Top 6 reasons for purchasing second hand books online

Top 6 reasons for purchasing second hand books online

Top 6 reasons for purchasing second hand books online

In a world with technology growing everyday, a lot of things or to be specific, services are migrating from being offline to online. It is said that an average of 62.07% of people across the world own mobile phones. This makes buying books easier for you can simply buy a second-hand book online by a click of a button.

Saves you money that can be used in buying another second hand book

You may wonder why people prefer buying second hand books online. Those days back in College, students would rather save a dollar or two for buying themselves a snack if they bought a second hand book. Second hand books online are always cheaper and can save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, if you bought five second hand books, there might be a chance the money you have saved on each second hand book can sum up to buy another book. Interesting, isn’t it?

Commuting to your local second hand books’ store may cost you a dime in the long run if you keep going back and forth to the store just to get yourself one more book. You can simply order several second hand books online and pay a cheaper shipping price compared to when you used to visit the store physically. The money saved can be used for many purposes like it can be used to buy your child who is a student some stationery.

They also felt somewhat smooth than the hard feeling that comes with brand new books. Needless to say, that I count out brand new books due to their hardness; they are still awesome for they may last a little bit longer than second hand ones.

Second hand books may have interesting writings from their previous owner

While you are walking home with your friends, you may decide to visit one of the many local stores that sell second hand books to get one. While at the book store, you start flapping pages and boom, you bump into something hand written that goes “Tom owes me five dollars”. You laugh with your friends as you all get amazed at how people try to remind themselves of things.

This means carrying this second-hand book home will not only enrich you with the author’s story, but also interesting things from the previous owner who you have no idea about. You walk home that day trying to imagine how these random interesting strangers looked like, even wishing to meet them. Aparajita Mohapatra talks about the random strangers sharing their experiences, joy, sorrow and other emotions in second-hand books.

Getting a rough idea about a second hand book before reading it

Don’t you think that trying to read a book’s review or scheming through it for a few minutes just to find out if it is interesting might not be fun? Some of the second hand books’ sellers usually go through a few of the second books. One may ask the second hand book seller like, “Hey, have you got any insights about this?”. That way, you strike up a conversation and, in the end, you get to know if you are going to buy the second hand book or no.

With all the benefits that come with second hand books, there remains one more problem that bothers almost all of us, time. You may ask yourself, “Well, how is buying second hand books at my local store wasting my time?”.

Buying second hand books online saves you time

Everyone values their time, but there is always lots of few minutes that get wasted in our day-to-day activities that can be saved, only if we knew the solution. This time is wasted once you decide to walk or drive to your local store just to get a second-hand book.

So, if you could just sit back at home, save that time for moving back and forth to the second hand books’ store and just place your order by clicking a button. The time you save may be used to read another second-hand book as you wait for the one you ordered to be dropped.

Buying second hand books online, solution for the pandemic

First of all, with this pandemic, not everyone has access to his/her local store. Someone may also be afraid of touching a book that has been touched by several people why they were trying to check it out. Buying second hand books online becomes one of the best solutions. We are living at a time where almost every grown-up person has an electronic device such as laptops, computers or smartphones.

You simply sit at the comfort of your bedroom or anywhere where you have access to the internet. You just go through a list of books that your favorite store is selling and order by just pressing a button. Easy! You just have to wait for a little bit of time for your book to be dropped at your door. No more risking your health. The pandemic is no more an excuse for you not to keep reading.

Fast books’ search options

Buying second hand books online gives you the opportunity to go through a lot of books within a short period of time when trying to decide which book to purchase. One problem that one may have is going through each and every book ahead and try to scheme through to check if it is ideal for reading or no. But when you decide to buy a second-hand book online, there you will get quite a good number of reviews from other people who have bought such books.

The search option on an online store is a great tool for those people whose every second matters. You won’t have to walk around shelves and rearranging them after digging deep just to find your favorite book. Here, you simply type in the author or title of the book and in the next few minutes, you have it bought. You also have the freedom to filter through the books and check those books which have prices that favor you.

Access to free borrowed second hand books

Let’s be real, one is going to easily lend you a second-hand book for you to read than a brand new one that cost him/her dearly. This is because he won’t be paranoid of you destroying his book, after all it is already old (Of course not a dusty one). Within your lifetime, you will be able to have read at least five books that you borrowed a friend, that is if you are a book lover like me. Not to forget that flapping the pages of a second-hand books is way more comfortable than those of new ones.

Some of my friends like seeing their shelf at home full of books and they feel that dopamine release just because they feel they are a little bit more knowledgeable. Buying second-hand books in stock will make it way cheaper. A single second-hand book is cheaper than a new one. Imagine if you bought a good number of them online at a discount, you will save yourself lots of money.

Customer satisfaction

With all the benefits that come with buying second hand books online, you may ask yourself something that goes, “But I cannot check the quality of the book?”. Well, most of online stores care for customer satisfaction and would rather sell to you books that are still brandy. Most people are not willing to do business while providing low quality services to their customers. The online stores also have customer care contact where you can send them an email or call them if you may have received a low-quality book of which it is in a rare occasion. This can be done any time you feel like, do not get bothered by having to go physically to peacefully confront someone.

You may also say that the second-hand books may come with missing pages. This is also on rare occasions for the books are well checked by the online store staff before being packaged for dropping at your doorstep.


Second hand books online save most of us time and money which are one of the most important things in our day-to-day life. They save you the time travelling or trying to locate that store that your friend suggested to you down the street. It also enables you to spot the right second-hand book you want to buy faster. And lastly, who does not like something that is cheaper and of good quality? Grab yourself a second-hand book to day and enjoy the feeling.


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