Best places to buy used books, second hand books in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Best places to buy used books, second hand books in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Best places to buy used books, second hand books in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Ahmedabad is a city which is situated on the banks of river Sabarmati. Ahmedabad is mainly known for its heritage and there way of life which is business. There is a very old book market situated in Ahmedabad on the street of Fernandes bridge which connects the readers with the writer, student with a publisher, and other curios people with the answers they are looking for. This book market serves hundreds of thousands of people every day who come in search of a new book, old books, used books or to buy and sell second hand books. This book market is 100 years old; many booksellers have spent their life span selling second hand books or new books in the streets of Fernandes bridge.

The Fernandes bridge houses a lot of small second hand books sellers on streets. A better choice would be online version -

Ahmedabad's choices for used books

  • Used Books Factory
  • Fernandes bridge book market (Gandhi road)
  • IIM-Ahmedabad (Opposite Atira's gate)


Mainly Ahmedabad is also known for its hot summers, as the temperature reaches 40 degrees and the traffic of Ahmedabad is on the peak during summer. So many people find it annoying to leave their place and go out on hot roads of Ahmedabad in traffic to buy Second hand books, new books, or old books. But for readers and book lovers, the summer period is a peak time to explore the different books released in the market or buy the Second hand books and read them and for students to buy second hand textbooks for next year.


As the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic from the last 5 months; social distancing has become a must and the whole nation is under lockdown. Moreover, India was the leading country to be hit with the coronavirus and now as the lockdown has opened, things are getting back to normal but on the other hand, the number of cases is still not under control. So, it is not safe for people to go around and buy books. Contradictory to these many people have lost their job and the flow of money has just stopped in the market, but to keep oneself productive in these difficult times reading books is the best option. But all people can't buy costly new books, so as an alternative to this rather than buying a book from the outside market when this dangerous virus is around, there are many online book stores where you can buy second hand book, old book.

Avoid going to crowded streets and local markets. Online second hand bookstores are handy to buy used books which get delivered to your doorstep.

Usedbookfactory is an online book store that provides all types of books throughout India. Usedbookfactory is the only online platform which provides all types of second hand book, old books or used books. This is the best fast-growing online second hand book store where all the readers and students can find the book they are searching for in a very easy way. The categories of a book which they provide are fiction books, non-fiction books, engineering and management material, and all the storybook that children love to read. As of now many competitive exams, college exam has started taking place so students need the study material but they can't go in these times, so Usedbookfactory is the best place where they can find all types of exam material for second hand at a very reasonable price like NEET and JEE material, UPSC material and many more.

Usedbookfactory has many more advantages like they will deliver the book at your doorstep at a very low price, the quality of second hand books are also very good and mainly their message to start this online store for second hand books, they want the student to follow "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". This message is important for the student to save money and save nature also as these storybooks, textbooks, study material for exams, motivational books they read one time only so why to waste more money for new books when Usedbookfactory is providing the best quality of second hand books, old books or used books at a very reasonable price. They are also collaborating with many colleges and schools to distribute the second hand books as every year the thousand of students all over India rather throw or give it in scrap. So, they want these scraps of old books to be utilized by other students as second hand book and make the country greener. So according to me rather then going out for buying books, Usedbookfactory the second hand online bookstore is the best to get the good qualities of the book at your doorstep at a low price.

Now, why That's because usedbooksfactory provides door delivery services which is a big advantage considering city's never ending traffic and tiring long journeys. Usedbooksfactory is also the first ecommerce online marketplace which connects all the second hand bookshop sellers across India at a single platform and thus, providing huge inventory of used books online. Usedbooksfactory has also recently started Cash on Delivery option along with many other exciting offers.


Usedbooksfactory has a google rating of 4.7 stars and holds second google ranking in India for online second hand bookshop.



  • Name:Dr.Yogesh Kanthawala

    Very brilliant article.... should be in every city..... it's a thirst quenching for the readers...

  • Name:Dr.Yogesh Kanthawala

    Very brilliant article.... should be in every city..... it's a thirst quenching for the readers...

  • Name:Dr Jawahar Surti

    Well written. I remember my visits to Fernandez bridge when I was in Ahmedabad as a student. In those days it was the only place for finding some rare books.

  • Name:Maqsood Shaikh

    Very informative article and useful information shared. Despite of staying in Ahmedabad for so many years i was not aware of these book points.

  • Name:AKEN S NAIK

    Very good observation & analysis about the books and their sellers . Here I must say to all book lovers in Gujarat please pay minimum amount for great books . I have also got my C.A books from there. Thank you KRISHNA PATEL ....

  • Name:Nimesh Vaghadiya

    Used books about traveling in india and adyatmik books

  • Name:Nimesh Vaghadiya

    About traveling in gujarati books special for Narmada parikrama yatra and hemalaiy pravas yatra.



  • Name:Bhupendra doshi

    I am interested to sell gujrati/ english/cookery books & abt 200 issues of kumar magazine(1995- 2020) kindly respond with the whatsapp number and other details. Thanks..

  • Name:Raj Soni

    Brilliant article and excellent concept. There is no harm in referring and using used books. In fact some of the greats in history had used, used books. I would like to share this article on FAW News with your permission. FAW News is an aggregator of the latest news stories from across the world.

  • Name:Babulal

    I want old writer's issue on historical and political books if you have catlauge pl send me Babulal Makadia New Jersey,USA

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