How can you instil the value of reading using second-hand kids’ books?

How can you instil the value of reading using second-hand kids’ books?

How can you instil the value of reading using second-hand kids’ books?

When was the last time you read a second-hand kids book? Have you been lost in the magic of the pages? Reading is a fascinating and inspiring habit that provides multiple benefits. Unfortunately, this has been consistently declining owing to the interest in other electronic mediums. One of the alarming and threatening aspects of this behaviour is reading might become extinct if it is not passed down.

Parents had the habit of reading bedtime stories to their offspring. This simple action motivated the future generation to take the practice for both pleasure and knowledge. The failure of this action could lead to a cascade of negative elements. Some people assume that there are various efficient ways of gathering relevant information. Experts suggest that reading can significantly improve the retention capacity of children. Old kids books might contain comprehensive data that would enhance the vocabulary and hone their creativity. It is the liability of the parents and adults to instil the habit in children. We want to discuss the benefits of the practice and provide some tips that would help them to initiate it.

What are the advantages of reading kids books?

Though this question might sound absurd, we are in a situation to reiterate it. Everyone knows the benefits and yet somehow fail to follow them. Reading always tends to take a backseat among the list of mounting priorities. However, fifteen minutes of every day tend to have a horde of benefits inclusive of but not limited to the list below.

  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Strengthens brain function
  • Prevent Insomnia
  • Lowers stress
  • Improves empathy
  • Elevates creativity

If these reasons do not convince you to take a book, you can take a book to have a delightful experience. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

What would be the ideal way to start the practice for reading kids books?

Understandably, people cannot immediately put away their devices and pick up a book. The ideal way to begin a new practice is to start small. Parents can purchase used kids’ books for this purpose. This would be cost-effective and also teach the importance of money to the kids. The parents can organise reading sessions for 15 to 30 minutes a day. They can read along or provide incentives to encourage the habit. Various books are available for different age groups. It is vital to remember that the purpose is to enjoy the experience. The quality is also important than the quantity or number of books. Every child might have a different reading speed. The parents and adults need to comprehend this factor. The kids might feel overwhelmed and ultimately lose interest in reading if they are forced to read. The adults can start by reading bedtime stories and later convert that into self-reading.

Why is it better to purchase second hand kids’ books?

All parents need and yearn to provide the best available resources to their children. They work hard to provide new and modern products. This would make them wonder why they should opt for used kids’ books. Children tend to grow out of books after a period. The books for kids are age-specific and might not be effective when they grow up. Second-hand kids books are cost-effective and help the parents to purchase more. This would also help the children understand the habits of smart investment. The children will learn to appreciate and acknowledge the social system. These books tend to have a character in addition to the story and mystique.

What are the recommended books for children?

The book market for children is quite extensive. This could make it confusing for the parents to choose the right book. The primary concern in this choice is about selecting the age-appropriate book for them. Parents are cautious about exposing their children to relevant information. Here are some of the books that are recommended for them. We have segregated them into various age groups for easy selection.

Kids of Age 0 to 2 years

This is the phase when kids begin to recognise alphabets and words. The books chosen should be colourful and filled with pictures. This will help them to familiarise themselves with the hues and various objects. It's very important for kids to grasp and picturize at an early age. The human brain captures pictures easily than written sentences. This age group of kids books are first exposure of books for children

Kids of Age 3 to 5 years

The kids are quite inquisitive at this stage and attempt to explore various elements. The books should help them quench this thirst while propelling them in the right direction. Kids books for age 3 to 5 years must have a very few sentences, combined with pictures. The focus is still on pictures, with a slow exposure towards simple words.

Kids of Age 6 to 9 years

The children might attempt to read and even have a clear understanding of the stories. Parents can start with books with simple language and interesting stories. The focus is more on sentences than picture. However, every page is recommended to be filled with pictures so that the child could imagine and relate to the story.

Kids of Age 9 years and above

The kids would begin to identify their favourite genre and style. This would be an ideal time to give them various books to help them have different experiences. The books are completely with words and hardly have any pictures. This would gradually help children to shift from basic reading to advanced reading

These are a few recommendations for children and parents. Visit our website for more suggestions. We hope you relish and enjoy the experience of reading.


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