Forever a book lover

Forever a book lover

Forever a book lover

It feels sad to be opening the last chapter of that Mystery, thriller and adventure book of yours knowing that it is about time you part with the book. You still do not entertain the thought of gifting it to someone else. It still feels like a sibling to you. You have been enjoying the twists and turns of the story and now reality hits you, you have to let go of the book. You get excited to finding out how the story ends but still the excitement instills thrills down your spine. Perhaps you try to read slowly, so that you do not finish the book very soon. Slowly by slowly, you get yourself to the very last page of the book; now what next? You grab you book by your chest and give it one last hug; you start becoming a little bit emotional. Your friend wonders, “Why you so sad?”, he goes on, “Look, I have just finished one movie and am on to the next one.” You try explaining what a book means to you but the friend still does not understand someone being emotional because of something made of paper and ink. It is what great book lovers go through. We as book lovers cherish books to an extend that we almost cannot do without them for they are always part of our life, even in times of loneliness.

There are different reasons for reading books that make people become book lovers but are still united by one thing; books. Perhaps you started at that time you are done with high-school and there is not much going on. That is the time you one looks for fiction books such as romance books or even Historical fiction. Just for the purpose of passing time and eliminating boredom.

Some book lovers have their history of reading books tied to some time in their life when they were the lowest. That is when self-help books come in handy. Books will never disappoint. Books are timeless and there are categories of books for almost any situation in life. There is no time a book lover can tell you that it is the ideal time for reading books. Think about timeless classical music, playing all the way from the 80s to today; just like books.

It is a pleasing moment when a book lover walks into a bookstore just to be surrounded by lots of books. The environment is just ideal whereby you get to meet other book lovers and hold some great conversations. It does not matter when book lovers get to realize that they like different genres. That just makes the conversation more interesting in that everyone has something new to put on the table. New stories and knowledge that other person may not be aware of. The bottom line is book lovers can never miss something to strike up a conversation.

“Book help me go get some nice sleep!” You can here that from a book lover and wonder is this person is really normal. How can a book help to fall asleep? You tell yourself that perhaps the book lover is trying to say that he/she reads books that talk about some sleeping hacks. This is contrary to what is really meant by books helping someone catch some sleep. Let us not ignore the fact that there are books to guide you into falling asleep. That aside, the act of reading an old second-hand book in a well lit but slightly lit room where there is ultimate silence and really diving into the book just relaxes one’s body. Books do not affect your eyes with any bright light thus your body’s process of falling asleep may not be interfered with, leave alone hastening the process!

Books can be said to be some form of very cheap therapy that is available to everyone. Having read a lot of books over a long period of time, book lovers get to master the habit of reading books while forgetting the rest of the world. Let us say that you have had such a long and rough day and it is about time you have your supper and get some sleep. But then you realize some things happened during the day which are making you more anxious which in turn affects your sleep. It may not be a matter of sleeping but you just want to get rid of your anxiety. Watching a movie may not work for you want to stay silent and perhaps collect all your thoughts together. That is when books come in as the savior. Your open the first page, it has such a good introduction, two hours into your reading session, all your day’s problems are forgotten. Not really forgotten but you do not get to mind about them. Even if this is not a solution to your problems, you get to relax your mind and body which then enables you think rationally letter for a better new day tomorrow.

Being forever a book lover may contradict with the thought of being a school lover forever. The fact that books are one of the basic building blocks of school, does not mean that one likes school. It is not a surprise to find out that a book lover has read a lot of books than a normal student within a span of four years. Some books have knowledge that is totally not related to school at all. School does not make one a book lover because of the schedule and everything to read may be written somewhere. Book lovers like the freedom of choice. Being able to be put around hundreds of books and having to choose five books looks accomplishing to book lovers than being given three books that you must read by the school.

With the constantly growing technology, many people may tend to diverge away from books to getting into their devices such as smartphones. But you still come to ask yourself why these book lovers are not trying out the latest iPhone. All they care about is when the new version of a book they read two years ago will be out. Book lovers do not find gadgets that more interesting that hard cover books which they can still carry around. Just like the technology fascinated people update their devices which means that very few functionalities may have been added, book lovers also get to buy new versions of books even if only a few paragraphs were added to the new edition. Look insane, doesn’t it?

Have you met a very disorganized book lover? Probably not. It is not accidental that book lovers are one of the most organized people. We all have times when we are a little bit confused or our surrounding is messy but that is far from the truth when it comes to book lovers. They become automatically organized with each book to read. This is not to mean that every book has a chapter that teaches book lovers to be organized. The whole process of reading must just be planned for it to be successful. This may be countered with the fact that you can still grab a book and start reading even if you had not planned. This is also beautiful. Having a successful reading session means planning the time and placing yourself in an environment or around people who will make it more interesting, book lovers. They always have their bookshelves well maintained and if books are not enough to form a bookshelf, they get neatly stacked inside a room. Reading word per word, page per page just teaches us that everything follows steps, and some kind of order.

Given a chance to choose between two tables, one table full of people busy scrolling their phones and surfing the internet and the other table full of people busy reading books and flapping pages, which table would you prefer to sit around? First of all, a photo of you among the book lovers is just an epic one.  Such a reading session is preferred over those surfing the internet for there is a chance of exchanging books compared to surfing over the internet whereby there is no option of exchanging gadgets. It is not about looking down upon those who are social media fanatics but trying to check which party adds meaning to their lives.


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