Top 5 must have books for MBA

Top 5 must have books for MBA

Top 5 must have books for MBA

The demand for MBA has been ever-increasing, and why not? With its advanced curriculum that allows one to be updated with industrial know-how, there’s nothing that can halt its demand. This boost has been seen majorly in graduates with prior robust knowledge in a technical field. Moreover, the rising need for technological immersion in areas like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics, and Operations has created numerous job vacancies. Thus, one should keep himself up-to-date if they wish to seek a job in such profiles. Knowing such fields before pursuing an MBA can give you the crucial upper hand required to differentiate yourself from the competition. Thus, there are many Books that one can refer to become well-versed in these areas. However, you must pick the right book. Unfortunately, our world is filled with charlatans claiming to be something they are not. This article will introduce the list of books you must buy to succeed in today’s competitive environment.


Top 5 Business Books for MBA Students


Out of the books listed below, some may be best-sellers, some may not be. However, all 5 of these will provide you with the relevant knowledge to build your managerial acumen.


  1. The Lean Startup

This book is primarily fuelled with an entrepreneurial spirit and wishes to start their venture one day. The author himself – Eric Ries, has a lot of experience with startups. In this book, you will learn the step-by-step methodology for launching your own companies and products. Furthermore, in this book, you will also learn how to identify the customer’s needs and demands and build an entrepreneurial mindset. This book allows MBA aspirants to delve deep into crucial pragmatic concepts like Value Innovation and Strategic Management.


  1. How to win Friends and Influence People

Unlike the other books in the list, this book majorly focuses on developing one’s interpersonal skills. These crucial skills should not be undermined as they are the crux for closing deals with stakeholders and business partners. To this day, productive communication skills are the most desired and crucial strength that a candidate must possess to target the Consultancy sector. More than 30 million copies of this book have been sold globally, and this book has been regarded as the most successful book by business professionals. The author of this book, Dale Carnegie, outlines techniques to interact and build fruitful relationships with friends and people in the professional space.


  1. Blue Ocean Strategy

The primary purpose is to understand how to tap into an uncontested market audience and maximize the consumer base. This book has undergone a revision after its publication in 2005 with translation into nearly 40 languages. The book is based on the marketing theories birthed by Kim and Mauborgne, professors of the world-class business school – INSEAD. The theory’s nub mainly revolves around two terms – Blue Ocean and Red Ocean. The book says that companies will perform better and grow if they compete in an untapped market, the Blue Ocean. Whereas, in a competitive market, the Red Ocean, the rivals will fight until the end, resulting in their impending doom. Moreover, particular examples are also given of prominent companies who adopted this strategy and are now the biggest players in that market.


  1. A Concise Guide to Macroeconomics

This gem of a book, authored by an HBS Professor – David Moss, focuses on breaking down Macroeconomics' complex world. Being an avid educator of the Business, Government, and the International Economy (BGIE) unit, the author does an excellent job here. The book covers every domain ranging from Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Accounting to Exchange Rates and International Trading. This book is best-suited and wishes to pursue their career goals abroad and thus gain extensive knowledge of how businesses function globally.


  1. Data Science for Business

Authored by Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett, “Data Science for Business” covers the fundamental concepts and strategies of Data Science. They also explain how the data can be analyzed and utilized to make crucial business decisions that can augment a business’ growth. Furthermore, the authors are world-renowned Data Scientists, and therefore can provide the practical applications and difficulties faced in Data Mining and Analytics.

In the end, which book you go with depends upon your personal choice and career goals. The above-listed books will make it easy for you to decide and avoid being misled with falsified information. The rest depends on one’s capability to utilize the resources available and apply yourself as much as possible – both in your academic and professional career. Through advanced knowledge in these domains, you will add substantial value to the school’s cohort and the environment. Furthermore, it will also make the Admission Committee of that school understand that you are a genuinely passionate candidate who is consistently on the path of upskilling themselves.


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