Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Hyderabad

Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Hyderabad

Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Hyderabad

Hello bibliophiles. Want to enjoy the Hyderabad weather with a book in your hand ? just landed in Hyderabad and looking up for things to do in Hyderabad ? well, you can do some books shopping. If you are worried about your budget second hand books or old books can be a great option. Let me help you with where to buy some good used books and get some exiting offer, we have both offline as well as online option.


Hyderabad the city of nizams


Hyderabad is the capital and the largest city of the south Indian state of Telangana. Hyderabad weather is usually arid, the days are hot and the nights are cold. Tourism forms a prominent role in the economy of Hyderabad. You can see a lot of masjids, churches, temples and bazaars around the city. In 2011 it was ranked 19th in the world by The New York times in the list of top 41 places to go in 2011. Tourism generates US$23 million of revenue for the state. Famous places around the city include  Charminar, a UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage site,  Salar Jung Museum which is among the world's largest private collection museums, Golconda fort, Ramoji film city, and many more  Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls as once it was the famous trade centre for diamonds, pearls and precious stones. There are a lot of bazaars around the city selling precious stones, jewelry, and pearls but for bibliophile’s the books rate matters more than the gold rate in Hyderabad ! 


Why should you prefer second hand books?


As we see in other Indian cities Hyderabad also has a lot of book clubs and book lovers in the house, and if you are one of them you have landed in the right place. Great peoples have wisely said books are never a burden. Books can be considered as a large pool of knowledge and you can refer to them whenever you want, no matter if you have a stable internet connection with a good speed or not. If you are preparing for some exams or if you are a student, a working professional, a teacher, a businessman or a retired person enjoying your retired life, books can always be beneficial and be a good friend.

But for most of the people, price is always the concern and we have an amazing idea to solve your problem that is buying second hand books. You can buy second hand books online or even offline and you get them at the half rate compared to new books. I would recommend you second hand books or used books because the content would anyway be the same, you are saving a lot of trees by reusing paper, and you are saving your money. On an average 1 tree produces 8000 pages of paper. In USA alone on an average, 2 billion books are produced every year and it would require 32 million trees to be chopped down every year and that’s shocking ! but we can reduce it by our little move of buying second hand books


Top 5 places  to buy second hand books in Hyderabad


This is exactly why you were here for. There are many old books market in Hyderabad. I would be suggesting you the best available options where you can skip the hot Hyderabad weather and buy second hand books online or go through the hustle and bustle of the city and buy some used books from the market. So for your question of where to buy second hand books in Hyderabad, here is my answer

  1. Used Books Factory
  2. Koti Book Market
  3. Ameerpet
  4. Abid’s Book Market
  5. Liberty book store


1  Used Books Factory - best online second hand books store

Usedbooksfactory is an amazing platform to buy second hand books online. It can be considered as an alternative and a better option than olx in Hyderabad because olx connects only the customer and the buyer and leaves all the task of price bargaining and shipping to the respective parties but usedbooksfactory takes care of all this for you and makes the task easier for both seller and buyer.  They have almost all variety of books to offer with cash on delivery option available. Usedbooksfactory has large collections of second hand medical books , used engineering books, second hand novels and a huge variety of imported pre-owned kids books at cheap price and great condition. Along with these books, they also have second hand school books which include NCERT Textbooks and second hand coaching class materials which are available at affordable and cheap price.

If you cant find the book you were searching for Usedbooksfactory has recently introduced 'Request-any-book' option where if the book is not available on their website, you can place the request for that book. Booksellers across India would receive your request and will notify you with the price and condition of the book in email.

What are you waiting for ?! visit their website, add your favourite second hand book to the cart and place your order via online payment or cash on delivery. The ordered books will be available at your doorstep in just 5-7 working days.


2  Koti Book Market - an ocean of used books

This is the most famous old book market in Hyderabad. If you go to Hyderabad and ask anyone where to buy some second hand books koti market is the answer you are gonna get. It is like the old book depot of Hyderabad. If you are looking for JNTU Hyderabad books, just visit this place and you can get all your books here. Not only that this is like the avenue road of Bengaluru it has got almost all category of books like old law books, second hand business books, old NCERT books, used engineering books and many more

Usedbooksfactory has collaborated with many of the second hand book sellers in koti market to make the task easy for bibliophiles and readers. Now the sellers are able to receive an order from the buyers and deliver the book to their door steps with a click of a button  thereby reducing the risk of stepping out in the crowd during these COVID times

If you want to explore the city and do some other budget shopping along with used books make sure to check out this amazing place


3  Ameerpet - market with both new and old books

Ameerpet is located in the north west part of Hyderabad next to the national highway 65. In the 1990s it was mainly consisting of empty plots but now it has become a hustling commercial and residential hub full of different type of market. You can find many shops selling second hand books here which are in good condition. Price is highly negotiable and you can explore the different type of goods and commodities here

This place also has many educational institutes and is emerging as a software training hub if you are looking for your CPU course in Hyderabad book you would probably find it here. Other than that you can find a lot of used computer engineering books, second hand chip designing books, and many more books related to electronics and communication engineering.

Ameerpet is an emerging and growing commercial hub you can definitely give this place a visit if you are looking for second hand books in Hyderabad


4  Abid’s Book Market - best antique and old books collection in Hyderabad

This place is a treasure if you are an antique book lover. It's crowded with book sellers. The footpath stretching from Chermas, Abids towards General Post Office (GPO) is filled with activity. Its located at Abids Road, Bogulkunta, Abids, Hyderabad. You get old novels, national geographics hardbound magazines dating back to 70s and 80s are sold at very low cost here. The book prize starts at 10INR and the old super rare magazines are available even at 50INR or 60INR. This is the beauty of second hand books if you want to buy a new one you end up spending somewhere between 300INR to 500INR but the used books are available at 60 to 70 INR

There is a special Sunday sail which happens here almost on all Sundays. Which will be similar to book fest and if you are a book lover don’t forget to visit this place on a Sunday morning. Make sure you have some 100s and 50s in your hand and try to reach within the afternoon because most of the good books are sold out by afternoon. Now these are really old books so some of their pages might be lost but believe me they are worth buying at such a low price


5  Liberty book store - best store to buy used books at a good price

This place is situated at Hitech City Rd, Sri Sai Nagar, Madhapur. It is at a walkable distance from Durgam Cheruvu Metro Station. This store is under books wala one of the oldest book stores of Hyderabad. All type of new and used books are available here, you can also sell you old books here at a good price.

Price is highly negotiable, and the books are in good condition. This a must visit place if you are looking to buy second hand books at an affordable price. If you are looking for Ramakrishnan maths Hyderabad books, primary and higher primary books, old and new NCERT books or any other used engineering books at cheap price, this is one of the best places. Don’t forget to negotiate the price to get a good deal


Hyderabad is a growing metro city with different cultures, and people around India come and reside here as it is one of the IT hubs and an educational hub too. As there are more people who study and work here they require many books on different subjects and topics. Some can afford new books and some cannot. Even if you can afford new books there are more advantages in opting for second hand books.  I hope this will give you an insight into the world of second hand books and old books in Hyderabad. Go and explore these places and if you want to get some used books sitting in the comfort of your home used books factory is always a great option.





  • Name:Saikrishna

    Liberty book center is closed now due to dwindling footfall. Please add the following bookstores: 1. MR book center at ameerpet. This is the largest independent bookstore that houses both old and new books. Must go bookstore for any bibliophile. They also have 2 outlets that are more like temporary set up selling books for huge discounts - one at trimulgiri and one at jubilee hills. 2. Best book center is a nice joint for old books. This is a treasure trove for old books. They have 2 outlets one at lakdi ka pul and one in abids. These stores are must go places for any booklover. 3. Bookmark in gachibowli is another mid sized bookstore that should be on every bibliophiles go to list. 4. Unique books in lakdi ka pul is another store one can visit. On a separate note I bought books from used book factory I must say that the prices are very reasonable and collection available is amazing. Please keep up the good work.

  • Name:Jayaram Sarma.j

    I want a old published Book practical statistics by Shiv Kumar

  • Name:Kathiravan

    There is one more place to buy good books, it is Used Book Store India Online

  • Name:Gsatyam

    Contact. Number

  • Name:Raj Patel

    I need International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance Volume 11 (2016): Issue 1 (Jan 2016) book. Can I get the assistance on it.

  • Name:Ravi Kumar

    Materia Medica by Adolf zur Lippe. if available call or message to 7330890539

  • Name:Shreya

    Hey i want to buy some hindi novel books can i get them in these store.

  • Name:N.Tirumala Rao

    We want sale Pervious years Medical books , where can I sale it

  • Name:Syed wajid

    Hello, I'm looking for 7th class English medium guides for ts, pls advised us the best prices and availability...pls call me 7995428624.

  • Name:Thota Prasad. 9849948148

    i want the old book Chemestry, by Raymond Chang

  • Name:kumar

    i want bsc ,chemistry3 and maths4 test papers for 2015 syllabus

  • Name:M Subba Rao

    Thanks for the information . You would have mentioned the contact numbers for the benefit of readers

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