Best 4 books for young men looking for success in relationship, work place and life

Best 4 books for young men looking for success in relationship, work place and life

Best 4 books for young men looking for success in relationship, work place and life

Do you ask yourself questions such as how will I make my work place life better and take my career to another level? How will I live an ideal love life with my wife or lover? How will I live like this world was a better place to be? Worry no more. Such questions keep crossing the minds of young men who are in their prime years, targeting for their goal in life and adventuring in love. If such topics are experienced in life with young men who have no prior knowledge and succeed in life, then it is time for them to share their knowledge. These books guide you how to master and focus on your skill, craft or profession, get to know the right or better way in dealing with women, get to know how to get the motivation to live life as it is, whether hard or smooth and how to live life as a man on your own. Get to know how to figure out critical things in life and how to deal with other people, so you not get punished by mother nature for your undoing. These books are for men of any age but particularly more useful to young men who are just getting started with the responsibilities life brings along. Any man of age can enjoy reading any of the books, it is just a matter of what do you want. Let us get started! 

The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida 

David Deida starts with telling young men to stop hoping for completion of anything in life, just get started on whatever you need to be doing and keep going. Live with an open heart, even when in pain, you still have to let your heart love. He really amazes me when he says that young men should live as if their father were dead. It does not mean you ignore or disrespect your father but to be able to make decisions without his approval. He tells young men to hold on to their deepest realization, to find out their purpose and organize their life around it. He tells men to enjoy their friends’ criticisms. 

He tells us that purpose comes first before your relationship. Do not change your mind to simply please a woman. He says that if a man puts his woman before his ultimate purpose, he weakens himself, disserves the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer her full, undivided presence. 

He says that women are not liars, they only say what they feel at the moment. Tolerating them is what causes resentment. Point her out on her misbehaviors. Do not try to analyze your woman for she is like the weather, prone to change. Do not force the feminine to make decisions, this is a masculine or taking responsibility, imposing it on her only makes thing harder. 

He talks of sex and says that if you do not have control over your ejaculation, then you cannot meet your woman’s needs. This book teaches you how to your purpose comes first, then your woman second. It teaches us to embrace both our Masculinity and our Femininity as men. Let us own our Darkest Desires. Everyone has a dark side, we do not have to hide it, but to just not let it take control of us. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson 

Are you the king of guy that gets worried of the opinions of others? Have you got yourself in a mess and everyone is watching, so you have to pretend you are fine? Well, worry no more. This book teaches you how to live life like there was nothing around. This is not to mean that you become ignorant. Mark says that yes, life sucks. Problems are inevitable and we have to accept life the way if is. Everything comes with its own problems. You solve one problem and the solutions comes along with another problem. You used to walk to your work place, you bought yourself a car and now car maintenance is a problem that comes along. Mark says that “The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more; it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about what only is true and immediate and important.” 

Mark tells us that we could have less problems if we only chose what to give a fuck about. “The problem with people who hand out fucks like ice cream at a goddam summer camp is that they don’t have anything more fuck-worthy to dedicate their fucks to” — Mark Manson. If we have nothing to think about, the mind will start thinking about a lot of things and that is where everything goes wrong. Choose to deal with problems you want to deal with, even though there are those that you will have to deal with without your choice, which are not as common. 

Mark teaches us that suffering is inevitable. It is essential for our own growth. We grow through discomfort, suffering and pain. You are not exceptional. You may feel worthy than someone else but you are not exceptional, you have your problems to deal with, like everyone else. You have total responsibility of your life. Nothing is perfect, nothing is absolute, you will be wrong in everything you do and believe in. 

Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl 

Victor Frankl tries to make us take our life to be more meaningful by telling us the experiences he went through in the Nazi concentration camps. He says that on the first days of arrival at the camp, they could not stand the horrors they went through or what they saw other comrades going through. But within a matter of days, they got used to the horrors that it did not matter anymore. He says that a man’s body is ready to adapt to anything; be it cold or living without sleep. And thus, it can get used to suffering. He lost all his family in the camps and thus leaving us with three take-aways when dealing with mother nature, which is beautiful but also harsh. Three ways in which man can find meaning in his life, even when he has nothing else to believe in. 

Create work or do something 

Victor says that if a man has something to look up to, he has something to accomplish, he will have a reason to live. His life will have meaning. For example, if you have taken your craft or business to another level and something traumatic happens in your life, you won’t wish for death. You will have some unfinished business to do. You will not want all your efforts to just disappear like smoke. 

Experience someone through love 

Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality. No one can become fully aware of the essence of another human being unless he loves him. You get to know the other person better when we love them. We see their characteristics and features that were hidden when love was not there. You get to see the potential that the other human has and even actualize it. 

Suffer meaningfully. 

The last way to bring meaning to your life is to suffer meaningfully. Do not take suffering as a curse. Even if you will not win at the end, which is almost not possible if we are optimistic, hold on to your dignity and let go off of the thought that suffering is bad for you. He talks of inmates who became like saints through suffering. He says that just because camp life was too harsh for a normal human, this does not make you turn into a savage. Do not lose your principles because of what is going on around you. Be a good person even in bad times, that is suffering but meaningfully. 

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

This book is all about our social and political interactions with others. Everyone wants to have some sort of power. Everyone wants to be in control but not be taken to be a dictator. We all want power and we still want to be accepted by all. For those in power may as well be resented by many. Thus, in this search of power, many get lost and do it the wrong way. Ending up to be hated by many.  

Power comes in different forms. You do not have to be the president of a certain country to have power. Grab your guitar and blow out the minds of the audience, you have social power. Put on nice fitting power and everyone looks at you with respect, you have physical power. There are many forms of power, just identify your and cultivate it. 

The 48 Laws of Power are all incredible for each complements the other. They are all round for they can be applied in the military, politics and life as a whole. There is absolutely nobody that cannot incorporate them in his life. Do not put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies, your friends can turn on you whenever an opportunity presents itself. Always say less than necessary, this reduces trouble that you might bring and makes people to be attentive whenever you speak. Make people do work for you but always take credit. Make people become dependent on you, let them fear to lose you. Learn how to use selective dishonesty to deceive anyone. Act as a friend but work as a spy, use absence to increase respect and do not commit to anyone. 

Every man is ambitious, if not a lost man. This book has the 48 laws detailed in such as way that you know what you need when going out to find what you need in life and how to behave with others, so they can do for you what you want in their own bidding. 


Life has never been easy, most specifically for a man. Men are the ones that need to figure out their life to meet society’s expectations or to be counted out. They need to get to know how they will eat and sleep, leave alone approaching a total stranger for a relationship. Such things may seem mild but are the building blocks of life. These four books are not the best masterpiece are but they give you more than enough knowledge to get your ship cruising. You become aware of yourself and other people. Get to know how to find meaning in your life that is full of chaos.  


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