Tips to Make the Most from Reading Horror Novels and Reasons for Buying Second Hand Books

Tips to Make the Most from Reading Horror Novels and Reasons for Buying Second Hand Books

Tips to Make the Most from Reading Horror Novels and Reasons for Buying Second Hand Books

In general, all book lovers, even those of you who aren’t horror fans—are tempted to read a creepy novel. Here are tips to follow when reading a scary horror novel story. You’ll be terrified in no time. We have also covered the reasons for buying second hand books. 

Ease into the genre 

Start off with some classics from Mary Shelley, Edgar Alan Poe, Shirley Jackson, or H.P. Lovecraft. They (hopefully) aren’t going to be as terrifying as modern horror, and they can introduce you to some of the tropes without giving you nightmares. 

Wait until the sun is out 

If it’s bright and happy outside, the horrors within the pages won’t be able to get you. Theoretically. Nighttime is far too quiet, with mysterious house creaks and tree branches tickling windows keeping you distracted from what you’re reading.  

Keep the lights on 

If you’re not able to secure reading time during the day, then ample light — ceiling lights, table lights, flashlight helmets, whatever you have — is a must. Just, um, don’t acknowledge the things in the shadows. 

Make a cozy reading nest 

Get your blankets, warm beverage, and best snacks at the ready. They are your first line of defense against getting too scared. The blanket also serves as a shield against whatever horrors just burned themselves into your mind forever. 

Secure a friend to protect you 

Bonus points if they don’t laugh at you when you scream in response to them asking what you’re up to mid-page turn.  

Don’t watch the movie first.  

This is the most important step when starting a new horror novel. If you’ve seen the movie, then chances are good that the book won’t frighten you (unless you’re generally a scaredy cat). If you know who is going to die and when, what’s the point of picking up the book? Choose a novel that you haven’t already experienced in movie (or TV) form, or go really wild and choose a book that hasn’t been adapted into something else—that way you can’t even be spoiled by images on the internet. 

Read non-spoiler reviews 

Please do read some reviews if you need to prepare yourself for any content that’s triggering for you. 

Read it in one sitting.  

Don’t give yourself time to pull away from the creepy setting of your horror novel. Read your book in one setting so the scary feeling doesn’t fade. You can benefit from reading many kinds of books in one sitting, but horror novels are in a class of their own. Your heart will be pounding as you turn every page, and you’ll be reading faster to finally get to the end of the story. 

Buying Second Hand Books 

People who enjoy reading develop a positive mindset, which helps them grow in life. They have a higher level of empathy, imagination, and creativity. They create a passionate reading environment wherever they go and encourage people in their surroundings to become more interested in books.  

Their gaze is drawn to a specific location whenever they see their favorite author's new book with attractive covers on the market. But the only thing that really matters is the price of books. People are hesitant to buy it because many of us cannot afford to buy new books every time. So there is only one solution to this problem: buy second hand books. Moreover, purchasing second hand books online is more advantageous. It gives people, especially students, relief because they need to buy their course book, which was difficult with new books. These used books on the internet save us money, time, and meet our needs.  

So here are some incredible reasons to buying used books:  

The Reasons of Buying Second Hand Books  

1. You will be able to save money if you buy second hand books.  

Of course, this one is self-evident. Newly printed books can be expensive, but buying used novels almost always saves you at least half the price.  

2. You'll be reading more when reading used novels.  

Nothing motivates you to finish your current book like a stack of equally enticing reads on your shelf. And if you buy cheap second hand books, you'll have no trouble keeping that stack stacked high.  

3. Buying second hand books is more environmentally friendly.  

Purchasing a new book isn't as innocent as you might think. Every year, the United States produces 2 billion new paper books. That's millions of trees and millions of tons of CO2 emitted - a significant carbon footprint. Yes, the artwork on the newest edition of The Great Gatsby is pretty cool, but why not help the environment by purchasing one of the millions of second hand book copies already on the market?  

4. There is a common history in second hand books...  

Purchasing a used book is akin to purchasing a box of chocolates... You never know what kind of ideas will be scribbled in the margins. That's part of the appeal of buying second hand books. You are actively participating in a shared history, and you are free to add your own ideas along the way. 

5. You can share second hand books with others.  

You've finally finished War and Peace. Your favorite passages have been highlighted and earmarked, and you are now free to share your enthusiasm for the well-worn tome. There's something appealing about lending a second hand book to friends and family. It's adding another mind to the pages' cumulative life!  

6. Second hand books have already been gotten into.  

Books are not meant to be coddled. Instead of worrying about how to keep the crisp, coffee-stain-free pages of newly printed books, simply purchase a used book copy. The binding is most likely bent, and you may come across some rumpled pages along the way - but toss it in your bag and hit the road. Used novels have been around the block a few times... they've seen things you wouldn't believe. We're willing to bet they'll make it through a short trip in your tote bag.  

7. You have the option to exercise your first-sale rights with used novels!  

We (and you) can sell used books, music, or any other copyrighted product because of the first-sale legal doctrine. With the rise of eBooks and other digital works of art, many troubling interpretations of first-sale rights have emerged. Buying second hand books is an excellent way to take advantage of your long-established, money-saving first-sale rights!  

8. There are some truly incredible vintage covers of used novels out there.  

There's no shortage of breathtaking artwork adorning the covers of used novels, from epic 1970s sci-fi to hunky romance novels. Cheesy? Without a doubt. However, it's a great way to strike up a conversation on your way to work on the bus.  

9. The smell of an old used novel.  

Fresh off the press, all new books smell the same. Used novels, on the other hand, have spent years, decades, and even centuries developing their own distinct aroma. There's that smell of This-Spent-200-Years-In-A-British-Library... This-Was-Well-Loved-By-A-Parisian-Aristocrat smell, and the less pleasant, but still charming, This-May-Have-Suffered-Water-Damage-At-Some-Point-In-the-Recent-Past smell. 


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