Why are used books online becoming a trend in India ?

Why are used books online becoming a trend in India ?

Why are used books online becoming a trend in India ?



“Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power”. This is a saying oft-repeated in almost all walks of life. Everybody knows this. Ours’ is a small attempt to refresh you on the best and most economical way to go about this. Yes!


We shall refresh you on a few points as to :-

  1. Why second hand, used or old books?
  2. The difference between eBooks (virtual) vs real.
  3. The cost Factor
  4. The travel Factor
  5. Most importantly your contribution to the environment – reducing the cutting of trees which is used to make paper. 
  6. The knowledge that you develop through books.


Why second hand, used or old books online ?


The first thing that strikes us when we say second hand books is the cost. When we say second hand goes without saying that it is used one. If you get a little lucky it could be sparsely used or maybe even unused. We can buy any book be it a Text book, a story book, a magazine or even epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharata or a Quran, a bible or any other book of any religion, philosophy or Spirituality. The most popular reason to look for a second hand or used book is to find old books that are out of print and not available in the book store. They could be any of the books mentioned above.

A country like India has large diversity in all fields. Parents give very high importance to education, compared to any other country in the world. As a result, parents always encourage their children to read books to improve their creativity, knoweledge. Hence, the best way to finish it in a budget, is to buy used books online. By purchasing used books online, one gets to order a lot of books with the same amount of money spent for a few new books. Money factor plays a big role in minds of people in India, and hence the decision to buy used books online is a great idea to save.                                 

The difference between eBooks(virtual) vs real.

In reality, Second hand books are much easier to read as the print in old books. The words printed are of bigger size and easy to read. In the books recently published the word size is much smaller and you have to strain your eyes to read. This is because of cutting the cost of paper used, squeezing in more content in a page thereby reducing the cost. You can also check the quality of paper of the old or used books by comparing them to today’s books that are published. The old books have thick paper, bolder print, and are longer lasting thus ensuring that they are much sturdier. Today’s books are printed on thinner sheets of paper and thereby tear easily. This reduces the shelf life of the book. In the current circumstances, there is a leaning towards e-books and e-learning. Indeed, e-books are very easy to locate on the web and the content is very accurate. More informative with pictures and a colorful presentation. Then what is the difference between reading a paper book (paperback) as it is commonly known and a virtual book or an e-book. The difference is that anyone can carry a printed book anywhere at all times. An e book can be read only by people who have a computer or a laptop. Thereby restricting the book to only those people who have access to technology. In India, today almost all the people are educated and can read and write, but not all have access to computers and laptops. 70 percent of the population of India are from the villages and agricultural community so a second hand or used book has a much wider readership as compared to e-books. It is not a surprise that a Survey has shown that most of the readers who have access to e-books refer to printed books.

The Cost Factor

The Cost Factor may apply only for selected category of books like textbooks and a few books of learning. But when want an Epic or a Classic that you are desperately searching for Cost ceases to be a Factor and you would go to any extent to own it and Cost ceases to be a Factor. For example, can you find an original version of the English Grammar Book – Wren & Martin, which is the Bible for English Grammar?  we have so many abridged versions of the book re-written by so many people that it is practically not possible to get a copy of the original even online.

Whereas a used Wren & Martin can be found with great difficulty even in an online used book store. Just try any Old book store in your area. The chances of finding one are remote. This is only an example. This applies to all categories of second-hand books whose printing and publication has stopped.

The story is the same as most of the old Classic Books and other categories of old books. If you are thinking about cutting costs you are in the right place – An old or used books online store. Any book you need is generally available at half the price or sometimes at even a lesser cost. The pricing varies on the category of the books you may want to buy. Here again a second hand book store is the only place that can cater to you needs.


The travel Factor

The travel factor is something that you are well aware of. If you have to visit any second-hand or used book store, the amount of time and money you spend will create a cost over-run. Even before the cost the hassle of riding through the traffic is only for the brave. If the travel cost and the tie spent is calculated you find that you can buy a few more books of your choice sitting in the comfort of your living room.


Also consider the stress of traffic and the strain on the body. These can be measured or felt only by you. 


Your Contribution to the Environment

your contribution to the environment becomes priceless. You become an unsung Hero or Heroine as you reduce the cutting of trees which is used to make paper. Paper is made after wood is turned into pulp. You can calculate yourself as to how many trees have to be felled in order to produce paper for each and every student for his or her Text Books or note books. It is mind boggling isn’t it?

If even half the Student community buy at least two second hand text books, they will be contributing to saving millions and millions of trees. “Hard to grow – Easy to cut” it’s a case like if you squeeze out tooth paste in excess, you cannot put it back inside. We are in a situation and must avoid the fox dance we are enacting. Fox Dance – “One step forward – two steps back “. You may say ”It is easier said than done” It’s not impossible for us to leave a better world for our Child if we start now.

A small tiny second hand or used book online store could be an answer to so many things? You can figure that out yourself!

Types of Secnod hand books.
  1. Fiction - Recent research in neuroscience suggests that you might look to the library for solutions; reading literary fiction helps people develop empathytheory of mind, and critical thinking.
  2. Non-Fiction - Non-Fiction books mainly improve your knowledge on real life things. Give you great deal of inspiration based on real life events.
  3. Language - These books are mainly useful to improve the knowledge on different languages you know, their grammar of the language etc.
  4. Management - These are books that improve your knowledge on management studies.
  5. School - There are different varieties of books in school books like NCERT and state board books. These are mainly syllabus books for school kids.
  6. Engineering - All types of engineering books are available with us.
  7. Competitive - These books mainly concentrate on the competitive exams in India.
  8. Kids-children - There are all kinds of preloved books available with us.
  9. Medical - People pursuing medical studies can get all the books to refer for their studies.

All the above-mentioned categories of books are available in our website usedbooksfactory.com

Best website to buy used books online

Our website usedbooksfactory.com is already in the first place in search result when you google second hand books store in India. Our website has huge scope in the way that It also has an option for each customer that visits our website to request for any particular books that they want. We try to arrange it and put the best possible efforts to do the same. We promote prepaid orders for customers since it reduces the Cash on Delivery Cost for the customer and us. We invite you to try our website to search for your favourite second hand book. 


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