Why Reading Multiple Novels at a Time is Beneficial

Why Reading Multiple Novels at a Time is Beneficial

Why Reading Multiple Novels at a Time is Beneficial

Google Books attempted to compute the total number of published books back in 2010. The amount they came up with was around 130,000,000 after cross-referencing records from hundreds of suppliers, deleting duplicates, and rejecting non-book entries. Wow! 

Of course, it was almost a decade ago. Self-published e-books were not included in Google Books because they are not obliged to have ISBNs. As a result, it's safe to presume that number is much greater now. This provides a problem for the avid reader. On the one hand, possessing so many books means you'll never run out of things to read. On the other hand, you'll never be able to read that many books in your lifetime, especially since new novels are released every day... 

However, this opens up a possibility you may not be taking advantage of right now: reading numerous books at the same time. If you're only reading one book at a time, you're missing out on a lot of fantastic books. Sure, even someone with a completely free schedule and the capacity to read quickly wouldn't be able to read every single book available, but by increasing the number of books you read at once, you can get more out of your favorite pastime than you ever imagined. 

Here are a few advantages of reading many books at once that you may not have considered... 

You'll get a wide range of stories. 

Classical, young adult (YA), and business literature are among my favorite genres to read. You may be forced to read a certain and exclusive genre after reading just one book. You can always have a range of reading options by reading different books; you don't have to stick to one book and finish it before moving on to another. If a storyline bores you, go to a different book to gain a fresh perspective on something. The more knowledge you have, the better. 

You can get through your TBR pile faster if you read many novels at once. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but reading multiple books at once allows you to move through your To Be Read pile faster than if you read one title at a time. Readers are frequently stymied by a difficult or uninteresting book, and they are unwilling to go on to a new novel until they have forced their way to the conclusion of the previous one. When you're reading multiple books at once, though, you have the option of pausing from whichever title is dragging you down and switching to another that is easier, more entertaining, or simply a faster read. Don't worry, the difficult title will be waiting for you once you've finished reading anything else. 

Experiencing a Wide Range of Genres 

You're confined to one genre and tale when you read one book at a time. When you convert to reading many books at once, however, you receive a greater diversity of experiences, which might make reading easier and more pleasurable! Let's be honest: we've all struggled to finish a book at one point or another. A technical book that baffled you with language you didn't understand... A bleak work of literature that left you unsettled... 

You couldn't connect with a "must-read" recommended by a friend... In such instances, you may feel compelled to "push through," even though you're filled with dread from the moment you take up the book. Reading numerous books at once, on the other hand, allows you to take a break from the more challenging or less entertaining works you've picked. As a result, you're more likely to complete what you're reading rather than letting it sit on your nightstand collecting dust... 

With one stone, you can kill two (or three) birds. 

Although everyone has different reasons for reading, there is one thing that they all have in common: finishing a book is a fantastic experience. Not to pick on specific works, but whenever one reads the last page, ponders it, and then places it back on the shelf (or wherever you keep your books, no one will condemn you), it feels pretty good. It's a wonderful sensation to go about your day, perhaps even informing people that you read a book today. 

Imagine finishing two or three books in a single sitting. Consider this scenario: you have twenty-five pages remaining in Pride and Prejudice, fifty pages left in The Hunger Games, and two chapters left in The Alchemist. Congratulations! You settle down and finish the last two chapters. You've recently completed a book. After finishing the first book, you move on to the second, and finally the third. Consider how you'd feel if something happened to you. 

It enables you to strike a balance between leisure reading and obligatory reading. 

Whether it's for school, work, or book club, having "mandated reading" can put a damper on your plans to read for pleasure. Unless you read numerous novels at the same time. You can get through your To Do list while still finding time to appreciate the actual delight of pleasure reading by reading your Have To titles at the same time as your Want To titles. 

It can be a great challenge 

Let's say a story's plot is getting predictable, yet you keep reading the book. It may become a little too easy at some point. I know that reading numerous novels at once is a challenge for me at times, but it's a good one. When I read one book and then switch my focus to another, I have to keep my wits about me, stay focused, and recall more. It stimulates my intellect. It's almost like working out. Do you continually work out a single region of your body with the same activity to be strong and lose weight, or do you engage in a range of activities to be strong and lose weight? The same example applies to reading: would your mind grow if you read the same book for hours on end, or if you read one book for a while and then switch to another? 

Similarly, it might allow you to alternate between sad and lighthearted reading. 

Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult book and felt compelled to put it down because it was too emotional? Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone. Heavy or sensitive topics can be draining, which is why reading numerous books at once might help you get through the tougher ones. When you're feeling down, instead of quitting a dismal book entirely, you can spend some time with one that is cheerful, amusing, romantic, or just plain pleasant. A short break to refresh can often be all you need to finish a challenging book. 

More can be purchased. 

Buying a large number of books is comparable to fashionistas purchasing the whole inventory of an H&M store. I make an effort to avoid going inside a bookshop because I have several books on my shelf that I have yet to read. You'd have to finish the books you already have in order to get more. When you read a lot of books, the process of receiving new books goes faster. 

It has the ability to discover unexpected links between seemingly unrelated titles. 

When you read numerous novels at the same time, something magical happens, and they suddenly become more than the sum of their parts. Whether you chose a memoir about a WWII fighter pilot and a historical fiction novel about nurses on the front lines by accident or on purpose, this "literary synergy," as book critic Julia Keller puts it, is like the perfect meal: just the right combination of smells, tastes, and textures that balance and complement each other in new and exciting ways. 

Possibility to Expand Your Knowledge 

When reading many books at once, some people like to read works that are related to one another, while others prefer to read books that are completely unrelated. Regardless of whatever method you like, you'll discover that reading numerous publications at once allows you to expand your knowledge on a variety of topics. You may often extract context from one book that helps you understand another if you stick to books that revolve around the same theme or setting. Reading a nonfiction book on the Victorian era, for example, can provide you a historical framework to utilize while reading Jane Eyre, which can help you figure out why characters act the way they do. 

You might be astonished at the connections you can make if you choose two or more books that are completely different. For example, if you're reading a science fiction novel about an extraterrestrial opera diva while also reading a biography of Giuseppe Verdi, you'll be able to have that "Aha!" moment when the former work introduces a phrase like cabaletta. It's often merely for fun to make connections between seemingly unrelated works. It's thrilling to read about a person, concept, or location in one book and then see a reference to it in another! As a result, your experience will be more full and satisfying. 

It's possible that you'll be able to complete your reading challenge more quickly. 

I'm not affiliated with Goodreads, but their website allows readers to keep track of their books, create a digital library, and set a reading goal for the year. Members of Goodreads will be able to set a goal for how many books they will read at the start of the year. If you're motivated to meet a reading goal, reading many books at once could be really beneficial. 

It enables you to enjoy all of the advantages of reading. 

People read for a variety of reasons, including instructional or recreational goals, stress relief or amusement, labor or pleasure, and the books they chose reflect this diversity. Lighthearted stories and hilarious articles are just what you need after a long week when you need a pick-me-up. Historical fiction or science fiction are your tickets out of here if you desire to journey to another world. Empowering memoirs and instructive nonfiction are your cheerleaders if you're attempting to stay motivated to support the resistance. And what if you want everything? Read everything, and read it all at once, because there's no rule that says you can only enjoy one benefit of literature at a time. You can take advantage of all of them by reading a variety of volumes at the same time. 


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