Top 5 places to buy used second hand books in Kerala

Top 5 places to buy used second hand books in Kerala

Top 5 places to buy used second hand books in Kerala



The Kerala backwaters and palm lined beaches are a magnificent view in southern India. The tea and coffee plantation, the wildlife are something you can never miss but what’s even more astonishing is the Kerala’s literacy rate i.e 96.27%, also Kerala has the highest female literacy rate in India, what do you think the reason is?

 People here are obsessed with reading , books are their all-time favourite friends. From kids to the elders, from fairy tales to Sherlock Holmes to classic folks, there is no book unturned. So what’s stopping you from reading? Books? Continue reading to find the treasure you are looking for.




Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India's coastal Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341 and since then trade has been unstoppable here and so is the trade of knowledge here, check out these three best places to buy used books in Kochi :


Used Books Factory

 You are at the right place to find any and every book, be it JEE Preparation books, NEET preparation books, NCERT textbooks, science-fiction books, mystery books and many more. They have books for each one of you. You can request any book you want in the 'Request-Any-Book' section and also you can buy wholesale books too if you are a shopowner, a educational institue or book markets for great prices.

Used books factory is an online platform that helps you find used books at affordable price and great condition. Being an Indian start-up, it also encourages the growth of local markets and gets your used book, straight from these local markets to your doorstep. Being a part of the national development and also getting the knowledge is a win-win situation.

Blossom Book Fair

Situated in Press Club, Ernakulum, Kerala it’s one of best places you cannot miss out on to check out some amazing used books here. It’s an underground basement store, you can easily miss out this mine of books if you go fast on this road, so be sure to go slow and stop by. It has got some wide selection of used books from novels, fiction, non- fiction, bed time books for kids, all in one place.

You will definitely be satisfied with the quality of books here. There's variety, quality and the best part is that it's so affordable! If you have a tiny tot who you'd like to get into the habit of reading, or if you would like to get into the habit of reading, Blossom is a great way to find books from any genre at affordable prices. Absolutely a must visit in Ernakulum and don't forget to bring your own cloth bags. We can assure you that you won't leave the store empty handed.  

Sarima Books

Sarima books is a definitely a great place to start with if you are looking for used books or second hand books in Kerala. The very calm staff will help you find the exact book you require. Books of all genres are present here. Fairy-tales to critically acclaimed books you can find them all here at 1 st Floor, Choolackkal Building, Market Road, Market Road, Ernakulum - 682035, Near Punjab National Bank, Convent Junction (Map),Kerala.

The best thing about Sarima books is that they get your books delivered to your doorstep on your request. So what’s stopping you, take a look the list of books available here and start reading.



Kottayam is one of fourteen districts in the state of Kerala.The district itself has a literacy rate of 97.2%, astonishing indeed. Check out these places to buy used books in Kerala and learn where the Kottayam people get their knowledge from:

Basheers Used Book Store

Meet Shri E.M. Muhammad Basheer of Kottayam, whose family has been in the business of used books’ sale for the past 74 years! His father, Haji K.V. Muhammad Kutti had started this venture.

 Academic books and comics mainly dominate here. Apart from a holding a large collection of books, Mr.Basheer has an impressive memory of the books that you demand so that you need not repeat the next time you visit here. PSC, SSC, NEET, JEE, OLYMPIADS, all types of books you need for your preparation are available. Basheer’s shop operates between 9AM- 7PM and Sundays are holidays, plan your calendars accordingly. Hope you have some great time reading.

Old and New Book Centre

Yet another amazing book store for you nerds to drink upon the books. Interested in astrology, science, fiction or the classic novels, the store has got enough books to cover all your interests and favourites. We surely recommend you to visit this place and know it for yourself.

Pro tip: Buy in bulk and bargain to get the best discounts and prices for your books. Most of the old and new editions of particular books are here, go flaunt your amazing bargaining skills to get some of the used books in Kerala for the best price.

Humans have existed on this planet for thousands of years now, the knowledge so far gathered is put in a chronological manner into books. Deep dive into these oceans and learn the vast unknowns this mysterious world has for you. Happy Reading, XoXo.

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                                                  But not until you are back again for more books :)



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