What Your Beloved Book Genre Reveal About You

What Your Beloved Book Genre Reveal About You

What Your Beloved Book Genre Reveal About You

A person's choices might reveal a lot about him or her.

Take, for example, shoes. If you see someone strolling up to you wearing a pair of throwback Jordans — minted out, with the "Nike Air" logo on the back — you know you've got a sports lover on your hands.

Similarly, if you see a lady off in the distance wearing a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, it's safe to assume she's a fashionista.

Similarly, your choice of reading material might hint to various aspects of your personality.

Obviously, it is physically impossible to establish any sort of concrete assessment of a person based on his or her chosen genre of book (so don't expect any of the following evaluations to stand up in court). We will admit, though, that we believe these are quite accurate.

Here's what your preferred genre of literature says about you.


You've read and will reread nearly every classic. Jane Austen and Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck - this is the group of writers that will always be your favourites. You were the kid in high school who actually read and appreciated all of the required novels. You would rather get to know one person deeply than a couple of individuals superficially. You value the simple pleasures of ordinary life more than anything else.


You're certainly interested in trends and what's now "in," and your reading material reflects this.

When a novel is declared a "bestseller," you're usually all over it like a new type of "green juice" at your neighbourhood juice bar.

What else can you say? You care about quality. When you open a novel with the "bestseller" stamp on it, you know precisely what you're getting into, and that's enough of a co-sign for your own approval. You may not be a risk taker, but who needs to when your delight is nearly guaranteed?


You have a lot of information and are secretly hoping for the chance to play trivial chase so you can annihilate all your buddies with it.


You'd rather read about vast and complicated worlds where your imagination can run wild. You've been more interested in mythology than anything else since you were a child. You're a daydreamer, and you frequently zone out at school or work, daydreaming about the next amazing trip you'll embark on. You have some of the best friends, and you'll never treat them unfairly because you realize how essential true friendship is after reading The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Finance and Business

You want to be practical and forward-thinking, and you constantly want to be ahead of the curve. You are a motivated individual with your sights set on achievement, blazing trails and collecting business cards.


You enjoy making people laugh no matter where you are, and in turn, you enjoy a good laugh.

As a result, whenever you indulge in some quiet reading, you always choose a comical novel – one that will enhance your wit.

You were the class clown back in the day. You're the "funny guy" at work these days.

It's been difficult for you to resist playfulness throughout your life, so you gave up trying and just accepted it.

Books for Children

You will be good people if you have children and a large collection of children's books. Anyone who encourages children to read gets our vote. You are in touch with your inner child even if you do not have children. Of course, who does not enjoy Harry Potter?

Historical Fiction

You enjoy both fiction and nonfiction. You prefer to know what is going to happen and dislike surprises. You have a thorough agenda with you at all times, but you aren't hesitant to engage in a few unplanned activities every now and then. You have a sharp eye for detail and are frequently (if not always) referred to be a perfectionist at work. You like people-watching and listening to your friends and family tell you stories about their lives.


You're definitely homosexual or lesbian, or you're open-minded enough to try to understand your gay or lesbian friend.


Poetry is a genre focusing on how words fit together rather than what they imply. A single poem can be analyzed in a variety of ways, and the freedom to interpret it in your own way is likely what appeals to you. You enjoy thinking and analyzing for yourself in order to find meaning. This could affect your life. As you seek purpose in your life and the world around you, you want it to be beautiful in its own right. (For example, Shel Silverstein's A Light in the Attic and Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven and Other Poems.)

Health, Cookery, Diet, Fitness and Yoga

You're not going to sit back and let life happen to you; instead, you're going to take charge and deal with problems as they arise.


You, like Stephen King, feel that everyone should read more horror novels. You're not easily terrified, and the rush of adrenaline is nearly addictive. You're the daredevil in your social group, and when you go to an amusement park, you're the first in line for the most extreme rides. You're a fantastic storyteller, and your pals are well aware that when you pull out the flashlight at a bonfire, they're in for a tale that will haunt them for the rest of the week.

Short Stories

The spice of life is variety! You want to look at everything but are hesitant to commit to anything.


Ahhh, then you're the daring one! I'm always up for some adventure.

Literary Fiction

You prefer reading about everyday life challenges and difficulties that almost everyone can relate to. You enjoy learning about individuals, and when you don't, you find yourself making up their backstories as you walk down the street or on your morning commute. You're a profound thinker, and you're probably a pro at problem solving. You like to imagine your life as a movie, and you're always wondering when the next difficult event will occur.


You couldn't stop thinking about Gone Girl for weeks after finishing it. Because you are very gifted at detecting foreshadowing and clues, your friends tend to avoid you when Game of Thrones is on to prevent spoilers. You see life as a mystery in and of itself, and you're always looking for the broader picture. You're a little quieter than the others, but that's only because you love being a mystery.


You always have the most recent memoir or autobiography before anyone else. You're an excellent listener who enjoys getting to know people through their unique idiosyncrasies and anecdotes. You are constantly looking for new methods to better yourself and the lives of those around you. You enjoy making grand gestures because you want to live a life that will be remembered someday.


For you, no book is a great novel unless it contains a compelling love story. You enjoy everything from Gone with the Wind to Fifty Shades of Grey and everything in between. You're a passionate person at heart, and you'll always go out of your way to please someone you care about. Even when you've struck rock bottom, you always manage to have a cheerful attitude on life. When it comes to dates, you have high expectations, but you're also quite skilled at courting just about anyone who looks in your direction.

Science Fiction

Because you spend the majority of your days reading science fiction novels, you've probably always been a little...different.

You never felt the need to go to the park and play pick-up basketball with your friends.

You'd rather curl up on the couch and watch a "Star Wars" marathon, possibly accompanied by a bowl of (limited-edition) Doritos.

You've also always had a fascination with conspiracy theories, which explains the jar of loose change on your bedside table labeled "Roswell money," and you recognize that, as with most things in life, there's only so much you can tell from the surface (especially from the window of a spaceship).

Young Adult

You're frequently seen in Barnes & Noble's YA area, looking for new titles and recommendations. You're a kid at heart, which makes you even more curious and eager to discover new things in life. You're in touch with your emotions and are virtually always the one your friends turn to for sound advice. Above all, you are self-sufficient and take satisfaction in both your triumphs and shortcomings. You understand that it's all a part of the process.

Every Genre

If you don't have a particular genre but will read everything, you are a very well-rounded individual. You're not choosy, and you're easy to get along with. Your openness to read anything may translate into what foods you prefer or where you'd rather go on a date, allowing those around you to make decisions without worrying too much about what you think.


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