Reading Books Isn't Enough-Alternatives to Reading Books

Reading Books Isn't Enough-Alternatives to Reading Books

Reading Books Isn't Enough-Alternatives to Reading Books

When you hear the word "reading," what comes to mind? 

Some of you may respond with "books," but there are numerous alternatives to reading books that you will learn about in this piece. 

It's true that there are advantages of having a good reading habit but not everyone enjoys reading. This is something we are all well aware of, which is why this piece is all about alternatives to reading books. You can give yourself an intellectual advantage by mixing reading and listening. It is insufficient to simply read books.

Here are eight alternatives to reading books;

  • Blogs are the number one choice for book substitutes. 

Why should blogs be used as a substitute for reading books?

  • The content in blog entries is usually extremely current, but books take months or years to print. As a result, by the time the book is published, things may have changed, particularly in the realm of technology and many others. It is dependent on the book's subject.

Note: Books take a long time to print since they are edited multiple times and must go through the publishing process, but this does not diminish their value. In reality, the fact that books have been through the rigorous vetting of editors adds to the value of the content. Almost all the information in books is reliable. However, blogs, depending on the blog, may contain some shady data that you should double-check unless it comes from a reputable source.

  • Blogs are frequently updated on a daily or weekly basis. There will never be a time when you don't have something to read.
  • Bloggers frequently offer links to other useful websites, either on their own or on the sites of others. You can't immediately click on a link when you're holding a physical book, though that's changing with the Kindle, which now allows you to easily follow up on a link. 
  • You can communicate with the bloggers by leaving comments, sending emails, or using social media. As a result, blogs frequently have a more personalized feel to them. You rarely get to interact with the author when reading a book. It's conceivable, but less so than with a blogger.
  • When it comes to personalized, the writing style of blogs is typically quite personalized. Even though you've probably never seen them in person, you frequently get to see the quirky side of the bloggers and feel as if you're starting to get to know them personally. 

Overall, one of the most significant advantages of reading blogs is that you can obtain a unique and uncensored perspective on a topic. Blogs are one of the best alternatives to reading books. They provide you with reliable, tailored information that will put you ahead of the competition intellectually.

  • Podcasts are the second most popular alternative to reading books.

You might be familiar with podcasts if you're reading this. They are usually episodic in nature and focus on a specific topic. Book reviews, interviews, and short anecdotes are all possible topics for Podcast. Podcasts, unlike audio books, are usually shorter and more focused. There are presently three podcast which include small documentaries, audiobook reviews, and dyslexic interviews.

Here are a few advantages to listening to podcasts;

  • Podcasts are simple to subscribe to and provide a variety of episodes to listen to.
  • Podcasts can be listened to while driving or commuting. How many minutes or hours a day do you believe you spend driving or commuting? 

Taking for example, someone driving to and from work for a total of two and a half hours every week, not including the occasional trip to the store or mall. That's 30 minutes every day that they can spend listening to podcasts. Consider how much you can learn while driving or commuting from one location to another. This makes podcasts a better alternative to reading books since podcasts can be blended with other normal duties unlike books which must be assigned some time for.

  • Podcasts are completely free to listen to compared to buying books online or from a local store. If you have an iPhone, you already have a free podcast app. There are a variety of apps available for Android too. If you don't want to install another app on your phone, you can always look for podcasts on YouTube. You can listen to a podcast about almost anything. 
  • You can broaden your intellect by listening to a variety of important topics from diverse perspectives.

To set yourself apart from the competition, add this podcast option to your list of alternatives to reading books as a primary tool and make it a habit to listen to something every day as it is a great alternative to reading books.

  • Number three on the list of book-alternatives is Alternatives to reading books on YouTube.

True, YouTube has a lot of garbage, but it also has a lot of useful videos if you know what you're looking for. One of the simplest things to do on YouTube is search for videos, but finding the proper channel to subscribe to can be difficult. You can listen or watch as much as you like for free after you've found the correct stations. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider YouTube as an alternative to reading books.

  • There is a vast range of content available from a variety of sources. 
  • It's both visual and audible. While driving, frequently utilize YouTube since it is the most convenient way for me to get the proper information and you can make the most of it.
  • Your watch history informs the videos that are recommended to you. 
  • It's quite simple to interact with video makers via the comment section. 
  • YouTube is, in general, one of the most user-friendly platforms available. Even if some of the stuff is hit or miss, you'll undoubtedly discover something valuable.

Neil Patel, Tai Lopez, and Bill Gates, for example, have very interesting channels.

  • Audio books

Audio books are great for a variety of reasons. For starters who are just getting started and have a quest to read more books but have trouble reading can listen to their favorite books in a fun and engaging way. It's difficult to focus on a tale when reading in a noisy environment, but with an audiobook and the correct headphones it's a lot simpler. Audio books also allow you to multitask, allowing you to learn, study, or read in situations where reading a traditional book would be impractical, such as while driving.

  • Share a Slide

Slide Share is a website dedicated to the sharing of information through presentations. Okay, this one requires some reading, but Slide Share does provide straightforward, well-designed, and informative presentations. Slide Share covers a wide range of topics, including technology, education, marketing, design, art, and business. What makes Slide Share so appealing is that, despite the fact that each presentation contains a lot of information, it is divided into small, digestible chunks. In contrast to a report or transcript, where you are given a single large block of data. The style of Slide Share produces an engaging narrative, almost like a story thus such a great alternative to reading books.

  • Nights of spoken word/performance poetry

Poetry might be difficult to comprehend for many dyslexics or book lovers. Poetry and, in particular, Shakespeare, were challenging for some of you at school. You immediately lost interest in the plot since it took so much effort to grasp what was being stated. However right now, hearing Shakespeare read aloud in a familiar way was a very enthralling experience.

There are spoken word nights all throughout the country, which are also fantastic locations to connect and network with like-minded people.

  • Documentaries

Quality documentaries are abundant and varied on media venues such as PBS, cable, and Netflix, which may lead to binge watching. Ken Burns, the renowned filmmaker behind films such as Baseball, The Civil War, Jazz, and, most recently, Jackie Robinson, delves into the minutiae and back stories that make history fascinating. You can use these as an alternative to reading books.

  • Last but not least, TED Talks are an excellent alternative to reading books. 

In the process of disseminating information, video is becoming increasingly vital. TED Talks is one of the most popular video services. TED is a non-profit devoted to promoting ideas, usually in the form of short, impactful lectures (18 minutes or less)," according to TED's' About 'page. TED has something for everyone, and some of the best videos can completely transform your outlook on life. Each video is presented by a specialist or a professional who has expertise in a certain topic. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking are just a few of the notable personalities who have given TED Talks.

Here are a few advantages of TED Talks;

  • It's available for free on YouTube or, and it's jam-packed with hundreds of thousands of useful videos that are typically under 20 minutes long. 
  • The speakers come from all around the world, so you'll be able to gain a unique viewpoint on a topic you may not have considered before.
  • If you have a compelling tale to tell and your audition is accepted by the host of your local or international TED conference, you will be invited to speak. 

The topics are out of this world! To give you a few simple instances of odd topics, one person might discuss a new way to properly use nuclear energy, while the next might discuss how to groom a dog or simply tie your shoes! The videos range in difficulty from highly difficult to incredibly basic. This offers a great alternative to reading books as you can a variety of videos in the same period you could use while reading a book!

  • It assists you in developing your best public speaking abilities.

In a nutshell, knowledge now is something that everyone can acquire. It doesn't matter whether or not you love to read. The alternatives stated above are fit for people with different passions and you can choose yours based on your passion. For book lovers, these are added advantages you can incorporate in your quest of acquiring knowledge.


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