Top 5 gifts for booklovers and bookworms.

Top 5 gifts for booklovers and bookworms.

Top 5 gifts for booklovers and bookworms.


The New year is around, followed by a host of festivals and everybody is busy with sorting out which gift to send to their friends and near and dear ones. If you are thinking about a book gift pack, please read on. A   is more valuable when you purchase used or second-hand books. What are the factors to be taken into account while selecting a used gift book pack? Please make note of the following points before selecting the gift pack of second-hand books.

  1. The age of the person who is to receive your gift.
  2. Choice of books depending on the interest of the person receiving your gift.
  3. Number of books you intend to Gift Pack.
  4. The other accessories like a reading lamp and bookmark in case you want to make the gift complete.
  5. As a buyer who handles second hand and used books that range from toddler to high school, one of the biggest challenges we have is trying to determine the proper age category for the novels I purchase, and particularly when it comes to books for Middle School or Junior High. (12-14 years old) It should be easy right? Look at what we have recommended and just try it it accordingly.
  6. While it’s true that most publishers do suggest reading levels, they tend to keep them as broad as possible, understandably being afraid of limiting their audience by being too specific. A typical novel for middle-grade can be listed at 8-12, 10-14, or just 10 and up. The majority of young adult novels are listed at 12 and up, or simply “teen. We have made an attempt to give you a few tips on buying a gift pack of Second Hand Boos.

Used or Second-hand gift pack of books age wise.

You can segregate the age group broadly as

  1. Pre School Kids
  2. Kids between the age of 5 and 10 years
  3. High School Children
  4. College going students
  5. Working class people between the age of 23 to 45
  6. Old age persons.


Pre School Kids

A Gift pack of used books for this age group would ideally be a combination of a pictorial story book, a comic book of the child’s liking, books that include the alphabets ABC, numbers, names of vegetables, fruits, animals, vehicles, birds, foods and toys to even identifying different colours. A combination of these second-hand books selected by you depending on the child’s interest will delight the child when it opens this gift. Further when you purchase used books you can gift a greater number of books to the child. The selection of books being done, how do you add to the delight of the Child when it actually receives the gift? Obviously by gift wrapping it. All you need would be a cardboard box of the required size to fit the used books selected. A Sheet of colour paper with the child’s favourite comic characters to individually wrap the books. Another thick Brown sheet to Cover the Box. A label to personalize the gift. And not to forget the golden ribbon to tie up the packed box. All this is done by you to see the happiness on the Child’s face when you gift him or her this box. The satisfaction you receive is to be calculated by you and you only. A million Rupees! The value is in fact more than the world!


Kids between the age of 5 and 10 years of age

Having frown out of ABC, their interests start varying.

An enchanting collection of the five-best works in children's literature, a beautifully designed box set is not only a must-have for your gift box but is also perfect for gifting. Crash land in the Sahara Desert with a young boy fly with Peter Pan to Neverland explore the secret garden with Mary meet the Wizard of Oz in the magical city of Emeralds and befriend Sara, the little imaginative princess delightful and enthralling, these tales of adventure continue to remain an all-time favourite. Veer Hanuman is liked by children of all ages. With un numbered cartoon channels today, the children get to understand the story better when they read these books. Further when you purchase used books you can gift a greater number of books to the child. A Sheet of colour paper with the picture of the child’s favourite hero to individually wrap the books. Another thick Colour of your choice sheet to Cover the Box. A label to personalize the gift. And not to forget the golden ribbon to tie up the packed box. All this is done by you to see the happiness on the Child’s face when you gift him or her this box. The satisfaction you receive is to be calculated by you and you only. Priceless! Isn’t it?

High School and college going Children

With the advent of Cell phones and social media it should seem very difficult to select a gift pack of used books for this section of the population. But the fact is if you get to know the topics that interest the person whom you are going to gift to, your selection from the wide range of subjects of interest should not be difficult. Used or second books containing topics of the Child’s interest could be an ideal Gift pack.

High school education is critical for future success, you don’t learn everything you need to know about life while in school. In fact, certain areas are barely touched on during their formal education.

But that doesn’t mean your college-aged children need to be sent off into the world unprepared. Instead, take advantage of the holiday season (and the time off from school) for some recreational reading with a purpose.

If you want to get the high school or college student in your life moving out on the right foot, here are ten great books to read before college to give them some of the information they simply don’t cover in school.

Here are 3great books to read before college for the college-aged kids in your life

  1. How to Cook Everything 

If you don’t want your child living off of Hot Pockets and instant noodles, How to Cook Everything provides instructions for over 2,000 simple recipes. No topic is too simple to cover as far as this book is concerned. Advice is designed to help new cooks pick the right gadgets and gear, while techniques for doing everything from measuring dry ingredients to how to scramble eggs are covered in detail.

So, if your greatest fear for your soon-to-be college student revolves around them surviving solely on pizza delivery, then this book is a great addition to their personal college library.

The defining decade by meg jay

Many people underestimate how critical a person’s twenties are for shaping their futures as adults. A combination of scientific research and carefully collected anecdotesThe Defining Decade helps your child understand how valuable this time is and what it takes to make the most of these formative years. This time in one’s life is precious; help make sure they use the time wisely.

Your money or your life by vicki robin and joe dominguez with monique tilford

The memory of the Great Recession is still fresh in everyone’s mind. And, regretfully, many high school educations only touch on the fundamental of personal finance, if it covers it at all. Your Money or Your Life helps readers learn how to manage and get out of debt, develop a system for savings, manage priorities, address imbalances in values and lifestyle, and work toward a financially independent life. By introducing these principles early in your child’s adult life, they have the opportunity to take control of their financial destiny to help live a better quality of life from that day forward.

Working class people between the age of 23 to 45

Out of College, the world changes for everyone. What are the books of interest for this section of the populace? Great literature grows out of periods of change, and there are few transitions more, well, transitional than the end of your twenties and the onset of the whole rest of your life. The must-read books you should tackle before you call yourself a grown up. ... and of course, good old-fashioned fate – in his quest for self-determination. Most people in this age bracket read Fiction, latest technology and Horror. An ideal gift pack after choosing your books to gift should be accompanied with, a) A bookmark. and a box which fits into a shelf for storing the books.


Best gifts for booklover and bookworms in general. heart

  1. Cool Bookends : Depending on your style, you may want something unique to organize these books with. If you have a flair for the unusual and want to step away from ordinary, boring bookends and choose something that stands out.
  2. Library Card Tote Bag : Did you meet your best friend in the aisles of Barnes and Noble while you were both perusing books? Did you bond over your discussion of books you’d both read? Do you borrow books from one another like some best friends borrow one another’s clothes? Then this library card tote bag is the perfect gift. It’s made of natural cotton and has an inner pocket for keys, ID and of course, a library card!
  3. Leather bookmarks : These beautiful bookmarks are made from genuine buffalo leather which will remind readers of the smell of a library full of leather-bound volumes
  4. 100 books scratch off Poster : From the Hundred Acre Wood to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, this poster invites you to read your way through 100 iconic books. As you do, use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal a surprise, literary artwork underneath. The collection covers classics like Animal Farm and Wuthering Heights, as well as works in the contemporary canon like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and influential nonfiction like Freakonomics. It’s an interactive way for any bookworm to enjoy essential reading
  5. Personal Library Kit : For a bibliophile, there’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books, but no crueller pain than losing them for good—until the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit! Revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun.


The joy of gifting is unique. Its an ART.


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