Second hand fiction books

Second hand fiction books

Second hand fiction books


Second-hand Fiction books online are what takes us out of our real world into the imaginary world. You may get tired or real life stories from your friends or from your second-hand non-fiction books and yearn for a taste of something new. This is where second-hand fiction books come in handy. It is not to say that fiction books are totally out of the author’s imagination. Some fiction books are rooted from events that occurred in the real world. In fact, taking true stories and creatively coming up with a fiction story based on them leads to a very interesting storyline. These books include The Good People by Hannah Kent, The Revenant by Michael Punke and  many more others.

Second hand fiction books relieve us of the thought of the harsh world. They feed our imagination. This is often as a result of holding back information, paradoxical events, twisted stories which complement our harsh world. Troubled with where to get such great fiction books? Troubled with the expenses that comes with buying new fiction books? Well, we have you taken care of. Buying second hand fiction books online  has many advantages to you as a book reader. These include their cheaper price, going through lots of fiction books’ options faster and getting them dropped at your doorstep. There are different resources online that can help you buy second hand books online. Visit the best site for second hand books online that supplies second hand books in India to buy second hand used books. It has one of the best different categories of second hand fiction books, online. Let us get started on those categories. These include;

  • Romance fiction
  • Classics literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery, thriller and adventure
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction
  • Contemporary fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Multiple combo fiction  

Romance Fiction

Romance fiction books are based on a romantic relationship or love between two or three people. Sometimes the storyline includes other characters who might not be in love that play a role in the romantic relationship between the two main characters. It is typical of  soap operas or romance movies. The characters play their different roles for the story to be appealing in a romantic way the end with a mix of love emotions.

Seconnd hand Romance fiction books give us an insight in the love story of imaginary characters making us to have a comparison with our own love stories. This may make a lot of sense to ladies for it is there nature to be into such things, they are more emotional than men and thus anything that induces a positive emotion is interesting to them. This is not to say that romance books are only for ladies. Gentlemen also have a heart! They also want to be pleased with stories from second-hand used books after a long day of work.  

These second hand romance fiction books may come in two forms, either as series of stories or short stories. The two forms aside, fiction books are divided into other subcategories which have different plots and storylines, not to mention their literature. Everyone may have his way of breaking them down but here are the six most basic subcategories of romance books. 

  • 1. Inspirational romance – This is romance that is based on the religion and faith of the characters. It is not surprising for you to ask? How comes romance includes religion and faith? You ask this because most romantic relationships in one way or the other are ignorant of religious faith. This may be such as having sex before marriage which is not accepted by Christians. This is ignored just because of love. This is not always the case; some characters have their romance by strictly following their faith. You may find one is strong in faith and the other character is not, this is where it becomes interesting when the push and pull of events begin.
  • 2. Contemporary romance – This genre has stories that relate to the life that was in the 1970s after the Second World War. They may be irrelevant to the current generation but they still have instances that reflect the current world we live in. These include love stories in the work place or love with a here who completed a certain project that is of impact to the community, a hero who is not easily attainable.
  • 3. Young Adult - Young Adult novels are based on love stories between young people who are just getting started with love. It starts when each does not know what to do but gets on track with time for love is natural and it does not matter what age. This may be high school love or event college love but most importantly, it is an adventure of the young.
  • 4. Historical romance – This type of romance is one which existed before the Second World War, the early 1940s. The genre revolves around that period of time. They try to depict the social setting of the past years.
  • 5. Romantic suspense – Romantic suspense involves two people who seem to complement each other but contradict in other situations. This might be for example a love affair between a boy who is engaged in crime so he can survive on the streets and a girl who is a cop. Interesting! These books include Twisted Shadows, The Deadly Travelers and much more

Classic literature 

Classic literature fiction books are timeless. The plot and the style of writing reflects lovers of any time period. They have content that is applicable worldwide that has an appeal to most people, thus being accepted by any generation. The plot is always somewhat artistic but not to a much extend. They reflect the life of people from different races, tribe or religion. A book that is of this genre must first be accepted by a good number of people worldwide as having some educational content. These may be short stories or novels, once accepted by a good number, the fame spreads like wild fire. These books include Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  This article  goes through a few of the best classic literature books. Grab yourself cheap second hand Classical literature books here.

Science fiction 

Science fiction often involves imaginary occurrences that do not exist in our real world. They are always accompanied by a touch of technology that is yet to be discovered, creatures of the underworld time travelling. Think of you time travelling back just to meet that partner you never had a chance with. They may be based on hard scientific facts such as physics or chemistry subjects or based on scientific facts that are not accurate; with elements such as psychology or just the way humans socialize. These include Doctor Who The Deviant Strain - Justin Richards, Son Of A Witch The Wicked Years - Maguire Gregory and many more  second hand Science fiction online books

Mystery, thriller and adventure 

These genres of fiction books are those that keep you restless on your seat. The characters in these second-hand books elicit different emotions which are absolutely unpredictable. Using suspense and twisted turns in events to catch your attention is what they do. They induce emotions that threaten the existence of the characters. These include violence or murder that comes with a touch of love. The plot of the story is often detective and may end up with providing no results from the detective process. Readers are left in suspense and mystery, not knowing what all this was for but leaving you with patches in your mind of what might have been the end result. They are great books for the youth who are in their most adventurous times.  Second hand Mystery, thriller and adventure books online are good at playing with your mind, fears adn emotions.


Horror fiction books, in literature, are meant to induce in us feelings that we most avoid, most terrific feelings of all time. They include events or actions that are deemed to be evil by the society. These include death, reincarnation or witchcraft. Most of them often revolve around religion, like a whole plot may take place inside an old abandoned catholic church. Their intention is to make us feel afraid through what we know, what we might be knowing and the unknown. They are not all about killing or evil, some may combine terrifying events with a love in between. Some are not really horrific but through the book, there is an air of evil which never comes to be known till the end of the story.  Second hand horror books might cool when reading such books. The book might be a little bit faded with writings from unknown people inside which gives you more thrills if you find out about their writings!

Historical Fiction 

Second hand Historical fiction books tell stories that date in the past but the time is always specific or accurate. The story combines both real-life or imaginary events, just like the characters. The storyline and dialogue often reflect the exact life of the past age. The social norms and custom activities are true and authentic, event though they come with a mix of unreal events here or there. The characters have a detailed description to create a perfect picture for you. The plot revolves around real life past stories which are blended with the author’s imagination. 

Contemporary fiction 

Second hand contemporary fiction books online tend to major in real life experiences that actually happen in our society than imaginary tales. They talk about current times and events that the current generation is going through. They give you a chance to place yourself in someone else’s shoes in the story. They are more real than you thought. Just because it is fiction does not mean it cannot be real. They revolve around the society, social norms, religious expectations, politics and any current event that may happen. In our current day, do not be surprised to find an author somewhere working on a contemporary fiction book based on the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, you get to see how the main characters had their affection in the current hard times. These books include The Fault in Our Stars, A Man Called Ove, The Kite Runner and much more interesting contemporary fiction books. 


The University of Cambridge defines fantasy as a pleasant situation that you enjoy thinking about but is unlikely to happen, or the activity of imagining things. Likewise, fantasy books have plots that are unreal and do not seem to happen in real life. They involve things such as mystical beings or people living in another world. Do not confuse this with Science Fiction books. Remember, Science Fiction has a touch of highly evolved technology while Fantasy do not. The authors of second hand fantasy books try to engage us in a world of magic, an unattainable thing. Things such as witchcraft which become timeless if they are experienced in imagination, compared to Contemporary books. Talk of heroes and legends that go through a lot but have a happy ending. They are not meant to be for a particular age, a young kid can read them as well as someone who seems to be old. 

Young Adult 

As the name suggests, Young Adult novels  plots are for the adventures of those entering the adolescence stage or those who are already in. The characters of these books are typically aged around 12-18. This is where the protagonist of the story is just trying out new things. Everything he/she does if brand new thus mysterious. The plot may also include things like magic but to a minimal effect. The storyline is interesting for everything that is going to happen is new and thus, keeps you eager for the next dialogue or chapter. Young Adult is often categorized the same as Young Women novels online genre of fantasy. This is because they are more or less the same, characters are children or teens dealing with their issues. 

Multiple Combo second-hand fiction books

Also known as General Fiction, Multiple Combo fiction books online do not fall under any category. This is because they contain a combination of other fantasy genres. They do not have an outstanding quality that can separate them from other genres of books, which makes it their sole characteristic. Buy second hand Multiple Combo fiction online to get started in your adventures.


Being a book lover, you might get tired of the reality of life you go through or that which you get from non-fiction books. Just to break the monotony, fiction books are great to let your mind wander in different worlds in different times. You might want to remind yourself of your years in the youth and get yourself a Young Adult second hand book online cheap book. We can’t say that Fantasy is the best genre of books, but it is worth your time, in this world of books. 


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