Top advantages, application of second hand books online wholesale

Top advantages, application of second hand books online wholesale

Top advantages, application of second hand books online wholesale

Wholesale second hand books

A very useful place for Used books Sellers, dealers, educational Institutions and a large number of Philanthropists who chance upon our website

Let us first try and explain why wholesale purchase of Used Books are so useful to the people concerned. We first take a look at the educational Institutions. In the primary, secondary and High school sections, the books are used only for a year. In rural areas where the less privileged schools are in abundance, the students are mostly from villages and tribal areas. New text books are a far-cry for most of these children. The school authorities generally look to buy the text books for these children from a second hand or used book wholesale in bulk.  Sometimes a lot of Governments in less developed states also do this. There are a number of Philanthropists who would like to buy books in bulk and donate it to these children.

A new Library that may come up in any locality also buy’s used books in Bulk. This is because of the variety it needs to stack in its shelves. This is to cater to the wide range of readers visiting the Library. The bigger the Library – The greater number of Books Stacked.  The third Category are the people who have always wanted to store the collection of their choice. Now by some stroke of luck they have the money to fulfil their dream of filling their bookshelves. Here again s used or second hand book store fulfils their dreams.

Types of Bulk Second hand books.


  1. Fiction - Recent research in neuroscience suggests that you might look to the library for solutions; reading literary fiction helps people develop empathytheory of mind, and critical thinking.

A classic example of Bulk purchases in this category are resellers who cater to a niche clientele and more often than not Classics Book Lovers. These resellers buy old editions of Fiction Books and sell them to customers who want them. The news of a good Classic like ‘Gone with the Wind” available in the used book shelf is music to Classics book lovers. They are sold out in no time either online or even in an used books wholesale market. Often people come searching for these type of Fiction Books.

  1. Non-Fiction - Non-Fiction books mainly improve your knowledge on real life things. Give you great deal of inspiration based on real life events.

Resellers find a great opportunity here to buy in bulk as their profits multiply manifold when they go in for Bulk purchase.

  1. Language - These books are mainly useful to improve the knowledge on different languages you know, their grammar of the language etc.

Developing countries around the world are the main purchasers for such kinds of books. The market is so wide that most re-sellers and dealers are unaware of the opportunities that exist for Bulk Sales.

  1. Management - These are books that improve your knowledge on management studies.The first question that comes to your mind is why purchase Management Books in Bulk?  Obviously the answer is a huge profit, as these books are very expensive when purchased new.
  2. School - There are different varieties of books in school books like NCERT and state board books. These are mainly syllabus books for school kids. Tutorials, Coaching Centres and currently online sales helps you not only buy but sell these used books online.
  3. Engineering - All types of engineering books are available with us. The expensive nature of these books is a very good reason to buy them second hand.
  4. Competitive - These books mainly concentrate on the competitive exams in India.

The online sales of these books have more than doubled in the recent years.  Coaching institutions purchase these used books in bulk pass it on to the students.

  1. Kids-children - There are all kinds of preloved books available with us.The sheer range of the books in this category make it an ideal investment for a used book dealer for the future.
  1. Medical - People pursuing medical studies can get all the books to refer for their studies.


Mode of Purchase of Second  hand or used Books

There are two ways of purchasing second or used books. They are :-

  1. By individual value of Books
  2. By weight.

Individual Used books purchase in bulk

When you need books of assorted categories in single or multiple copies, the individual prices of each used book are calculated and totalled. This way you can buy any number of second-hand books you choose. It gives you the freedom to pick and choose.

Bulk purchase of Used books purchase by weight

You can also purchase used books in bulk by weight. The only drawback is that you can’t Select the used books you need. You can pay on a per kilo basis. The only criteria is that you purchase will have to be a minimum of 50 Kgs. There will be a mix of all types of preloved books like phonetic, sound books, board books etc.


All the above-mentioned categories of books are available in bulk in our website <>

Restaurants, Cafes, Home Library

The necessity and places of Bulk Purchase.

Let us try to explore the avenues for bulk purchase of used and second-hand books

Home Library

A Home Library is a treasure Chest of Second-hand, used and old Books which only avid book readers have. A home Library usually contains books for the whole family. They start from educational books like books on engineering or Medicine. They include Classics & Epics The Ramayana, Mahabharata and other religious books. They also include books on Law, The Indian Constitution and a wide range of other books. A recent real-life incident will help you to understand the value of second hand, used or old books. A property dispute in the Heart of Bangalore was negotiated and won because of the old books on Law that were preserved by the Mans’ Grandfather. The entire family was rich and this man was a poor man who could not even afford a Lawyer. The old Law books gave him a way out.

He retrieved all the succession laws and to his surprise found that in case of Ancestral property in dispute cannot be sold until it is cleared by the corporation. The man concerned was fighting against a top Lawyer in Bangalore but was able to reach a settlement without going to court because of the points he had gathered from the old books. A case of ‘David and Goliath “ The man got his share of the property y the old law books he had . Later he purchased a lot of used and second-hand books to fill his Library. This is a true Story that happened in Bangalore.


You must be wondering why used and second-hand books for a restaurant. The taste buds of people especially in India has no bounds. It is a common sight to see people waiting for more than an hour to buy a particular dish. More so in old restaurants where you are made to wait. Here it more often than not a big chain of restaurants. Here the hoteliers purchase assorted books and leave them in the waiting area to make the wait less boring. They purchase in bulk for the entire chain of restaurants they run.


These Jaunts are upmarket. Where does the need for used and second hand books arise for them.

The most popular Café’s in India to name a few are Coffee Day and Hard Rock that have a Pan India presence. Drop into any one of these places and you will find a few books on the premises. Regular visitors know where to find them. Imagine the requirement of second hand, Used and old books for this segment. The market is so huge that it is just that the right sourcing has to be in view. They say” Keep your eyes and ears open – you learn to strike gold “.

FAQ on Bulk Purchase.

The frequently asked questions on bulk purchase are:

  1. Do you sell preloved kids’ books in bulk?

Ans: Yes we do.

  1. May I know the price for bulk purchase?

Ans: Please refer to wholesale section in website

  1. Will I be able to select books specifically while I buy in bulk?

Ans: No, selection of books is not an option when you buy in bulk.  


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