Best Male College Student Evening Routine

Best Male College Student Evening Routine

Best Male College Student Evening Routine

College is where most of the people start creating habits that lead them for the rest of their life. Having an evening routine as a male college student is the first step towards preparing for your tomorrow. Most do not follow something like a program, but would rather spend their evening the way they want to spend on each day. But having a program makes it way easy, making you wake up for the next day with confidence as you will feel like you are in control of your life, of which you are. Most male students in college are just about to enter their prime years in life. This is where most of them come to realize that their life is a responsibility that they have to take care of. Considering the pressure that society puts on men to be the bread winners and the protectors for they are the stronger gender, it may become overwhelming to an average male college student to get the idea. Thus, here, we go through one of the best male college student evening routines that you can follow towards becoming the type of man you want to be, the one others perceive to be the Alpha Male.

Wrap up your day

You do not have to work all day to ensure that you have stayed productive for a particular day. As a college student, you have to set a time where before the clock gets to it, you have most of the essential activities of the day are done. These are things such as classes, assignments and some other social activities. When this time comes, it means that the focus now remains on you and the next day. Your evening should not include tasks that had a high priority on your schedule of the day.

Hit the Gym

The Gym is one of the places where boys are turned into men. Going to the gym regularly increases testosterone, a male hormone that is responsible for things such as muscle growth. Hight testosterone not only increases muscle growth but it also increases sex drive and the motivation for you as a man to be active and work towards your goals. A 2007 study found that people who did strength/resistance training 3 days a week for 4 weeks were linked to increases in testosterone levels right after a workout and over time. Hitting the gym releases some of the tension and stress that your body has accumulated during the day. Everyone can go to the gym, regardless if you are a person or a smaller body frame or no. Hitting the gym as a college student has many advantages especially to your health and your overall wellbeing. The advantages of lifting weights include cutting off weight, combating health problems, getting to interact with others, having some good sleep and many more others. It does not take a lot of effort to be hitting the gym regularly. All it takes to go the gym one day, then the next, and the momentum grows. You do not have to be lifting weights everyday of the week. Even three days in a week are enough for you to create the body type you desire and to stay physically fit, which also leads to mental clarity in one way of the other.

Keep your body clean

Arriving home, your body might be yearning for that cool shower right away from the gym. Cold showers are preferable most of the times for you as a male college student. It does not have to take a long time, a three-minute shower is enough for you. Cold showers are also linked to high testosterone in that testicles are not used to higher temperatures that warm showers might provide. Apart from the fact that you are from the gym and have to take a shower, it is also just essential for you to take it so that you can stay comfortable without itching. If there are some other activities that maintain your hygiene, then it is the time to get going. Do not forget to brush and floss your teeth daily. Carry on with that skin care routine if you have one.

Prepare your supper

It is not unusual to find out that most of college students are too busy to prepare their own meals. Having supper at a local restaurant is not much of a big deal but preparing it for yourself gives you the opportunity to choose what to eat, what to prepare with and how to prepare the type of food you want to eat. Especially if you are hitting the gym, you will want some custom protein shake and food that is high in proteins, some carbs, vitamins and fiber. It also teaches you the to be responsible of what you are taking into your body. Eating at restaurants might make you to yield to the temptation to eat some fast junk food, which is unhealthy for you. But taking you time to prepare your meals is also attractive to the opposite gender given that it is time that you socialize the most. Imagine you girl visiting you while she is unwell, then it dawns on her that you can not really cook, what an embarrassment! Preparing your own meal is also cheaper and saves you a lot of money,

Prepare for the next day

The preparation of the next day starts with you tracking how you have spent the falling day. This includes getting to know which tasks were done and which are yet to be done. This is where you take your time to analyze you goals and see if you are moving towards them. Remove those activities that are holding you back and replace them with new ones that will move you closer, towards your goals. Ensure you have everything that will be needed for the next day. This even includes the type of clothes and shoes for the next day. Pack your bag with everything that is necessary for you to leave the house with the following day. How to plan your day as a student may vary from person to person but there are some basic things that everyone has to do. These include prioritizing the top three tasks of the following days and allocating time frames for each task. Also ensure that your alarm is set so that you wake up on time as planned.

Say Goodnight to you loved ones

This is the time where you should take a short period of time to wish your loved ones a good night. You do not have to wish everyone! It is also the time when you can take to scroll down social media and like your favorite posts. Ensure that you do not spend a lot of time on your phone or whichever electronic device you are using for they emit blue light that slows down you sleep. The blue light that hits your eyes makes your brain think that it is still daytime and thus it will be harder for your body to adjust to sleep as soon as possible. It is better to use your phone at least thirty minutes before your bedtime. This will enable your brain to slowly adjust, when in this time period, this is where you can read a second-hand book or maybe something like an audiobook.

Read a second-hand book

There are many advantages of having a good reading habit as a male college student and generally as a college student, regardless of the gender. Reading a second-hand book quietly in your room prepares you mind for rest. It also relieves the tension that we have collected over the day. You get to let go off control of your imagination as you dive deep into the story of the author of one of your favorite second-hand science fiction books. The mind gets to rest from the constant pressure of your day-to-day life and surrender to the plot of the story. This brings peace to you and makes you want to fall asleep faster. As a male college student, you not only have to cultivate and acquire the knowledge needed for your profession but also the knowledge needed for your day=to-day life. This knowledge is not acquired in school rather but the efforts of one’s self. You get this from books such as second-hand self-help books.

Meditate and sleep

Meditation is not that one magical activity that may solve all your problems or help you manifest all your desires. Many people meditate for entirely different reasons. One most important thing that meditation helps with is dealing with anxiety. The slow controlled breathing in and out helps keep your mind and body calm. You release anything that is pressing you from the inside and get to visualize the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Meditation does not to have be long, even only ten minutes is enough time for you to hold a successful mediation session. Meditation clears your mind in that you have to only focus your eyes on one thing if they are not closed. You train your mind to focus on one thing only at a time. You also find out that  meditation goes hand in hand with The Law Of Attraction whereby the positive thoughts that you hold during your meditation session as a student in college will attract positive experiences as well.

Benefits of meditation

  • A better way to deal with stress – meditation brings a sense of calmness to the mind and body thus reducing stress.
  • Boosts the mood – Meditation helps you to deal with your stress which in turn makes you a little bit happier.
  • Lowers blood pressure – Research shows that meditation reduces blood pressure naturally.
  • Breaking of bad habits – When you are meditating, it brings you awareness of your actions and thus eliminate the bad ones.
  • Boosts concentration – Meditation gives you a chance to ignore everything else and focus on one thing at a time
  • Strengthen relationships – Creating a deeper connection with yourself makes relationships easier and more fulfilling.



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