Tips for Writing Science Fiction and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Tips for Writing Science Fiction and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

Tips for Writing Science Fiction and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels

About one-fourth of individuals say science fiction is their favorite genre of fiction. The universe of science fiction can be anything you can conceive. It can happen at any period, in any part of the galaxy, and even explore different eras using time travel or other mechanisms. The secret to creating effective science fiction, on the other hand, is to keep it grounded in reality. To employ scientific principles that are possibly inventible but may be forward-thinking. 

When you're ready to start constructing that world, remember to incorporate this science fiction writing ideas so you can boldly go where no other writer has gone before. We've also discussed the advantages of buying second hand novels for book enthusiasts. 


Not only are you writing a science fiction narrative, but you're also creating a totally new storyline in a new environment. That means you have a lot of work ahead of you. Begin by generating ideas for your fantasy world, characters, and overall theme. In science fiction, your plot usually starts with a simple question: What if? 

You can either start with a science fiction writing prompt (don't worry, we'll give you a couple later) or simply start thinking about things you'd like to incorporate into your novel. 

Keep in mind that science fiction is all about concepts. 

A strong science fiction novel relies on a great idea more than any other genre. Have a notion of the question your story is posing before you begin writing. Those questions can be subtle or apparent in science fiction. Many early works of science fiction, for example, make the question plain. What would happen to human society if technologically advanced aliens conquered it, asks H. G. Wells in his novel War of the Worlds? 

The emphasis is on characterization. 

You must build realistic characters, even if they appear in a fantasy world. Consider how your own experiences intersect with those of the characters you're creating to get into their thoughts. 

"As science fiction and fantasy writers, we have to locate what I call gateways into our characters' thoughts," explains Lincoln Michel, a Skillshare instructor. "I found that using a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles is a useful exercise for doing this." It's you, the creator, on one side, and your character on the other." This graphic aid aids you in determining what experiences or interests you might have with the character you're creating. 

Make certain you're telling a compelling story. 

It's one thing to have a fantastic idea or circumstance, but it's another to have a compelling story. While science fiction novels are frequently intellectual experiments, they must also be more than that. That implies you'll need to come up with an intriguing story to help you answer these questions. Consider the following question: What will happen in the world or in the life of the main character during the course of your story? 

Work on the creation of the world 

Universe-building does not have to imply the creation of an entirely new world; rather, it refers to the creation of an alternate reality to our own. 

Consider the "ripple effect" of making a change in your life, according to Michel. "We come up with stories that feel real, that have verisimilitude to them by thinking through those ripple effects," he explains. "At the same time, world-building is all about limitations." Because you can't fit everything you've thought about on one page." 

Make sure your world's rules are consistent. 

One of the characteristics that distinguishes science fiction novels from fantasy and surrealism is that the world, no matter how odd or extraordinary, follows an internally consistent logic. That reasoning will invariably be different from the logic that rules reality, but it must be understandable and trustworthy to the reader. A starship landing in the middle of Margaret Atwood's dystopian sci-fi novel The Handmaid's Tale—a dystopian sci-fi novel set in a technologically backward world—would violate the norms of the reality as Atwood conceived them. 

Make Changes to Your Story 

Revision, rewrite, rewrite! To be great, every story requires the use of a red pen. Examine your characterization and your world-building efforts once again. If possible, enlist the help of a buddy to read your work and provide helpful feedback. If you want more in-depth editing, you should talk to an editor or a literary professional who can look through your work critically. 

Your Science Fiction Story Can Be Published 

Now that all of the hard work has been completed, it's time to move on to the most exciting part: publishing your novel! Some science fiction authors choose to self-publish, while others choose to work with a literary agent specializing in the field. You can also enter writing contests to have your work published, which we'll go into in depth later. 

Buying Second Hand Novels

People who enjoy reading have a good attitude, which aids in their personal development. Empathy, imagination, and creativity are all higher in them. Wherever they go, they create a passionate reading environment and urge individuals in their immediate vicinity to become more interested in books. 

When they notice their favorite author's new book with gorgeous covers on the market, their gaze is directed to a specific location. However, the only thing that matters is the cost of books. Many people are afraid to purchase it since they cannot afford to buy new books on a regular basis. So there's only one way to solve this problem: buy used books. Furthermore, buying old books online is more cost-effective. It provides relief to people, particularly students, who need to purchase their course book, which is tough to do with fresh volumes. We save money, time, and meet our needs by purchasing used books on the internet. 

So, here are a few fantastic reasons to buy old books

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Novels 

1. Purchasing used novels will allow you to save money. 

This is, of course, self-evident. Newly published books can be costly, but buying second hand novels will almost always save you at least half the cost. 

2. When you read second hand novels, you'll read more. 

A stack of equally interesting novels on your shelves will inspire you to finish your current book. You'll have no issue maintaining that stack packed high if you buy cheap used second hand novels

3. Buying second hand novels is better for the environment. 

Buying a new book isn't as simple as it may appear. The United States generates 2 billion new paper books each year. Millions of trees have been cut down, and millions of tons of CO2 have been released, leaving a substantial carbon impact. Although the artwork for the new version of The Great Gatsby is rather nice, why not help the environment by purchasing one of the millions of second hand novel copies already on the market? 

4. With second hand novels, there is a common history... 

Buying an old used second hand novel is like to buying a box of chocolates... It's impossible to predict what kind of ideas will be put in the margins. That's one of the things that makes buying second hand novels so appealing. You're a part of a common history, and you're free to contribute your own thoughts along the journey. 

5. You can lend out second hand novels to others. 

Finally, you've completed War and Peace. You've highlighted and earmarked your favorite parts, and you're now free to share your passion for the well-worn tome. The idea of lending a second hand novel to friends and family is enticing. It's bringing a new perspective to the pages' history! 

6. Used novels have already been snatched up. 

Books aren't supposed to be spoiled. Purchase a second hand novel copy instead of fretting about how to retain the crisp, coffee-stain-free pages of newly printed books. The binding is probably bent, and you'll probably run across some rumpled pages along the way - but chuck it in your bag and hit the road. Second hand novels have been around the block a few times, and they've seen some incredible things. We're confident they'll survive a brief journey in your tote bag. 

7. You have the option of using your first-sale rights to sell second hand novels! 

Because of the first-sale legal doctrine, we (and you) can sell used books, music, or any other copyrighted product. Many disturbing interpretations of first-sale rights have emerged as a result of the emergence of eBooks and other digital works of art. Purchasing second hand novels allows you to take advantage of your long-standing, money-saving first-sale rights! 

8. There are some absolutely amazing old covers of second hand novels available. 

From huge 1970s sci-fi to handsome romance romances, there's no shortage of stunning artwork covering the covers of old second hand novels. Cheesy? Unquestionably. On the other hand, it's a terrific way to strike up a conversation on the bus on your way to work. 

9. The fragrance of a well worn out second hand novels. 

All new books smell the same when they're hot off the press. Used books, on the other hand, have developed their own particular perfume over years, decades, and even centuries. This piles different fragrances from different people and blends them into a rather popular but unique scent. 


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