy second hand textbooks online for a fraction of the price of new volumes. 

Buying second hand novels provides fulfillment: 

Second hand novels lack the enchantment and attraction of new literature. However, these second hand novels bring satisfaction and a similar reading experience. Its slightly faded covers and folded pages provide an experience that new books cannot provide. 

Second hand novels are good for the environment: 

Used books are a simple and practical approach to save natural resources. It is critical to use materials that are simple to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Used books also help to save trees, raw materials, and the environment. 

There is a plethora of options with second hand novels: 

Gently used second hand novels allow a person to make a limitless number of choices. When you buy second hand novels, you can choose from a wide range of new genre books. This is due to the fact that these second hand novels are inexpensive and environmentally beneficial. These used novels are beneficial to book enthusiasts because they allow them to purchase books of their choosing indefinitely. 

Realize your dream of amassing a library by buying second hand novels: 

People can realize their ambition of amassing a library. They can collect a variety of books, including fiction, nonfiction, academia, and works by featured authors. Additionally, the option of purchasing second hand novels gives the ideal platform for book collectors. People can keep their own bookshelves or perhaps start their own small library. 

People are encouraged to read by second hand novels: 

It is natural in nature for people to disregard books. They despise reading new novels with their crisp, tightly bound pages. However, these second hand novels improve the reading environment and encourage individuals to read. Second hand novels draw people to themselves and arouse in them a desire to read the book. 

There is a plethora of online book sites that allow you to purchase second hand books online. People can go to their website and buy used books for a reduced price. These online bookshops provide a variety of options from which the consumer can select the best solution for them. Buying second hand novels, especially from an internet store like Usedbooksfactory, is a good idea. 


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