How to Develop a Reading Habit and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Books

How to Develop a Reading Habit and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Books

How to Develop a Reading Habit and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Books

We understood that if you want to be successful in a certain area of your life, change must come as naturally as breathing and become a reflex or default. When it comes to altering your habits and building healthy new ones, one of the most important pillars is your willingness to learn and explore new things. You should read frequently to develop yourself and stay competitive in your area by learning new tactics and strategies that set you apart from the competition. 

Redeveloping your reading habit by reading high-quality books that strengthen your mind, such as self-help non-fiction, is one step ahead. Your brain is grappling with fresh concepts and ideas when you read good nonfiction books. If you do this on a regular basis, you'll learn how to approach a subject from a variety of perspectives. 

Reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV or surfing the web  

If you really want to read more, consider watching less TV or surfing the Internet. Many people may find this difficult. Still, every minute you spend on the Internet or watching TV is a minute you could be reading. This could result in a lot of time spent reading books. 

Begin with your favorite topic. 

If you read a best seller as your first book, you will almost probably be baffled as to why it became so popular. There's a slim chance you'll read more than 50 pages. Even if you succeed, it will take a long time. "How will the other novels fair if a best-selling book could only wow me so little?" you wonder after finishing the book. Instead, pick up a book on a subject you're interested in. Choose a biography of your favorite athlete if you enjoy sports. If you're interested in psychology, look for a book that covers a topic you're interested in. Pick a book that piques your curiosity if you enjoy science. Even if your subject of interest is horse excrement, you can find a book on it nowadays. 

Establish a Reading Objective 

Setting a goal is a vital first step in developing a reading habit and culture. This objective should be stated clearly and with a specific purpose in mind. Consider how a steady reading routine might help you grow in several aspects of your life, including spirituality, academics, work, relationships, and more. You'll be more inspired to keep pushing till you achieve your objective if you can identify solid reasons and a purpose for it. 

It might be a goal of reading 24 books in a year for some. Depending on a variety of conditions, another person may have a 12-point aim. After you've assigned a target figure to your reading objective, break it down into smaller chunks. Reading at least one book per month, for example, in order to achieve a larger goal of 12 novels in a year. Make a conscious effort to make it a pleasurable experience rather than a burdensome work. 

Make reading a priority. 

You will not be able to maintain a reading habit if you do not make it a habit. Set aside a limited amount of time that does not interfere with your daily routine. You can begin by exercising for 10 minutes each day. If you wish to, you can skip the weekends. Try to keep the same time every day as much as feasible. You can read in the morning, before going to bed, or after lunch. You won't have to adjust anything to accommodate your new habit because 10 minutes is all you need. Feel free to use 10 minutes wherever you find them if you have an erratic schedule of traveling and working ad-hoc routines every day. You're merely inventing an excuse when you say to yourself, "I'm too busy today to read." 

Make a month-by-month list of books to read. 

You'll need a list to back up your reading target for the year once you've set it. Make a list of all the fantastic novels you wish to read. Inquire of friends and mentors for referrals. Keep a journal, notepad, or excel spreadsheet with a list of books you want to read for each month or even a year. 

You'll keep focused on your ultimate goals and avoid lurking at any book that passes you by if you're deliberate about your reading list. If you believe that reading marketing/sales books can help you advance in your job, make a list of some excellent marketing books and read them. 

A reading list will also aid in your organization. Take it a step further by attaching a journal to that list, complete with start and completion dates, key notes, or lessons, to make it easier to check off each book once you've finished it. It's important to note that reading these books does not imply dismissing them. A list and record with notes about your thoughts will motivate you to go back and look at them months later if you need some inspiration. 

When you first begin, read thinner novels. 

When you pick up a large book, you hit a mental roadblock. As you push the book back into the drawer, you think to yourself, "Damn, I need to flip those many pages to finish the book." Choosing a slimmer book gives you a psychological advantage because you'll be putting in less effort. It's preferable to finish a mediocre 150-pager than a 450-page behemoth that you'll never finish. Even better, you now have a finished book on your resume. After a few more books, you'll have gained confidence in your ability to read and made it a habit. 

Invest in Reading-Encouraging Tools 

When it comes to efficiency, investing in the correct tools that will set the tone for a better reading pattern is critical. If you enjoy reading hard copy books, try creating a comfortable reading space with the right table and seats to help you stay focused. You'll eventually become acclimated to the space and look forward to your reading time as a result. 

Mobile apps, tablets, news aggregators, ebook readers, and other web tools now perform beautifully for the majority of people. Because the world is becoming increasingly digital, most individuals prefer to have their handy mobile devices to help them keep on track with their objectives. Determine which tools are most beneficial to you and invest in them. 

Visit second hand books online vendors 

Our favorite place to visit is a cheap book store, where we can drop off all of our second hand books  and receive a great deal on used books that we find there. We usually spend a couple of dollars on a dozen or more books, so despite the fact that we read a lot, books aren't a big investment for me. It's also a lot of pleasure to look through the new books that individuals have donated. Make it a habit to visit a used bookstore on a regular basis. 

Carry your book along with you. 

How often do you feel sluggish during the day? We don't know about you, but we feel bored for brief periods of time at least once a day. Sometimes we just want to unwind, and other times we want to read a book on my desk. At work and at home, we make sure we always have a book on my desk. When you make reading enjoyable, you will be more likely to continue the habit. 

We used to commute to and from work with one book that we were reading every day. It took a bit getting used to in the first month, but after that it was second nature. Today's kindle eliminates the need to carry many books. You throw your hands in the air and say, "That's a lot of labor to accomplish every day." But don't you always have your laptop or other belongings in your bag? Simply bring a book or a Kindle with you. Only if you do not want to do it will you find it difficult to establish the habit. 

Every day, read at least 10-20 pages. 

Setting aside a certain number of pages per day would be ideal if you want to establish a consistent reading schedule. If you have a busy schedule, consider setting aside at least 10-20 pages every day to read. This method will help you stay focused as you work toward your daily objective of completing a certain number of pages. Focus leads to efficiency, and reading will soon become a habit for you. 

When you're reading, be proactive. Instead of rushing through, take your time to absorb and participate in the reading experience. You'll be more willing to learn and able to pass on your expertise to others if the occasion arises. 

Read books that are entertaining and interesting. 

Find books that captivate you and keep you turning the pages. Even if they aren't literary masterpieces, they pique your interest in reading, which is the purpose. You can progress to harder material once you've established a reading habit, but for now, stick to the entertaining, compelling stuff. All those well-known authors — Stephen King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Nora Roberts, Sue Grafton, Dan Brown — are well-known for a reason: they tell wonderful stories. Vonnegut, William Gibson, Douglas Adams, Nick Hornby, Trevanian, Ann Patchett, Terry Pratchett, Terry McMillan, and F. Scott Fitzgerald are among the authors you might enjoy. They're all fantastic storytellers. 

Remove a small percentage of your pointless activity. 

"I have such a hectic schedule," is the most prevalent reason given for not reading. We can't seem to find any time to read every day." Do you check your Instagram feed several times a day? Do you like to watch YouTube videos? Do you spend your nights on the couch binge-watching Netflix episodes? You still have time if you do. Every one of us has a place where we can spend time in some way. The goal isn't to completely eliminate bad habits. After all, Jack is a dull lad if he doesn't have any fun. Determine where you waste time and eliminate 15 minutes from your schedule. You can now use that time to read instead. This not only aids your reading habit, but it also helps you save time. 

Find a reading buddy or join a book club. 

Goals must be accompanied by accountability in order to keep you on track and encourage you when you aren't feeling motivated. Make a plan with a reading partner who has a heart for reading and is eager to assist you attain your reading goals. 

You'll establish a specific approach with a book club that will keep you motivated and encouraged to grow outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. These get-togethers allow you to talk about what you've learned and other ideas. Don't be a lone ranger who thinks you can accomplish all of your objectives on your own, no matter how minor they are. You'll need the right individuals to keep you motivated and focused on your reading goals, as well as your overall life goals. 

Second Hand Books 

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Books 

Second hand books are cheaper than new books 

When compared to buying new books in a bookshop, buying second hand books online can save time, money, and effort. 

Satisfaction from second hand books 

Older second hand books have a certain charm and magic about them that newer books may lack. Faded pages, unreadable notes, and the smell of second hand books all contribute to the allure of second hand books as a reading experience. 

Eco-friendly second hand books 

Second hand books are better for the environment since they save resources, trees, and raw materials. 

Creating a collection from second hand books 

Buying second hand books allows you to realize a lifelong desire of amassing your own collection or little library of second hand books from all genres without breaking the budget. 

Broaden your horizons with second hand books 

The trend in new bookstores is to stock the most popular books based on a bestsellers list, or books that everyone wants to read. However, you never know what you might find in a second hand bookstore — a first edition of a masterpiece or a long-lost treasure. 


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