THE-UBF-BOX - What is UBF-Box, the big box sale

THE-UBF-BOX - What is UBF-Box, the big box sale

THE-UBF-BOX - What is UBF-Box, the big box sale

THE-UBF-BOX. What is UBF-Box ?

The UBF Box is a new concept that allows you to choose books that you love , and load them into a box. The major advantage of UBF-Box over other boxes is that, it lates you choose books from a hige list of inventory. Moreover, the ubf box comes with cute bookmarks that make bookworms fall over in love all again.


India's first and largest online box sale with your choice of books

Want to buy a number of used books very dear to your heart?

Want to buy used books for gifting to Children?

Want to buy used books to please your friend?

Buy it, Gift it, sell it and also will it or even rent it.

We at are at your service to cater to every single book need of yours. What’s more you can now by a UBF Box with the books of your choice. Any number of books that you may want to purchase with a combination of your choice. It could range from comics, children’s books, fiction. Love art history or philosophy – name it you have it. Choose as many books you want from any stream. Keep choosing from the stream of your dreams. And Lo! You have your UBF box ready. A Special Box is designed exclusively for your collection made to fit your book shelf. It could be one box or a collection designer boxes to fit your books ordered in large numbers. With a bigger box to fit all these boxes. A master UBF box. Just like that, the holidays are upon us once again.  It’s now the turn of Covid 19 to keep us indoors with the trimming and decking, reflecting and jubilation comes, inevitably, at least one moment of stress as your gift-giving intentions threaten to take over the joy of the season. Have no fear we at used book factory have you covered. Here with, the numerous book gifts we’re decking up ready to be wrapped. Delivered at a short notice period whether for an unexpected guest with gift in hand, a Secret Santa scramble, or the brother-in-law you just, frankly, forgot about. With used books, you’re not just giving a great read you’re giving context, insight, and intelligence. Happy giving (and happy reading)! box is of good value. It is going to tempt you into buying more of any one used book than you would normally want. Even if the cost per item is good, it's likely to be less than you'd spend buying just one item each month. For a three bedroom house, you will typically need a box count that looks something like this: 25-30 medium boxes. 15-25 large boxes. 10-12 extra-large boxes.

Books are selected and endorsed by an expert panel, and members choose what are the book packages they would like to receive, similar to how you would buy a variety of clothes for an occasion. You can visit <> where you can start ordering from a minimum of 10 books for a start.

Advantages of buying book boxes with used books in bulk:

We generally like to make things easier in life be it online bill payments or a washing machine or a car. These days most of the day-to-day life activities are done by machines while we can sit back and concentrate on other important things like our work or spending quality time with the family and friends. While all the other things are being more or less automated why not we bring in automation when coming to making our Book Boxes meaningful and less expensive? This is where online purchase comes into play. Without having to put in too much effort to get all the books that you want in one single go, now it is easier to order all kinds of used books of your choice online which is delivered right to your doorstep saving all your time and effort that you would have to put in to visit different stores to purchase different books individually.  Hence online purchase for book boxes small or big is the best solution. Please visit <> website to buy Book boxes with an assorted bunch of books online with attractive discounts and a wide range of products which we offer. What’s more you can save a lot of time you spend tracking your package as we deliver them at your doorstep within no time depending on your location. In addition, you save shipping costs too, avoiding shipping costs, courier tracking.

The travel factor is something that you are well aware of. If you have to visit any second-hand or used book store, the amount of time and money you spend will create a cost over-run. Even before the cost the hassle of riding through the traffic is only for the brave. If the travel cost and the time spent is calculated you find that you can buy a few more books of your choice sitting in the comfort of your living room. And you have to visit more than one store to complete your list of books. Also consider the stress of traffic and the strain on the body. These can be measured or felt only by you.


There are a lot of advantages to buying in bulk. One of them is the delivery charges that you may have to incur if you buy books in separate orders. Cash on delivery orders generally cost you an additional Rs. 49 adding to your order value making the total order value book price + the delivery charge. Imagine to what extent it would cost you if you ordered separately? A lot in fact. Hence, we in generally promote prepaid orders for ease of process for both the sides ourselves and the customers. Tracking the orders also becomes easy with the tracking ID that is emailed to the customers at the time of dispatch. There is also hassle-free refund process in our website which makes it easier for the customers to contact the relevant department in case there are any issues with the order that they have received. The contact for support information is given in the website. Customer can either contact through WhatsApp, phone or email.

Before going in for bulk purchase you need to know what retailers and wholesalers do?

Retailers and UBF

If you want to get into a major book retailer, beyond just your local indie shop, it’s a complicated, confusing process.

We’ll try to make it as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. Retailers are in the business of selling books. They want books that their customers will snap up and they want to be sure that they’ll sell everything they put on the shelves, rather than being stuck with a book that sounds great but that sells only one or two copies. Even if you order in bulk, they normally request time for them to purchase it from their suppliers and give it to you. And you are likely to get a marginal discount. Well, they dont purchase directly from the producers—authors or publishers. It would be far too difficult for a bookstore to keep track of every book produced by every author or publisher in the world, then order the interesting ones and figure out how to pay a thousand different small vendors. Instead, they get their books from a middleman called a wholesaler that sells lots and lots of different books in bulk.

 Sometimes they’ll offer a sale or discount price, but for the most part, you as the reader will pay what the publisher suggests for a newly released book. The bookstore, however, pays about 60% of that, and keeps the difference as profit. Her is where you have a distinct advantage with <>. We assure you that you can get twice the number of books you intend to purchase at half the price that you may pay to the retailer.

Wholesalers and UBF

Wholesalers are companies that buy books in bulk, at a discount, and resell them to retailers. There are several major wholesalers, each with a particular specialty or target market. Most sell primarily print books, but they are increasingly offering digital wholesale services as well, particularly to the library market. Wholesalers make their money on volume, so they’re typically only interested in books that will sell many copies. However, some wholesalers will stock books by small publishers and even indian authors as long as they can guarantee that they’ll have the physical copies needed when they’re ordered. But then your choice is limited to the books they sell. You cannot buy an assortment of Books through a wholesaler. Well! One in a million do succeed. You get rid of all these problems once you visit < >. Wholesalers buy books at about a 55% discount from the list price. So, if your book is priced at Rs 150/- retail, the wholesaler will pay you Rs 285/- for it. Why UBF offers used Book in Bulk.

As with buying anything second-hand, buying used books in bulk is an effective way to save a lot of money. The words are the same whether the book is new or has been loved by readers before you! Used books from a second-hand store cost a small fraction of the price of a new book.

The beauty of UBF is the possibility of finding old versions of your favourite books, or first-edition copies. These editions are much more valuable and special that newer versions – a must-have for any book lover! You'll never know what you'll find hidden in <>.



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