Tips for Writing History and True Crime and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Textbooks

Tips for Writing History and True Crime and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Textbooks

Tips for Writing History and True Crime and The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Textbooks

Here are some pointers on how to write historical crime fiction. Before you begin, consider your options. Research should be used sparingly. You don't have to be restricted by your period. It's a good idea to walk the same streets as your characters. You should get to know your characters as if they were your friends. 

Before you begin, consider your options. 

You never know when or what will spark an idea for a new book – a snippet of overheard conversation or a lonely stretch of landscape, perhaps just a quirk of history that few people are aware of; the moment it happens is thrilling, and it's tempting to dive right in – but out of a dozen novel ideas, only one will be rich enough to sustain a multi-layered plot and a memorable cast of characters. There's nothing worse than getting 20,000 words into a story and wishing you hadn't started, so choose wisely. My writings are usually about something that fascinates me, something that bothers or irritates me, something that perplexes me and I want to understand. You'll be living with this book for a long time, not just during the writing process, but also during the subsequent promotion, so it must pique your interest. 

Determine why you want to tell this story because the answer will often drive the plot. 

Two writers will almost always emphasize different aspects of the same case. The serial killer John Reginald Christie is a scene-stealer in my real crime novel Death in the Air. He's frightening, cunning, and fascinating, yet he also draws the reader's attention away from the story. In actual crime stories, victims are frequently utilized as story devices; avoid this. Set yourself unique by being upfront with the reader about your ambitions. 

Wear your research with caution. 

I enjoy doing research for my works. A storyline may grow and gather pace from a kernel of truth, and Josephine Tey's life and the social history of the 1930s have proven to be so fascinating that they have taken the series in unexpected directions. My novels are frequently inspired by letters found in archives, true crime, and actual characters — from Alfred Hitchcock and M.R. James to Edwardian baby farmers and the Cambridge Rapist – but you must know when to stop and let the book breathe. Too much information can suffocate creativity, so be ruthless with your research and never allow facts stand in the way of a good tale. 

Don't let your period hold you back. 

It goes without saying that historical crime fiction should be true to the period in which it is set, but don't be hesitant to inject some contemporary elements into your work. My books are set during the interwar years, but they are not constrained in the same way that the Golden Age writers were. They aren't really inviting. The 1920s scandal that Josephine is investigating was inspired by the conspiracy-fueled death of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones at Cotchford Farm in 1969 – not an obvious reference for period crime fiction, perhaps, but one age is often a window to another, and it's surprising how easily the 1960s mirror the 1920s: clubs and music, freedom and excess, scandal and cover-up. 

Take a stroll down the same streets as your characters. 

Spending time in the locales I'm writing about is crucial to creating a feeling of place in my books, as it generates an atmosphere that stays with me as the book goes, and provides a level of authenticity for the reader, as well as a believable physical world for my fictitious characters and mysteries. I went to the places that inspired M.R. James' ghost stories for my latest book, Nine Lessons: a remote stretch of coastline in Suffolk; a derelict Martello Tower, unchanged since Napoleon's time; and a beautiful churchyard in Hampstead, where graves of famous actors and musicians sit alongside ordinary bakers and chimney sweeps. My memories of visiting at dusk or after nightfall in late autumn/early winter (the time of year in which the book is set) are replicated in the book's murder scenes, giving the reader a genuine sense of horror and fear. Google maps and street views are useful for double-checking details, but they never remove the sounds and scents that distinguish a location, and they never indicate who is walking behind you. Make your own decision. Apart from that, it's entertaining. 

Get to know your characters as well as you do your friends. 

How well we can ever truly know someone isn't simply a question for writers – we ask it of those we love and strangers we meet every day – but it's something you should keep in mind throughout the writing process. The fun of writing a series is going on a trip with your characters, so keep that in mind as you begin to develop them and don't make decisions you'll come to regret later. A book's success or failure is determined by whether or not the reader believes in and cares about the characters, therefore they must feel as genuine to you as your friends. Even if you're writing historical fiction, as I am, don't conceive of your characters as historical figures; they live (and die) in the present with you, or they'll never be credible on the page. 

Purchasing Used Textbooks 

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The capacities of second hand textbooks are debatable. 

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