Importance of Fantasy Novels to Younger Students and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Importance of Fantasy Novels to Younger Students and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Importance of Fantasy Novels to Younger Students and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Engaging with fantasy can stimulate creativity and boost vocabulary. It may help children develop better self-regulation skills. It might even enhance their working memory performance. So, let’s take a look at how reading fantasy novels benefits young learners and the benefits of buying second hand books.

How reading fantasy novels benefits young learners


Although non-fiction and informative reading are an important skill, kids who read fantasy novels on a regular basis are more likely to express and explore their imagination, which is an essential element to childhood. Kids who become engulfed in the wonderful world of their imagination are generally happier and more willing to learn about new things in the future.

Problem Solving

When young learners use and develop their imagination, they become aware of the fact that there is more than one way to solve a problem. This will become an essential skill as they progress through elementary, middle, and high school. There will be so many academic and practical problems to solve and a fully refined imagination will be most helpful.

Making reading fun

So many kids are entirely bored by the idea of reading because it can seem like a chore. If the only time young students read is in school, they will likely not pick up books for fun. However, when kids discover all of the interesting and exciting adventures found in fantasy novels, they tend to view reading as an enjoyable and recreational activity they can participate in both in and out of the classroom.

Limiting electronics

Although electronics can keep kids busy and provide a good amount of educational activities these days, many children become more and more drawn to electronics and start to prefer that activity over reading or outside play. When young learners are encouraged to delve into a fantasy world found in a book (as opposed to a video game) they get to explore new worlds while improving reading comprehension at the same time.

Character analysis

Many older students are struggling to analyse properly a character, which is an important skill for high school classes and college preparation. Non-fiction characters can be analysed, but children often look up basic biographical information and move on. Alternately, when kids are trying to figure out the motivations and actions of a made-up character, they only have the book itself to help them understand what’s going on. Character analysis in a fantasy novel can help with essential skills for the future (AP Literature!).

General reading comprehension

When kids become engrossed in a world of intrigue found within the pages of fiction stories, they improve their reading comprehension in general. This is especially true if they get to choose their own book or character series they enjoy. Reading comprehension is one of the two core subjects and something that can be improved through practice.

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Fantasy Novels

Buying second hand novels help you save a lot of money.

Buying second hand novels, like buying anything second hand, is a great way to save a lot of money. New books are frequently overpriced simply because they are new. What do you think? The words are the same whether the book is brand new or has been well-loved by previous readers! Second hand books online from a store, such as Usedbooksfactory, can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new book. This is especially true for larger books, such as textbooks, which can quickly add to the cost of your purchases.

The margin notes can be amusing in second hand books

Sure, the Kindle has a lending library, but physical second hand books frequently have margin notes, which provide small glimpses into the minds of their previous owners. Some may provide new perspectives on the themes, while others provide intimate glimpses into another person's reading experiences. Margin notes in old second hand books have a whimsical quality to them; they're a way to literally leave your mark.

Second Hand Novels Make It Possible for You to Read More

A fully stocked bookshelf is never enough for true voracious readers. Buying second hand fantasy novels is the best way to keep yourself constantly flooded with new books to read. Not only can you get more books for your dollar, given how cheap they are compared to new books, but the sheer variety of books available second hand will also ensure you have a wide range of genres to read. Buying used books ensures that you never have to feel the agony of not having another book to read.

Buying Second Hand Books Benefits the Environment

At the end of the day, books are still just collections of paper—paper that was created by depleting a large number of trees. Tossing used second hand books is a waste of both the book and the paper that was used to make it. By keeping these gently used second hand books out of the trash and on a bookshelf, you can play a small part in helping the environment. Resist the temptation to buy a new edition of an old second hand book with a cool new cover when there are many editions of those books still available in stores all over the place. This enables us to circulate information and stories while also protecting the environment.

You Can Broaden Your Horizons with Second Hand Novels

Chain bookstores only stock the most recent books that every reader is going to buy. If you're tired of reading the same popular fantasy novels as everyone else, there's no better way to avoid it than by purchasing second hand novels. Given that second hand books can come from a variety of people from all walks of life, you never know what you might find hidden away in a used bookstore corner. Keeping an open mind is essential, especially when reading, and being open to stories or ideas you had never considered before can be extremely beneficial to your life.

You have the option to exercise your first-sale rights with buying second hand books!

We (and you) can sell second hand books, music, or any other copyrighted product because of the first-sale legal doctrine. With the rise of eBooks and other digital works of art, many troubling interpretations of first-sale rights have emerged. Buying gently used old second hand books is an excellent way to take advantage of your long-established, money-saving first-sale rights!

Second Hand Novels are Already Broken In

Let's be honest: books are meant to be opened and read. When you buy second hand books, someone has already gone through the agonizing process of breaking the book in. You don't have to be concerned about cracking the spine, folding the page corners, or spilling your morning coffee on it because it's already had a few owners who have done those things. Anything that prevents you from reading, such as not wanting to sully the immaculate finish of a brand-new book, is not a useful quality in a book. You won't have to worry about putting them through their paces if you buy them used.

That musty old second hand book smell.

Fresh off the press, all new books smell the same. Second hand books, gently used, on the other hand, have spent years, decades, and even centuries developing their own distinct aroma. There's that smell of This-Spent-200-Years-In-A-British-Library... This-Was-Well-Loved-By-A-Parisian-Aristocrat smell, and the less pleasant, but still charming, This-May-Have-Suffered-Water-Damage-At-Some-Point-In-the-Recent-Past smell.

The point is that second hand books are similar to us. They have character. They're a little worn here and there. They have histories. So, when it comes time to buy your next book, you have at least nine compelling reasons to do so. You have a choice!

Relationship with previous owners of second hand books

It's true what they say: when a person owns a book, they leave a piece of themselves in it. There will always be little things about a second hand book that will connect you back to the previous owner, from a crinkle in a page to an underlined quote.

You can give a second hand book to someone else.

When you fall in love with a second hand book and give it to someone else to love, the object takes on a life of its own. We can't think of a better reason than that!

You Might Come Across Something Truly Extraordinary in a Second Hand Novel

Whether it's a limited-edition cover or an author introduction that was only available in one edition, buying second hand novels online is your best chance to add something truly unique to your collection. Even books you've read before can be found in an edition you've never seen before. There is no better place to find hidden gems for the avid book collector than the used book section of your local second hand store.

Tracking down out-of-print editions with second hand books

The appeal of second hand stores is the possibility of finding out-of-print or first-edition copies of your favourite books. These editions are far more valuable and unique than newer versions – a must-have for any book enthusiast! You never know what you'll find hidden in a dusty stack of second books at a thrift store.


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