How students can use websites to their advantage

How students can use websites to their advantage

How students can use websites to their advantage

Today, there are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet. This is a huge number and as a student, you may ask yourself, “What are all these for?”. It is true to say someone can easily choose something among others if there few choices rather than many. This is no difference when it comes to students in college, they have a lot of these websites as their resources any time they want but the content on the internet is too much for them.

Accessing a website has been made easier by the rise of smartphones and computers today. The number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide is over 6 billion users. Internet charges are not too high when it comes to loading pages over the internet. Generally, internet is not as costly as one may think.

 Here, we go through a list of the best four activities that students can do the use websites to their advantage.

Students visiting Educational Websites

Every student wants quality education but everything comes with a price to pay. High quality education means high school fees. An average student struggles with school life for most of the money may have been used for school fees and the resources that his school need him to buy. Some end up dropping and start doing blue collar jobs just for them to be able to complete their education. Other students also have to work for a good amount of time before paying for their master’s degree. These degrees cost students a fortune.

In this day of age where there are a lot of factors to consider the success of a student, do these degrees need to be this expensive? Online classes from some of the best educational websites such as Khan Academy, Howcast, and CosmoLearning might be one of the best solutions for students when it comes to finding knowledge that is of quality and affordable. Online classes are way cheap to an average student. They put into consideration the fact that not everyone can go to that high rated university while knowledge is meant to be shared.

Online classes are not only cheap but also flexible for those students who might be working to bet a little bit of money to fund their needs. Students get to choose the time they want to study with their tutors and can easily come back and catch up if there is a lesson missed. This makes you to not worry so much about your academic life like if you were in these high-priced universities or colleges. The colleges have a specific schedule that is not prone to change. This makes those who are parents of their own to have a hard time juggling between studies and work. Thus, online classes are very handy, giving you all the freedom to study whenever you want, when you feel motivated, in your discipline.

Some of these online educational websites offer students with complete degrees online wherever you are in the world. They also provide academic resources such as past papers or just documents that might be useful to students. Educational websites are what help students in research in their studies. This favors not only those students who are studying online but those who attend physical classes. Not all resources you need a student will be found in the school’s library. In fact, most of them are found over the internet. If a student gets stuck on a question or project, instead of digging deep into the school’s library, a quick search on google might be his/her first step towards the solution. Websites may give you actual solutions or redirect you to other websites where you might get what you are looking for as a student.

Students can buy or sell cheap used second-hand books online

Students have a lot going on when it comes to their studies, they may be taking at least five units in college and each unit needs at least one book. Let us put the books needed for college work aside, students need other books such as novels, self-help books, magazines and other materials. Things have just started to become worse to that student of a peasant who cannot afford quality life for his child. This is where one of the best solutions to buying books comes in, buying cheap second-hand used books online.

Nobody is really bothered with saving money like a college student who is only trying to make it to Friday! Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Yeah, not all students have it easy in college. Student life is part of one’s life that either makes him or breaks in. If you hear of someone graduating, just know that much has been accomplished. It is not easy to wade through it. Let us say you need just one books for each of the five units you are taking in college. One book cost 50 dollars, this means that you as a student, you have to spend at least 250 dollars without an addition cost for going to fetch the books.

Buying used second-hand books online makes you to have something left in the pocket at the end of the day. Let us assume that the same books cost each 40 dollars online, even though they are not new, but still quality. It does not matter the age of the book, as long as it is still in good shape, knowledge cannot be destroyed. This means that you as a student will be saving ten dollars on each book, which sum up to a whole 50 dollars which can be used to buy a meal or more stationery needed for school.

There are a good number of  advantages of buying second-hand books online. First of all, it saves your time for you just have to press a button and you will have the books dropped at your door. Used second-hand books are way cheaper when bought in bulk, a good idea to save more money for students in college. Do not be worried about taking care of the old second-hand used books. It does not take Rocket Science to know how to take care of old used second-hand books.

Students working online

As said before, some students are always just trying to make it to Friday! This means that there are those who are of rich parents and those who are of parents who get an average income. This is obvious for there to be calmness, there must be chaos. It is the Yin and yang of life. Students also have other skills they may be pursuing apart from their formal education. These skills may be seen to be useless to other companies who value a student’s degree.

The emergence of websites has given students a lot of options to choose from when they want to make a little bit of money that can make them support themselves well in college. These jobs do not need a lot of knowledge and expertise, but a student has to be aware of how the work is done. These online jobs have a wide range. From Freelance Writing to becoming an Online Influencer.

Everyone has a skill and is capable of learning a new skill. In this world today, starving of a student should be unheard of with the many options of online work that are there for them to do. It does mean that these online websites pay students fortunes just for being students, you get what you work for, and if you as a student put in more efforts, it will yield to better results which means a higher school living standard.


Entertainment is one aspect of life that almost everyone needs to feel to break the monotony of school and work life. Students studying several subjects or units everyday of the week gives them a lot of mental stress when days go by. Finding hobbies or different forms to entertainment helps them to cool that stress. Studying engages a lot of mental and muscle power, makes them exhausted and thus the need of something new, something that does not need a lot of mental processing, entertainment. Entertainment to a student is like quenching that thirst for water that has been haunting you for the past two hours.

There are many different forms of entertainment on the internet, from reading second-hand used books, online game playing or watching movies. All this can be done through websites. Take care to not dive into harmful form of entertainment such as watching pornography for it is as free as watching a tutorial on some useful DIY stuff. Streaming video games, watching movies or poetry are some of the few forms of entertainment provided by websites online. There are a good number of websites on the internet that can let you dive into different forms of entertainment that they offer.

Social Media is also one of students’ favorites. They get to interact with each other all over the world over the internet. This is where some build their brands. Students also get a chance to do Social Media Marketing given the student has a huge following on his social media account. This is where they get to interact with others and see how others live their life.


In these modern days, everything under the sun is said to be over the internet. That is not far from the truth. This means that the internet is carrying a lot of content especially that from websites. A student not knowing what to do with all these available resources and knowledge can easily get mislead. These are the most basic four activities that are of benefit to a student, whether it is school life or no. Wish you a success in you school work, grab yourself here old used second-hand books for cheaper prices.


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