Short vs long books, discussion

Short vs long books, discussion

Short vs long books, discussion

The world of books has endless conversations and discussions about different book related controversial topics. As the debate goes on, there rises one more question. Which one has more preference, long books or short books? Such topics mostly end up with no conclusion except of everyone having different tests. That is why today, let us go through a few of the differences between short and long books that may help us decide which type of book will we buy next

Depth/Niche information

Long books: Long books have the benefit of conveying the message or subject to the reader deeply than short books. Long books dissect the behaviors of their characters in such a way that we easily get a perfect picture of what is being talked about. The authors try to take their time to deeply describe events and scenarios that even an artist may miss to cover if asked to do a painting of the same image. Long books revolve around stories that affect the society as a whole and matters that seem controversial to many people. These stories are elaborated in such a way that one gets to have different points of view of a certain ideology. Longer books become more interesting as you read as long as they do not contain a lot of fluff. No stone is left unturned when it comes to long books.

Short books: Short books or short stories are often more succinct, contain fewer characters and subplots thus having a less complicated story or theme in general. Short books have less fluff and their main goal is to going straight to the point in such a way that the story still does not seem to be predictable to you.

Types of authors

Long books:  Authors who write long books are always professionals who have a wide understanding of a single niche. They may still write books about different topics but in general, what they write revolves around the same thing. These are subjects such as philosophy or psychology that if not deeply conveyed, nothing will be comprehended.

Short books: Authors of short books are a mixture of professionals and talented part-time authors that seem to not have big publishing deals. This means that anyone who has a good idea of writing may make there way into writing shorter books.

Introduction to subjects

Short books: Short books regularly cover little about niche information to the extent that it does not need more words to get the message delivered. They often have general introductions about topics. You cannot afford to write a lot on topics that revolve around feeding cats!

Long books: Long books are long just for the fact that they cover many pages. This make it necessary for authors to try to reveal some main sources that have never been told before so that the reader becomes curious to read more. This needs a lot of words to put across, just for an introduction. The author needs to express his not so general concept of the book as well as to introduce his solution to the problem the book will be addressing but still let the reader know that this might need some explanation.


Long books: Long books are expensive when it comes to what they cost. It takes a lot of publishing resources just to print a book alongside its copies. A lot of ink and trees are cut down just to keep the books industry moving. Long books also enrich us book lovers with deep knowledge about a certain aspect of life. This has to come with a price, a little bit more dollars from your pocket.


Short books:  This is obvious that shorter books are cheaper because they have less information and take less time to write. Books are cheap in generally cheap but this relates when we talk about something becoming cheaper. It cost way cheaper to print and publish a 200 paged book than a 1100 paged book. In fact, supplying the market with short books is also cheaper for more books can be shipped at once.


Long books: We as book lovers do not just finish reading a book and throw it away. We still go back to even reading whole chapters. The topics covered in long books affect our daily lives and there comes times when one prefers going back to read something inside the book. Reviewing such books is a hustle for you have a lot of content and try to squeeze all of it in very few words but still get the point understood.

Short books: Everyone’s guess is as good as it is that short books are easy to review. They have fewer characters; some have up to only one character. Reviewing such is as easy as walking on the moon, albeit most of us haven’t stepped there. Topics are always generally covered and now you have to generally cover the generally covered content without losing its message. Seems like a dilemma!

Quality of work

Short books: Short books, generally, get into less depth of a subject matter. This can be said to be truth in general unless they were written about a specific topic that requires prior knowledge of the niche before the subject is discussed. Since there are fewer pages in the book, there is generally less room to dissect the matter deep and branch out the information. They are written by some less experienced authors, sometimes the books just are not good enough.

Long books: Long books are written by well experienced authors who may be pursing the subject matter as their career. Talk of works from Benjamin Franklin. These books have content that is quality enough to keep you reading thousands of pages. Their price is an outcome what quality the long books bring on the table.

Ease of reading/finishing

Short books: Short books are easy to finish just for the fact that they have very few pages. Most of book lovers spend long times before finishing some books while others even never finish reading some of the books they bought. Reading a short book means one wants the general idea about the subject and thus reads with ease expecting the message to be delivered in a short while.

Long books: Long books are just intimidating at first sight when you see just how bulky the book look like. This is an advantage to shorter books for it is hard to even reread a long book and review all that it entails. People want to buy a book that they know they will finish without much effort. That is why many book lovers turn to sources that can teach them how to read novels faster and still get to understand the author.


Long books: Long books take a longer time to get published. They cover a wide range of and idea and thus need a lot of content to fill those pieces of paper. A lot of efforts are pun in by authors just to get out a masterpiece that guides millions. The writhing itself is not easy for the author has to make the reader to keep on reading without it being fluff.

Short books: Shorter books take the other shorter route as expected. Less number of words to be put down by an author. Short books cover shallow ideas about a subject matter and thus do not need a lot of research and writing to do.

Number of characters

Short books: Short books often have fewer to one character. These are better books for kids to read for they do not feel like it is a burden to read a book. Reading needs to feel natural before one falls in love with it, thus having a few characters to follow up can be easily done by children.

Long books: Long books contain lots and lots of characters. It is not a surprise that you or another book lover somewhere may have at one point forgot the existence of one character who is revealed later as the book goes on and on. It takes a little bit of effort to keep everything in check while reading long books. This is still worthy the effort because of the great knowledge that comes from long books.


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