How can second hand children's books break the monotony of the pandemic?

How can second hand children's books break the monotony of the pandemic?

How can second hand children's books break the monotony of the pandemic?

What is the correlation between second hand children’s books and the pandemic? We are facing multiple challenges in terms of employment, finance and health. As we are struggling to secure our livelihood, people might wonder on how books could uplift our lives. The past two years have been a unique experience for everyone. People are struggling to adapt and accept this version of reality. This is a new situation where everything we know or learnt are changing rapidly. Though the threat of infection is looming, also other factors create various challenges. There is another significant issue that we tend to ignore is the mental health. The world is struggling under the pressure and stress of learning a new way of life. Humans as a species always have the habit of overseeing or ignoring the typical elements. For instance, the modern generation has had the liberty to relish the benefits of the entertainment segment. This could be activities like visiting the malls, planning a weekend trip and even going to the office. These elements used to be a rare occurrence in the past. However, the changes in the financial and social construct have made them a common occurrence. The social distancing norms and lockdown regulations have severely impacted people’s lives in various ways.

  • Changes the regular and known schedule
  • Puts people in a standard monotonous routine
  • Causes Boredom
  • Minimises physical human connect
  • Restricts new experience

Impact on children

As the adults try to make sense of the entire situation, we cannot ignore the effect it has on children. These small human beings tend to learn and grow through various external stimuli. Though they seem happy most times, parents have the responsibility to monitor their emotional wellbeing. Childhood is the only time when we live without much responsibilities  and pressure. The problems faced during this period would be irrelevant or small as we grow up. However, Generation Z is facing a unique problem that is even beyond our comprehension. They are forced to stay in a similar environment for nearly two years. Unlike adults, kids are inquisitive and need a certain level of external influence. There require the knowledge imparted by the teachers, happiness attained by interaction with their friends and even the sheer happiness by viewing new elements.

Though schools attempt to cover their syllabus through online classes, it does not compensate for their needs. This scenario has caused depression and restlessness for the parents and children. The parents are looking out for innovative and informative measures to support their children. These activities aim to keep them occupied while also providing them with the necessary tools like used children books for development. Experts are suggesting various methodologies like reading second-hand children’s books to help them navigate through this challenging situation. They include teaching them a new hobby or habit, tutoring them in different skills, and even identifying their unique talent.

When we speak about a hobby or habit, reading would always top the list. Unfortunately, this particular one is gradually becoming extinct, especially with the younger population. Generation Z is blessed with the fruits of technological advancements.  However, the significant disadvantage is that they tend to lost touch with other elements. One of the notable elements in the list is the aforementioned habit. The reading habits for most children and even adults are becoming minimal and limited. However, this would be an ideal time to rectify the situation. We have listed some ideas on how parents can use old children’s books to break the monotony of the pandemic.

Develop a new habit

Specialists state that if a person continues to practice a particular habit continuously for a specific period, it becomes a part of their lives. In the yester years, the visits to the library motivated children to develop a reading habit. With the digital influence, most information is available online.  Parents can begin by reading used children’s books to them daily. This would help them to build a valuable habit.

Enhances Imagination

Every old children’s book contains a unique plot and scenario. Some of the books are set in a mystic environment which provokes their imagination. This could be an ideal and effective platform to improve the creativity of the children. The books often serve as a valuable source of inspiration.

Improves Productivity

The children are frustrated between online classes and lack of fun with friends. Though they do have their screen time, it does not provide much value. The books would render the necessary entertainment and fun for the children.

Increases concentration

Concentration has always issue with online classes. The small screens and random class timing does not do any favour. Though children feel the stress of classes and homework, the knowledge or understanding capability is still questionable. Reading second-hand children’s book requires a certain degree of concentration. This can be replicated in other elements.

Develop Empathy

Empathy is an essential and much-needed trait in today’s society. Empathy is defined as the ability to be sensitive and compassionate about the environment and fellow human beings. The limited human connect could restrict their opportunities to connect with others. This can be attained by reading books as they connect with the characters in the old children’s book.

Strengthens vocabulary

English proficient is a requisite these days. Novels and used children’s book have a plethora of new words and concepts. This will help them to build their vocabulary and speaking skills.

It is economically viable to invest in second-hand children’s books rather than purchasing new ones. The primary advantages of buying physical books are that it significantly reduces screen time for the children. This has been a significant challenge for parents as they struggle to minimise mobile usage. The games and other videos tend to addictive for everyone. This might cause physical and intellectual damage to the users. Old children’s books would help adults to keep their children interested and educated at the same time. We have posted only a few benefits of developing this as a habit. We understand the practical issues with purchasing books during this pandemic. Our online platform is equipped with the necessary features to help customers handle their transaction securely.


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