Buy pre-owned children's books at a fraction of the original price

Buy pre-owned children's books at a fraction of the original price

Buy pre-owned children's books at a fraction of the original price

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” This is the most famous quote for books said by the most loved personality among children i.e. Walt Disney. This is very rightly said for the books as a Kid or toddler in his/her growing period will get to know and learn more and more from two sources, parents and books. Parents are the first source from where they will learn something good and as we all know that books are always a treasure option from where you can learn hundreds of different things at any age like if we open a treasure of gold we get a lot of gold same is the case with book or I should say more if we open a book we get a lot of learning and knowledge from that book so many people say “There is more treasure in the book”.


For Kids and toddlers, books are very important as they just started understanding things and their parents want them to learn the right things from the right books. Moreover, nowadays we are moving towards a digital era and we want all things to be digital like from reading books to a digital advertisement. But like for a kid of 7-8 years if we tell them to read or play games online it will give a negative impact on them, as at a very small age they may get addicted to phone or they may get glasses by continuously using a phone and other than this most importantly learning things practically than online has more benefits for kids. As for a toddler, if they are reading something through phone, they might not understand anything, but if they are seeing the picture, feeling them, touching them they might learn some new things and get interested in it.


Let’s talk about toddlers, they are two age groups, a one-year-old who just begins to speak briefly sentences, and a three-year-old who can recite the alphabet—possibly backward so there a huge gap between them. So, the meaning that the simplest books for this diverse group meet them was there, but also encourage them to stretch their abilities, staying relevant as kids grow. The skills that all parents want that their kids develop in them while they grow up so they don’t face any difficulty in life, skills like Cognitive skills, reading skills, listening skills, language expression, Brain exercise, Thinking creatively, Reasoning ability, Procedural thinking, Eye-hand Coordination and many more. These skills can’t be developed in the kid automatically they need to read more and more books.


I have a list of preloved books for kids by reading them they can develop various skillsets. I have done a lot of research and find the best-preloved books for each age group of children like toddlers (0-5 years) and 6-9 years.


Sr. No

Name of the book



What Are Stars?

Katie Daynes


Black Bird Yellow Sun

Steve Light


Touch Think Learn: Vehicles

Xavier Deneux


Roary the Lion Roars Too Loud

Ame Dyckman


A Good Day for a Hat

T. Nat Fuller


Mon Petit Busy Day

Annette Tamarkin


Each Peach Pear Plum

Janet and Allan Ahlberg


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Judith Kerr


Where's Spot?

Eric Hill


The Very Hunger Caterpillar

Eric Carle


The Elephant and The Bad Baby

Elfrida Vipont


Lost and Found

Oliver Jeffers


The Snowman

Raymond Briggs


Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

Mem Fox


Dear Zoo

Rod Campbell


The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss



The list of preloved books for 6-9 years kids are:

Sr. No

Name of the book



Mister Magnolia

Quentin Blake


The Queen's Nose

Dick KingSmith


The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Jon Scieszka


The Sheep-Pig

Dick King-Smith



That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown

Cressida Cowell



Clarice Bean, That's Me

Lauren Child


Amazing Grace

Mary Hoffman


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney



Roald Dahl


A Bear Called Paddington

Michael Bond


Dad by My Side



Jabari Jumps

Gaia Cornwall




These are the list of various preloved books that kids and toddlers can read. But here one more problem arises as these books are very costly and parents buy if the child demand but kids don’t read them daily, they once in a while read these books. So where to get low-cost preloved books? The answer to this is we can’t compromise on the quantity and can’t tell our kids you won’t read don’t buy these costly books, so as an alternative to this we can use used preloved books or second-hand books. Second-hand books have all advantages they are cheap and the quality is also very good.


But another question arises where to find the best second-hand preloved books, as there are many second-hand book stores online as well as offline. I would say go for an online second-hand bookstore as there you will save the time of going out in search of preloved books, as these books are not easily available in the market, and in an online store, you can search your favorite book by just going to the children book section. So, the best second-hand book store where you will get all genre books and especially all the children category preloved books with just one click is Usedbookfactory.


The benefits of Usedbookfactory are:


  • We all want the best quality of books for preparation, Usedbookfactory also believes in quality as their priority, and customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. So, on Usedbookfactory, you will find all the books in very good condition, their quality is also checked and it also doesn't look like you have purchased a used book or second handbooks.
  • UsedBooksFactory integrates only markets and experienced sellers/retailers and has a quality check factor. So, there is more trust and visibility.
  • Delivery of second-hand books to 26,000+ pin codes in India.
  • Free Delivery on all orders with minimal amount.
  • All books at a very cheap price compare to other bookstores.



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