Top 5 ways to get rid of used books

Top 5 ways to get rid of used books

Top 5 ways to get rid of used books

Book reading is one of the greatest habits to incorporate in one’s life. Reading a book almost daily in your lifetime will make you have a pile of books later in your life. These are not easy to get rid of like you would get rid of a movie from your laptop by simply deleting it. Books are physical in nature and without the right ways to get rid of them, you may mess up your house or room or even lose great knowledge if you just decide to dump old used books. You may have piles of reading materials, shelves of books or standing bookcases that you might want to reduce or totally get rid of. Here are the top five ways you can easily get rid of them right off the bat. Anytime you feel like to do so.

Decorate your house with old used books

You might have fallen in love with the books you read in your previous years in life and do not want to really get rid of them. This is because the old used books keep you or remind you of memories that are so meaningful to you. Perhaps you might not want to lend that book that you led you to meeting your wife at the local store. Or a certain book may remind you of your past hard times. That book you bought for self-improvement while your life was capsizing. Such memories are dear to us, nobody wants them to fade away. That is why we have some books we will never lose. This leads to books piling up over the years. So, what do you do?

One of the easiest ways is to have a small stand that can carry like up to ten books. Put there monochromatic vintage books and see how your friends marvel at how you are such and intelligent guy. For vintage books were written in the past and have quality content from greatest authors. You can stack them together in a creative pattern and wrap them in ribbon or fabric that may have some inspiring statements.

Paint your books with your favorite color or color that matches the interior of your room or house. It may look absurd but paint can really be a huge change on the look of things. Colleen talks about several paints such as chalkboard paint. This will enable you to change that catchy message that you have written on the painted used old books any time you feel like. You can also just rip off the covers of old used books if they are really worn out, she says, “They are farmhouse pretty tied with twine or fabric.” You can check it out. This article is also great in teaching you how you will decorate your house.

Create your own little shelf from old used second hand books for memories

Imagine having one little great shelf in your living room. Your grandchildren hanging around them and asking you which is your favorite so you start telling them the author’s story and they get amazed at how you are good at storytelling, which makes them eager to get started with reading them old second hand used books, beautifully shelved in your living room. This can event remind you of your youth. That might even make a great conversation starter with old friends who may also have read the old second-hand books.

This point hits hard if you are that guy who values the saying that goes, “A book does not lose its value once you finish reading it.” You can have visitors of whom one or two may want to devour you old used second-hand books. What a way to create a bond with a visiting stranger who just got enticed by your books and borrowed you one!

What if your shelf is somehow huge and you would like to make just a little bit of money from your old used books? Well, that is a good idea. Small money enough for you to just buy some candy. Yeah, you can create some place where people in your hood come to read your old used books as they pay you, probably hourly or per book. You can even start a business if for example let us say that they are students. For most of young people are interested in reading. Just start selling them stationery, maybe some everyday carry student tools. Just be creative, there is a lot that can rise from your non-professional library. How to shelf the books neatly remains to be the question. Well, there are several good resources online that teach you different ways of how to shelf your old second-hand used books.

Donate your used books for free or for money

Donate to a local charity

Not all of us can afford books, live alone new books. Even old second-hand used books. Donating them to a local charity is one of the best ways to help such people. We are humans and that means we are always there for each other, not only as a shoulder to lean on but such small thing which in fact matter. If you have some and you feel like, you can visit and get to donate one or two.

Lend second hand old used books to friends and relatives

What are friends made of? This has a lot of answers but among them someone may say that friends are made of little things they do to each other. Invite you high school friend that you have missed over the years and have a cup of coffee. Of course, around your shelf. Being in your late years, you all prefer reading a book in the evening sun just to end the day, peacefully. He then gets interested in one of them and you of course will be more than happy to lend him one. What a way to create a bond that never dies!

Sell your old used second-hand books online

Selling second hand used books online might be one of the best options if you want to totally get rid of the book. You can help someone out there become more knowledgeable as you also make some profit. Apart from selling old second-hand used books online, we also buy them if you feel like. You can contact us and get started with selling second-hand books online.

Let go off of your old second hand used books

We as humans love each other by creating a bond that is not easily broken. It is no different when it comes to those who are in love with the books they read. Yes, it will feel sad when you will be parting with that book that taught you much in your youth or that which brings back flashbacks of nice memories. Just breath, take your time and accept that everything is not permanent or everlasting. Maybe write something good in the book for the next reader. Just feel the emotions but let go off of holding to it. Close your eyes and give that little kid you met earlier this week and invite him to your house. Have a great conversation, perhaps watch a movie and bless him with the book. You can also make it a routine to just give the book to the nearest available person once you finish reading it and you have no plans for reading the old second-hand book once again. It will create you a habit, many will remember how good of a person you are, without having the load of books in your house.

White elephant book exchange

If you are still young and do parties, you can invite everyone to come with a wrapped book. The White Elephant book party gives everyone a chance to give and receive a book. Of course, we all have that one friend who does not read, that means he will come with none. And there is that friend who is a great book lover, he will come with several. The party will be a win-win for those who read occasionally and for those who do not read at all. If you are one introverted guy, this is a great party for you. If we put in consideration that most book readers are introverts. You will have something to speak to anyone, books! Get to know how to organize a White Elephant party here.


You will not have to get tired of seeing your books cluttered all over the house anymore. These are a few of great tips on how you can get rid of your old used second-hand books either online or offline. These are all environmental friendly ways and plus a bonus of helping you interact with people and create more memories while getting rid of your old used second-hand books.


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