Common Things Only Booklovers Can Relate

Common Things Only Booklovers Can Relate

Common Things Only Booklovers Can Relate

You’ve only met a few book-loving friends who take the time to read and delve into the pages of books. I truly admire you for your perseverance in incorporating the essence of books into your daily lives.

Isn't reading books a wonderful hobby? Or should we say a fantastic way of life? Have you ever been out in public with a book and found yourself on the verge of tears when a character dies, or even worse, when you can see people in real life mimic the lines you just read?

It can be awkward and difficult for us readers, and we are bound to face difficulties from time to time. So, here are the ultimate struggles to which bookworms can relate!

Booklovers have an emotional attachment to fictional characters.

Have you ever grown so attached to characters in a book that they begin to feel real to you? Books can give you such vivid insight into a character's personality and psyche that you may feel as if you know them better than your own peers and acquaintances. And if the characters are personally relatable, they may begin to feel like true friends. You might even have had a romantic relationship with a fictional character (*cough cough* Mr. Darcy). But there is no condemnation here. We understand, as fellow booklovers.

Organizing the bookshelf is trouble for booklovers

For those of us booklovers who can't sit still without fidgeting and arranging things, let alone sorting your book collection over and over? Isn't there always something that could be done better? Sorting them by author, color, or alphabetical order, for example? Gahhh! What a conundrum!

You know when the next book in a series will be published as a booklover.

As a true booklover, you prefer reading a series to reading individual novels because you don't have to stop at the end. For you, however, few things are worse than finishing the latest book in a series only to have to wait years for the next one to be released. When a new book is due out, you know exactly when it will be available (because you pre-ordered it, of course), and you have a mental countdown going in the meantime. The suspense completely consumes you!

Humans borrowing a booklover’s favorite books.

Personally, we’ve had this happen to us, and it didn't end well. You lend your book to a friend after recommending it to her, and you do not it since. You apparently lose contact, and with that book, you lost a piece of yourself. Sobs!

You have a soft spot for literary gifts.

You may not be materialistic, but if you're a booklover, you can't help but buy items related to your favorite books, whether or not you need them. For example, you would not hesitate to buy Paddywax's Library Candles, which feature your favorite quotes printed across the front and scents inspired by famous authors. (We're convinced Ralph Waldo Emerson smelled exactly like his cedar and wild fern candle!)

Booklovers going on a vacation

Alas, you’re going on vacation! It's time to take a break! The one you've been waiting for! You do, however, have one minor issue. Which book should you bring!? Is there such a thing as a good book that is too heavy? or a book so thin that it won't even get you to the boarding gates! Isn't this a critical decision?

When a booklover is engrossed in a book, they neglect their basic needs.

Books consume you, and time seems to stand still when you're completely immersed in the text in front of you. However, hours and hours have passed, and you've completely forgotten to eat, shower, or go to bed on time. But, hey, that's life. Any basic needs you have can wait until you finish this chapter. And possibly the one after that.

In public, a booklover is looking for a retard.

Whether it's dealing with your favorite character who has recently died, or you've just reached the juicy part of the book and you're apparently standing in a jam-packed train or on a bus that is far too crowded to even breathe and you just let your emotions take over. But you don't really care about your appearance, do you? Neither do I.

Most booklovers despise watching film adaptations.

Nothing irritates you more as a lifelong reader than movie adaptations of books you've read. After all, you remember all of the passages so vividly that you can't help but point out the film's many flaws. You'd rather not watch movie adaptations if you can avoid it, because they risk deviating from your favorite literary works and failing to do them justice.

Bookworms colliding with objects

Walking while reading? This is by far the most extreme, in our opinion. We’ve seen people walking around with their phones, blindly, and colliding with other people, but we guess books are just a tad unusual. But, after all, there's no reason not to read, is there?

You prefer the feel of a physical book to that of an electronic book.

Call us old-fashioned, but we booklovers continue to resist the transition to digital texts. There's something about the weight of a hardback in your lap, the sound of turning pages, and feeling the remaining chapters dwindle in your right hand as you power through them that appeals to us. E-books may be more environmentally friendly, but they lack the sensory experience that we associate with physical books. Check out the best reading apps for aspiring readers.

You have missed your stop.

If you fell asleep, that's pretty normal, but being engrossed in a book can cause you to gradually disappear from reality, leading to you forgetting where you are and tadaaa! You were late for your stop!

You can recall details from fictional worlds as if you've visited them

Diagon Alley, Middle Earth, Narnia, and District 12 aren't just two-dimensional fantasies to you. These fictional worlds exist for true bookworms. In fact, you know them so well that it's difficult to tell if you've actually been there.

Keeping away from people

Your friends are inviting you out for dinner, a short movie, or a simple chill night out, but you're in bed, reading a good book, and don't want to go out. Your excuse is that you're too busy and have other commitments? Haven't we all been there and done that? Making up excuses to avoid making eye contact with people. Congratulations!

Booklovers are free to paraphrase your favorite passages.

Misquoting a line from a novel is something that should never be done in front of a booklover. You are quick to correct them whenever this occurs. Booklovers have an uncanny memory for text, so you're probably guilty of reciting your favorite lines all the time if you're one of them. And you don't just recite them verbatim; you use the original character's accent and inflection.

Attempting to determine what book another booklover is reading without appearing to stare

Accept it. It's something we've all done. You're walking down the street when you notice someone reading on a bench. When you glance at their book, you try to be subtle, but someone always notices that you've slowed down or turned your attention elsewhere. At that point, you give up and either come to a halt or bend your head to read the title.

Your private library is a source of pride for you.

Some people collect shoes, while others collect purses or vintage baseball cards. You, on the other hand, collect books. It's as simple as that. Your books are like family to you, and they are a source of great pride for you. You fantasize about having a floor-to-ceiling wall of books in your home, or even an entire study dedicated to your collection. Parting with your books is always a difficult experience, whether you're downsizing or donating them. These characteristics can be found in the homes of happy people.

Being able to solve a plot twist before it is revealed and feeling like Sherlock Holmes

You've suspected that character from the start, and now they've said something that confirms your suspicions—you're convinced they're the murderer! Then their true identity is revealed, and you wonder for a split second if you chose the wrong career path because you'd make an excellent detective.

Booklovers adore the smell of new second hand books.

You lean forward to smell the pages of a new second hand book every time you open it. You are not only familiar with the scent, but gently used second hand book also brings you a special joy. The aroma is reminiscent of being a child and opening a present on Christmas morning—you are ecstatic at the prospect of owning a classic. You can also tell the difference between the smells of old and new books, and you enjoy both for different reasons, but the smell of used second hand books stands out.

Having a large number of bookmarks but never using them

You have a large collection of bookmarks that you adore but never use because you are either afraid of losing them or simply forget. Instead, you use receipts, gum wrappers, recipe cards, or whatever you can get your hands on at the time to mark your location... However, you never dog-ear a book!

A bookstore's aisles can keep a booklover occupied for hours.

Most people get a rush of excitement when they walk into a clothing store, but as a complete bookworm, you feel completely at home in bookstores. You could spend hours scanning the shelves, running your fingers along the numerous spines, and checking out what's new in your favorite section. To you, bookstores aren't just safe havens; they make you feel like a kid in a candy store, because you want to try everything.

When you should be sleeping, you tell yourself, "just one more chapter."

You have to get up in five hours, but you remind yourself that whether you're reading or not, you'll be awake because your mind is racing trying to figure out what will happen next! Will you be sorry in the morning? Probably. You remind yourself that you can always have another cup of coffee with extra espresso shots and everything will be fine.

As a booklover, you are constantly influenced by fictional characters.

As an avid booklover, you've met a number of protagonists and authors who have had a lasting impact on your life. You're a different (hopefully better) person as a result of your interactions with these people, real or imagined. To honor them, you feel compelled to incorporate them into your daily routine. Maybe you got a tattoo of your favorite quote or named your dog Fitz after F. Scott Fitzgerald. As a reader, you see nothing wrong with naming your child Afterticus, Holden, or Rosaline. In fact, you think it's admirable.


Don't feel bad if you can identify with one or more of these. There's nothing wrong with any of these scenarios because reading is one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can have. You have the ability to time travel and live multiple lives in different eras, countries, and lifestyles whenever and wherever you want. There is no hobby that compares to reading, so enjoy your bookish lifestyle and try to make a dent in your TBR stack!


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