Hidden Secret Habits of Every Booklover and Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Hidden Secret Habits of Every Booklover and Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Hidden Secret Habits of Every Booklover and Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Every reader has her own peculiarities and preferences, such as the never-ending discussion over whether to bookmark or dog-ear pages. We are aware that we have some peculiar reading habits because we usually read several novels at once and finish them in anywhere from a day to a month. The bulk of readers, though, share a few secrets. 

If you're a big reader, a book nerd, or an avid reader, you'll probably connect to most, if not all, of these secret habits that aren't made up and we have also covered the benefits of buying second hand novels. 

Guilty of collecting books. 

Whether you admit it or not, readers have a strange habit of stacking and obtaining books. As readers, we are always drawn to having our shelves crammed with books, even if the book is only intended to sit on the shelf unused for years. The number of books piling up never seems to be enough. The weight of heavy hardcovers feels so natural to hold, despite our weak shoulders feeling the anguish of life's anxieties. 

Smelling Books 

To all the non-readers out there, books really have a distinct, soothing, and addicting odor. Please don't stare at us strangely. And the first step after purchasing a new book is to smell it. One of the best joys of reading a book is smelling the pages. It's a medication, and the longer it's been around, the better. It's your loss if you don't smell your book before, during, and after reading it. 

Defending yourself against the urge to steal books from a library 

For bookworms, a library is the closest thing to heaven on earth. They never want to leave the library because it is surrounded by books. However, it is also a place where morality takes a backseat for them, and taking books appears to be the most innocent thing in the world. 

After smelling a fresh book, you feel alive. 

The pleasure of holding a wonderful book in your hands is unrivaled. The scent of a high-end perfume fades in comparison to the aroma of a fresh book. The smell of books is incredible. After smelling a new book, a reader cannot help but feel refreshed. The aroma is so welcoming and soothing that sometimes just reading a book is enough to lift our mood. 

From Books to Movies - The storyline is about to be destroyed. 

We apologize to all of the world's filmmakers and producers, but you will never be able to do right to all of the novels that have been damaged as a result of the movies. Never, ever, ever. Disappointment sets in when you're looking forward to seeing a book on cinema for the first time. Something will always go wrong, whether it's the cast, the plot, or the way it's been portrayed. Approximately 99+1 percent of the time, the book is superior to the film or television series. And, Lord, the details that were left out. 

Keeping track of the names of those who borrow books from them 

You requested the book, and they gladly loaned it to you. But don't fool yourself into thinking they've forgotten about it. Every bibliophile carries a little notepad in which they jot not only the titles of the books they've lent, but also the time and date. Even if they don't have a written reminder, their brains will never forget that one of their books is missing. 

Having a book with you at all times. 

So, what if you find yourself in a scenario where you are bored? Or will you have to wait? Or do you have to sit next to someone you despise? Or do you prefer parties? Or perhaps relatives? Bibliophiles are usually carrying a book or two with them. If you can't find a hard copy, look through their phones; you'll discover a soft copy there! 

Canceling your plans for a night out in order to finish the book. 

We've all probably done it at some point. We can become so engrossed in a book that it becomes difficult to put it down for any reason. Whatever works, but we make sure to find enough reasons to remain late and accomplish the job. As a result, we all cancel our plans in order to burrow up in our warm beds and continue reading. 

While debating about the book they both adore, they become a little violent. 

They will participate in long, thought-provoking talks and dispute gently if you discuss politics with them. If you tell them Eric Segal's Love Story is too soppy or Gone With The Wind is too dull in parts, all hell will break loose. Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime debate. 

Using the cover of a book as a criterion 

"Never judge a book by its cover," as the saying goes. However, as readers, we frequently fall into this trap. A book cover that catches our attention automatically entices us to pick it up. Even the best-reviewed book sometimes requires bravery to read due to its unappealing cover. 

Always give us a book as a gift. 

You need a book as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any other occasion. Just give us literature, no matter how boring that seems. Your friends will never have to worry about buying you a gift since it will always be a book. But there's a catch: there'll be a spoiler alert! What if you already own a copy of the book? 

Wishing our favorite book had more to it 

When we end a book, do we ever experience that peculiar heavy feeling? Characters and tales can sometimes feel so alive that they leave us wanting more. Some books hit us so hard in the heart that our minds need to rest for a while before we can get back into the swing of things. We feel caught between fiction and reality when we read books because they transport us to different locations. As a result, approaching the end of your beloved literature is never a pleasant experience. 

Please return my book to me. 

Being a bibliophile comes with its own set of drawbacks. People mistake you for a public library, even though you enjoy it when others read the same books you do. However, do not return it if they keep it. Do we need to form a secret society for readers where the first rule is to return the books you borrow as soon as possible since they are our kids and we need them back on a certain shelf? Oh, and the broken spine. Do people, for example, open books to read or tear them apart? Please elaborate. 

Weeping over the death of a beloved fictional character 

We don't acknowledge it, but we've all sobbed uncontrollably when our favorite character dies. Sometimes we identify so strongly with particular positions that it's difficult to understand why we'd want to leave them. We spend sleepless hours regretting the loss as a result of this gut-wrenching sorrow of saying goodbye. 

When someone asks about a book you've ever read, you forget about it. 

Before we go to sleep, we can actually record every book we've read, want to read, or are now reading. And when someone asks us about our favorites or if we can recommend some, we forget we ever had such a thing. 

TBR piles up indefinitely 

Despite our best efforts to condense the list of TBR books, we end up with a lengthy list. Finding new novels to read can be a thrilling experience for any book enthusiast. As a result, any other book that comes along readily finds its way onto our TBR list. The book hog is never truly satisfied.  

People are being judged based on their bookcases. 

If you've ever went into a date's room and couldn't find a single book, it's a clear sign that you should leave right away. If you've made it to their room, chances are they share your interests (like reading), and you browse their bookshelves to form an opinion on them. 

After finishing their favorite book, they have a peculiar sense of emptiness. 

Bibliophiles are book aficionados who never read a book. They are enthralled by it, relishing and clinging to each printed word. When there are no more pages to turn, however, they are engulfed by a peculiar vacuum. They begin to wonder about the meaning of life, and no amount of ice cream will help. 

On a Daily Basis, Imagine Your Life as a Novel 

As a bookworm, you enjoy imagining what your life might be like if it were chronicled in a book. You imagine striking eye contact with that cute guy on the train or having the time of your life at a concert as a terrific opening chapter. Your life would undoubtedly be a lot more exciting if it were written down, which is why you enjoy thinking about it. 

On the bookshelf, there isn't enough room for new books. 

There isn't enough space on any bookcase to satisfy the unquenchable desire to acquire more books. Our book pile continues to grow, while the space on our shelf continues to shrink. As a result, we're left looking for new ways to make additional room in order to fulfill ever-increasing demands. 

Using Favorite Character Phrases as If They Were Your Own 

It's impossible to avoid using wonderful phrases like "as long as she thinks of a guy, nobody objects to a woman thinking" and "intolerably foolish" after finishing books by Virginia Wolff or Jane Austen. Of course, you, like most others, are well aware that you did not invent it, but you still enjoy doing it. 

Trying to muster the courage to read a book you’ve been putting off for a long time 

We are, after all, humans. For book nerds, reading is undoubtedly meditative and a joyful place. However, we occasionally tire of constant reading and require time to catch up on other activities. Taking a break from reading is never a terrible thing; rather, it serves to re-energize our laid-back soul so that we can delve back into it. 

Making False Statements About Your Weekend Plans 

Not every bookworm is certain that her weekend will be spent consuming a few novels and loving every minute of it. Even if you enjoy bragging about it, there's a good chance you've made a white lie about spending Friday night out instead of cuddled up in bed with a book. 

Second Hand Novels 

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels 

1. Buying second hand novels are inexpensive. 

Well, well, well. What you won't find in first-hand books is what you'll find in second hand novels. Second hand novels are a godsend for anyone who does not want to spend a large percentage of their pocket money on new books. With these excellent book stores, you can typically save roughly 50% of your pocket money. 

2. Previous readers' comments are included in second hand books. 

What you won't find in first-hand books is what you can find in second hand books. Students and others who have used them will provide you with a thorough understanding of what the notes are and will even assist you in understanding the vital parts and portions that you must study. It won't be an issue for you, especially if you're feeling a little lost while studying for your syllabus with old second hand books. 

3. Using second hand novels gives you a lot of options. 

With the usage of old second hand novels, you have a wide selection of options right in front of you. With so many options, there will be a plethora of things to keep an eye out for. There are a variety of services to check for, ranging from old used engineering books to science books. Second hand novels are a complete delight for anyone who is ready to explore the vast array of options available to them. You won't have to pay a lot of money for the second hand novels you can get right here. All of the purchasing and selling is done in a convenient manner. 

4. Second hand novels can be donated if they are in good condition. 

After you've finished with second hand novels, you can donate them to online businesses that will pick them up from your doorstep and offer them to someone in need. In this way, you are assisting society in learning from and benefiting from your gently used second hand novels

5. The feeling of antique second hand novels 

Used second hand novels are not the same as modern books. The main difference between a second hand novel and new novel is that it has a completely distinct feel and scent, as well as some worn-out pages and messages. 

6. Everyone can benefit from second hand novels or books. 

Everyone can benefit from used and second hand literature. It's for you, and even for your classmates if they're seeking for something in the store to help them get through the semester. These used books are adequate for you and will assist you in effectively managing your curriculum. Everything you need, from engineering books to scientific books, other topics, and so on, will be right in front of you, and you won't have to wait in lines at stores. All of the work may be completed with a single mouse click, and your book will be sent to your door in a timely and efficient manner.


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