Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Bangalore

Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Bangalore

Top 5 places to buy second hand books in Bangalore

Many second hand bookstores are surviving for a long time now, while there are many new bookstore and start-ups including the online bookstore which deals with second hand books. To save your time and energy we have some of the best picks for buying second hand books in Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the cities where you will find maximum number of book lovers. Thus, there are many famous bookstores to buy second hand books, used books, old textbooks and books in Bangalore.

Bangalore's choices for used books

  • Used Books Factory
  • Avenue Road Market
  • Blossom Book House, Church Street
  • Goobe's Book Republic, Church Street
  • The Bookworm, Church Street

Used Book Factory is an online bookstore for buying second hand books online. Usedbooksfactory has large collections of used engineering books, second hand medical books , second hand novels and large variety of imported pre-owned Kids books at cheap price and great conditions. Apart from these books they also sell spiritual books and second hand school books which includes NCERT Texbooks and second hand coaching class materials which are available at affordable and cheap price.

Now, why That's because usedbooksfactory provides door delivery services which is a big advantage considering Bangalore's never ending traffic and tiring long journeys. Usedbooksfactory is also the first ecommerce online marketplace which connects all the second hand bookshop sellers across India at a single platform and thus, providing huge inventory of used books online. Usedbooksfactory has also recently started Cash on Delivery option along with many other exciting offers.

Used books factory also allows user to sell their old books online at .

Usedbooksfactory has a google rating of 4.7 stars and holds second google ranking in India for online second hand bookshop.

Also, UsedBooksFactory is rated as the most preferred website in India for buying books online by Grabon

Avenue Road Market

Every city has a market, that's flooded with second hand bookstores next to each other. Such bookstores are a dream to students who prepare for competitive exam. Second hand books are a delight to studious students who often prefer multiple books.

Avenue road is filled with second hand book stores that are aligned back to back along the roads of Bangalore. Students often visit this street in Bangalore to buy used books, due to the variety of titles and authors for a given academic subject. You would see Avenue road filled with students during examination times.

Used books from the stores in Avenue road come at a huge bargain. You find cheap and best books at amazingly low prices. If you do not find the price of second hand book to be cheap, then walk to the next store.

Usedbooksfactory has a partnered with shops in Avenue road of Bangalore. The books are available online on

Blossom Book House, Church Street

Blossom book house which started in 2001, with approximately 200 sq. feet of space, is now the Bangalore's biggest hub of all the book lovers for second hand used books. The Bookstore is located in Church Street. Blossom book store has huge collection of English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi books.

A bibliophile can spend the whole day there without getting bored. It is a three storey bookshop for pre-owned books and is the largest second hand bookstore in India. Blossom book store has huge collection of novels, science fiction, fantasy ,comic books , school textbooks ,pre-loved children's books and the list goes on. The old books look as good as a new book.


Blossom book house has a google rating of 4.6 stars.


Goobe's Book Republic, Church Street

Goobe's Book Republic is not the oldest bookstore but it is certainly a very famous bookstore and a small library in Church Street. The name is derived from the Kannada word meaning 'owl', and those are the book lovers this small book hub hopes to attract.

is a small bookstore but have good collection of books including fiction, non-fiction , science fiction. The employees stock up the new books based on the demand of it among the book readers.

They have excellent collections of old books ranging from Rs.25 to Rs.700.They also provide amazing offers if the bill is above Rs.500.After reading the book, you can resell it again in the same shop. Isn't it amazing?


Goobe's Book Republic has a google rating of 4.2 stars


The Bookworm, Church Street

The Bookworm is one of the famous second hand bookstores in Bangalore. The bookstore was started in 2002 by Krishna after selling books for years in streets.It is very inspiring and wonderful to see Krishna scaling up his bookshop business .

Bookworm has large collection of second hand books at affordable price.The second hand book shop comprises of textbooks for university students. The most amazing part of this bookstore is its rare and amazing collections of novels. One can find anything from comics to classics here. You can also exchange your old books or books you bought from the store with new or second hand book from the bookshop. A booklover can spend a whole day here without getting tired.If you are lucky enough, you may also get the first edition copies of your favourite author here.


The Bookworm has a google rating of 4.6 stars.



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    I would like to sell Management Books which are mostly publications from Harvard Business review. They are almost brand new and purchased during the last ten years. There maybe over 300 Nos. of these with the Best Titles. contact:

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