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About Us

Welcome to UsedBooksFactory !

UsedBooksFactory is an online venture to server preowned books throught India. We deal with educational sector including School, College, University and recreational sector including Novels, activity oriented books for kids. Starting as a small business in Chennai, we have big dreams to spread our wings over the globe. Our aim is to bind the gap between people looking for used books and the ones disposing the same.

We are taking steps towards partnering with schools and universities, to collect and distribute books, and thus encourage students to follow "Reduce,Reuse and Recycle" , thereby making this place better and greener. We welcome schools and colleges to Contact us for the same. With a motivated team, we strive to deliver books with best quality and efficient shipping methods.


We collect used books from many sources and pile it up in our godown. These include collecting books from customers who like to donate and give away the books, customers who wish to sell their preowned old books. Our QA team segregates these books based on quality. Major filtering takes place here, with, worn out books being recycled. Soiled books are reshaped and cleaned. We have a knowledgeable team which separates these books genre wise. Our core team lists these books on website, and is thus available to users.

We believe Education's prime support is books. We take steps to distribute books to financially weak students to support them. Please contact us in case there are institutions or students looking for help. We would be running a background check and distribute the same.

Our History

We observed a lot of books going to trash, and eventually started collecting books from waste paper marts. A lot of efforts were taken to distinguish and segregate good quality used books. We eventually learnt and moved to other sources to collect used books. With technology, we believed online used bookstore is the best way to deliver old books to doorstep. We started storing books in a small house and gradually moved to a small godown loacted at Manpakkam,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. UsedBooksFactory has become a go-to bookstore for buying books at cheap rates without compromising on quality.

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