Buy second hand books wholesale, used books in bulk, weight

Buy second hand books wholesale, bulk and weight

Used Books Factory is market leader and best place to buy second hand books wholesale by weight and bulk. We supply used books wholesale to domestic and international commodities including resellers, schools, colleges, educational institutions, corporate offices, cafes and restaurants. Buying second hand books wholesale is profitable and economical since multiple second hand books are bought in bulk and sold individually in retail.

Second hand books wholesale, used books in bulk

Our books in wholesale section finds its usage in various sectors.

Self help novels second hand books

Second hand books by weight

second hand cbse ncert tetxtbooks
second hand mystery thriller advenure novels collection

second hand used preowned preloved kids childrens books

second hand engineering books


The major inquiry for second hand books wholesale is for preloved imported kids books which are gently used. These books are imported by us from western countries in bulk including US, UK and more. We have quality based pricing which are affordable and fair. The minimum purchase for bulk booking is 50 Kgs. Due to a large pile of books, these come as variety of mixed books which cannot be handpicked based on titles and authors.

Following are the major categories for bulk purchase.

  1. Imported kids books -

    Preloved kids books in bulk for resellers, playschools

  2. Fiction novels -

    Bulk purchase of novels for resellers, cafes, corporate offices

  3. Non-fiction books -

    Bulk purchase of novels for resellers, cafes, corporate offices

  4. Educational books -

    Education books in bulk for schools, colleges, coaching institutions


The shipping cost has to be paid by the customer. We are in partnership with popular couriers who are cheap and efficient. The cost is relatively cheaper when transported point to point instead of home delivery (as low as Rs 10 per Kg within India).
Home deliveries can cost higher owing to local shipping. We recommend to use point to point coupled with your own local shipping to save shipment costs.


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Clients, sectors for second hand books wholesale


We are market leaders in providing books by weight as a wholesale commodity to Educational institutions including schools, colleges and coaching institutes. Schools find us very resourceful during year end stock update for library and internal audits. We stand apart owing to quality in these books. Books by weight and wholesale purchase allows educational institutions to have a variety of books in an economical way.

Our associations include,
  • Maharishi Vidhyamandhir
  • Lalaji Memorial Omega International School
  • Indian School Of Excellence
  • RR CBSE School
  • Sri Arustsai vidyalaya

Above are our priveleged schools, who have taken second hand books in bulk from us. Schools majorly look for all genres of books in bulk including textbooks, reference books, novels, story books and more. Since books are sold in wholesale, the prices are affordable with a wide range of books.


We are flooded with inquiries from other countries on bulk purchase of used books in terms of weights. We have the capacity to send in pallets as well as containers. 20 feet and 40 feet containers are used based on volume of books. Our major clients are from African and Arabian countries.


Resellers are our major customers in terms on volume of wholesale purchase. They buy books by weight in regular intervals and sell it locally within their geographical location. Some preloved book sellers are actively selling on Instagram, Facebook and other social medias.

Married women with kids majorly run these businesses related to imported and preloved kids books. It allows them to work and run business from home, thus taking care of family as well. They segregate books with ease due to their personal experience with their own children. Buying preloved books wholesale helps them to sell with higher margins when sold individually.


Cafes with books are gaining popularity across major cities. The bookshelves provide a great interior aspect to many corporate offices. A cup of coffee with a wonderful tale takes your customer to a dream land. We receive inquiries specific to cuisines to serve linguistic books such as Italian and French.

Our associations include,
  • Bella ciao restaurant
  • D70 cafe

Cafes and restaurants majorly buy Fiction,Non-fiction and coffee table books in wholesale, bulk. Coffee table books are often placed on tables to help customers flip through books with eye catching images and content. Fiction and non-fiction are majorly for book lovers who love to read. A sip of coffee and a book, takes miles !


  • Indian School Of Excellence
  • RR CBSE School
  • Lalaji Memorial Omega International School
  • Sri Sruthilaya Music Academy
  • Destination 70 cafe

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