How to prepare General Awareness for the RRB NTPC Examination?

How to prepare General Awareness for the RRB NTPC Examination?

How to prepare General Awareness for the RRB NTPC Examination?

RRB NTPC is one of the most competitive government exams in India. Every year lakhs of aspirants compete for various RRB NTPC Jobs. Due to this arduous competition, only the deserving and smartest candidates can make it through the tough competition to secure a job through RRB NTPC Exams. Considering this immense level of competition, it becomes important to not only study hard but also prepare smartly. Though every section asked in the NTPC holds almost equal weightage, General Awareness is often the game-changer in RRB NTPC Exams. Yes, it is important to score high marks in every section of the RRB NTPC Examination but to get an edge over other aspirants, you will have to score high marks in General Awareness specifically. Hence, in this article, we are sharing the best preparation tips to ace the General Awareness Section of the RRB NTPC Exam.  


Best Preparation Strategy to Master General Awareness Section of NTPC Exams


  •  Previous Year Papers- First and foremost, to get acquainted with the exam pattern and level of the RRB NTPC Examination, candidates must go through RRB NTPC Exam Analysis of previous year papers. Since in the majority of examinations, the level of questions remains more or less the same as last year's papers, you should spend enough time practicing and analyzing the previous year's papers. Moreover, you should analyze the GA section in great depth. Also, try to jot down important and the most repeated topics of the NTPC Examination. It will help you in shaping your GA preparation in the right direction.


  • Current Affairs- Current Affairs is an important subsection of General Awareness, and a fair amount of questions are asked from Current Affairs in the NTPC Examination. Hence, you should be highly observant of the recent happenings in India and around the world. It is highly recommended to make notes of important current events as it will help in revising before the examination. You can also take the help of yearly books for preparing current affairs. But, if you are short on time, at least prepare current affairs of 6 months for the RRB NTPC Examination.


  • Short Notes- Since General Awareness is a very lengthy section to cover and revise, it is very important to make short notes of important topics. When you make notes yourself, it not only helps you to remember important facts but also helps greatly in revision before the examination. It is advisable to keep your short notes as brief as possible since lengthy notes are hard to revise. You can make use of charts, graphs, and interlinking through flowcharts to make your notes visually appealing and brief.


  • Mnemonics and Mind Maps- General Awareness section is often the most tricky section where retaining information is a herculean task. It is quite possible that you might cover the whole syllabus and still be able to just retain 50-60% of the studied information. Hence, to empower your retaining power, you should make use of smart techniques like mind maps, mnemonics, and funny references. Like for history topics, you can create funny stories in the mind of important battles or rulers. Or, you can make use of mind maps to relate links between different dynasties.


  • Quizzes and Mock Tests- Practice is the key in the General Awareness section just like Maths and Reasoning. It is imperative to attempt daily quizzes and mock tests to improve your score in the General Awareness section just like other sections. Mocks and Quizzes will help you keep a track of your preparation and will give you an extra nudge to improve your weak topics. Moreover, you can give topic-wise quizzes of important topics of GA to master individual topics.


RRB NTPC exams have become greatly competitive owing to the handsome pay structure of RRB Jobs. But, however tough the competition is, hard work pays off. Hence, indulge in these preparation strategies to ace the RRB NTPC Exam.



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