Key Elements of A Good Historical Fiction Novel and Why Buy Used Novels

Key Elements of A Good Historical Fiction Novel and Why Buy Used Novels

Key Elements of A Good Historical Fiction Novel and Why Buy Used Novels

Some may argue that fantasy provides the most open canvas for storytelling. However, with 5,000 years of recorded human history spanning many extant and extinct civilizations, empires that have come and gone, innumerable famous and infamous people, and seven continents (well, maybe Antarctica isn't quite as rich a source), the worlds and characters available for a reader or author to explore in historical fiction novels are vast. And, while historical fiction must be grounded in fact, the possibilities for colorful, enlightening, and entertaining narratives abound.

Historical Fiction is defined as

Do you enjoy reading about the past? What if it was all a figment of our imagination? Historical fiction is probably for you if you're interested in a reimagined history. Historical fiction, as a literary genre, is a work of writing that reconstructs the past. Writers of this genre are frequently inspired by history and will incorporate historical events or people into their fictitious stories. The story's details must feel authentic in order for this to work.

What would you think if you were reading a story set in the 16th century and one of the characters picked up a cell phone? The story would lose credibility because we, as readers, are aware that cell phones did not exist at the time. Historical fiction writers must conduct research on the time period of their stories in order to maintain the story's credibility. The writer should know what the characters ate and wore, as well as how they spoke, so that readers will believe the story and continue reading.

Now, some works of historical fiction are intended to be unbelievable, in which case the improbable or absurd details are used on purpose. For example, in Seth Grahame-parody Smith's novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009), the story takes place in the nineteenth century, and while the characters sound and read authentic for the time, the casual interjections of man-eating zombies, while not historically accurate, are written in for dramatic effect.

The Evolution of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction, as we know it in modern Western literature, dates from the early nineteenth century. Sir Walter Scott, Honoré de Balzac, James Fenimore Cooper, and Leo Tolstoy were among the first novelists to explore the historical setting as a separate book concept.

By the early twentieth century, the genre was flourishing in the United States, with a focus on war stories such as Kenneth Roberts' Arundel about the American Revolution and William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom about the American Civil War.

Key Elements of a Good Historical Fiction Novel


Setting is one of the most important aspects of any work of good historical fiction novels. Almost immediately, the reader should be placed in the period. They should become more immersed in the novel's setting as the story progresses.

A good historical fiction novel's setting is the most important aspect. It should take place during a real historical period and in a real historical location. For instance, consider New York City during the Great Depression or Paris, France during World War II.

The Subject

The theme of a good historical fiction novel is significant in terms of the time period. Themes must be considered in their context. For example, loyalty may have meant something very different during the Wei Dynasty compared to America in the twenty-first century.


The plot of a good historical fiction novel must also correspond to the time period. The plot is usually shaped by historical events that occur. A story set in Rome around 45 BC could revolve around Julius Caesar's life and his infamous dictatorship over the Roman people.

A good historical fiction novel's plot is a mash-up of real and fictional events. You can make up characters, cities, and events, but they must still make sense in terms of the time period. A novel set in London, England in 1666, for example, would benefit from including the Great Fire of London, a major turning point in the city's history.


Characters in a good historical fiction novel can be real, fictional, or both, but they must all look, speak, and act in ways that reflect the era. For example, if you're writing a book about Mary Tudor, you shouldn't ignore or reinvent her family history as Henry VIII's daughter and Elizabeth I's sister, both of whom played important roles during Mary's reign.

The characters could be based on real or imagined people. They would, however, typically act in a manner appropriate for the time period. A slave, for example, would behave very differently than a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. The author's goal is to introduce the reader to these historical figures.

Constructing the World

Consider world building to be the process of creating a scene for the reader to enter and become a part of. Good historical fiction novels are typically intended to transport the reader to the past and allow them to experience what life was like at the time.


The dialogue in a good historical fiction novel must be historically accurate and reflect the status of the characters speaking. For example, British soldiers during the Revolutionary War would not have used today's Western slang.

If a literary work is entirely written in a vernacular that the reader does not understand, dialogue can easily distract them. The writer should include some vocabulary and general grammatical structure from the time period, but they should focus on words and phrases that the reader is already familiar with.


Conflict, which is essential for any good story, involves the characters or even a group of people. The preceding example of Julius Caesar could involve a variety of conflicts, whether with Rome's enemies at the time or internal conflicts with himself.

The conflicts that the characters face should be conflicts that people of that era would face. For example, a good historical fiction novel could describe a German soldier's hesitation and fear as he travels to the Eastern Front, where he knows he will most likely die.

The Advantages of Purchasing Used Historical Fiction Novels

Purchasing used novels online saves an individual's time, money, and effort of going to the market while also providing knowledge. People, particularly students preparing for competitive exams, can purchase used novels online at a lower cost than new books.

Used novels help you save a lot of money.

Buying used novels, like buying anything second hand, is a great way to save a lot of money. New books are frequently overpriced simply because they are new. What do you think? The words are the same whether the book is brand new or has been well-loved by previous readers! Second hand books online from a second hand store, such as Usedbooksfactory, can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new book. This is especially true for larger books, such as textbooks, which can quickly add to the cost of your purchases.

Used novels provide satisfaction

Used novels lack the enchantment and allure that new books have. However, these gently used novels provide satisfaction and have the same feel as new books. Its slightly faded covers and folded pages provide an experience that new books cannot provide.

Used novels are environmentally friendly

Choosing used novels is a simple and effective way to conserve natural resources. It is critical to use materials that are easily reduced, reused, and recycled. And used books help to save trees, raw materials, and the environment.

You Get to Have Fun While Searching for Used Novels

Nothing will surprise you if you walk through the same chain bookstore you always do. As a result, you simply walk over to the genre you already enjoy and take a quick look to see if there is anything new. Searching through used novels, on the other hand, is akin to going on a treasure hunt. You never know what you'll discover if you dig deep enough. Who knows, you might come across an esoteric out-of-print book by an obscure novelist, a treatise on a little-known historical event, or simply something that will make you laugh at its cover. But you never know if a second hand book is going to be your next great read until you give it a shot. It's part of the fun of being an avid reader to look for new books, so browse the used book section of your local secondhand store.

The possibilities are endless with used novels.

Individuals can choose from an infinite number of used novels. This means that when you buy used novels, you can choose from a wide range of new genre titles. This is due to the fact that these books are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. These used novels are ideal for book collectors because they allow them to purchase books of their choice indefinitely.

Fulfill your desire to amass a library of books by buying used novels.

People can realize their dream of amassing a library. They can collect a variety of second hand used novels, including fiction, nonfiction, academic books, and books by featured authors. And the option of purchasing used books provides the ideal platform for those who enjoy collecting books. People can keep their personal bookcases or even start their own small library.

People are encouraged to read by purchasing used novels.

It is natural in nature for people to disregard books. They don't enjoy reading new books with crisp, clean pages. However, these used novels create a reading environment and encourage people to read. These books entice people to read them and create a desire in them to do so.


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