7 Best gifts for bookworms, book lovers

7 Best gifts for bookworms, book lovers

7 Best gifts for bookworms, book lovers


Bookworms are like a cult that is not really a cult. There doings are kind of the same, the likes of lending books, keeping beautiful shelves and socializing when doing what they love, reading. One question remains, how can you gift such people when all they even an old used second-hand book that they can devour to its heart? You might get a few options like some stationery for stationery goes hand in hand with books. But, that is not appealing, you get to see that there are minimal chances that this friend of yours who likes reading old used second-hand books might be lacking some stationery. You pick out you phone and start scrolling over the internet hoping to find solutions to your problem. As expected, there are, but they are so many that you struggle picking the right gifts. Well, here, we go to a list of a few gifts that you can bless book lovers with. The list is endless but we go through ideal ones.

Bookish lamp - Lights up the booklover within !

Which place at home do most of the book lovers read  books ? It's definitely their bedroom, that gives the perfect personal space. Book lovers often love dreaming, fantasising and picturising themselves as part of the book. It's best to stay at bed, in a comfortable position that takes the bookworm to a dream land. Now what if these book lovers share the bed with a sibling or a room mate who is an early sleeper ? Well, you could defintely gift Bookish lamp for a booklover who stays up late. Few also prefer a dark room with just a reading light.

Now, there are numerous lamps out there which help any bookworm to read. But this one stays apart since the lamp itself is book shaped, which makes every book lover go crazy.

Buy this perfect gift for booklover    

Bookmarks - Inevitable gift for a booklover

This is a compulsory gift for any book lover since it's very closely associated with books. Infact, this gift reminds the booklover about the person who gifted the bookmarks. 

Bookmarks are always handy for any book reader. It becomes a compulsion for fast readers who are excited to complete the book and move to the next. 

Bookmarks can be customized based on interests. However, custom printed bookmarks are usually available only in bulk quantities. Hence its best to gift a themed bookmark to a book lover based on one's craving for fictional character and interest.

You may checkout some really cool themed bookmarks for bookworms.

Book themed coffee mugs - A pleasant gift for booklovers

What is more pleasing than a cup of coffee and a book in hand ? 

It's evident in India's raising love for book themed cafes. A book themed cafe is a double good news for all book lovers due to the vibe that a cafe gives. Most of the book lovers love flipping a page of book, and grabbing a sip of coffee. Book themed coffee mugs could be customized based on a person's interest, similar to customized bookmarks. However the good news is that the coffee mugs could be purchased individually as well, and doesn't require a bulk order.

Buy book themed coffee mugs based on book lovers interest

Book Shelves - Super storage gift for book lovers

Alright, so you have already gifted the basic gifts including bookmarks, bookish lamps, bookish coffee mugs. Now, where does a book lover store these ? 
Book shelves come to the rescue and offer a perfect solution that acts a eye-puller for any visitor. These kind of book shelves also contribure to interior decor of the house. One could build a complete home out based on a book theme, and thus grab the title, ' A perfect and true book worm'.

Gift book shelves to a bookworm by buying here

Philips Wake-up Light - Wake like a bookworm in the sun

The Philips Wake-up Light is a great lighting tool for those who like getting an hour or a few minutes in the morning to flap a few pages of an old used second-hand book. First of all, it is clinically proven to ensure your waking up is smooth and not like those lights that you put on and the room is as bright as the sun, which hurts your eyes. It is designed to wake you up naturally, mimicking the way the sun rises un in the sky in the morning. You just have to set it like thirty to forty minutes before your wakeup time to get the best results.  The Philips Wake-Up Light simulates a sunrise with the light moving from red to orange to yellow and slowly gets brighter. It results to a natural way of waking up, your sleep slowly fading away and your eyes easily picking the gentle warm light emanating from the Philips Wake Up Light instead of your loud as a catholic bell alarm and lights as bright as daylight.

The Philips Wake-up Light also has five natural wakeup sounds that you can set. The sound increases after a time range you set, gradually. It also has some touch sensitive controls that you can adjust to fit your desires. These include setting of alarms, listening to the radio, using it as a reading lamp for your second-hand books, select your favorite natural wakeup sounds or snooze as you wish.  The Light is not only used for morning but can also be used to simulate sunset and it is “MOOD AND ENERGY proven to give you an easy and energetic wake-up and improve your mood in the morning” and evening.

The Husband Pillow - the pillow to hold you in your reading session

Are you someone who likes reading late in the night after a long day of work? It is always a challenge for you to find the most comfortable position in which you can read your second-hand books with ease. Sometimes your back and neck aches that you even start feeling like it is bringing you health problems instead of the advantages of having a good reading habit.

The Husband Pillow is specially designed to support your neck, back and arms while you are reading on your bed or watch the TV. You feel like there is someone holding you from behind, thus the name Husband Pillow. The design includes a neck pillow back rest and two arm rests for the ultimate in support and posture control.  Some come with a zipper so you can adjust the amount of filling you want inside. It keeps your neck and spine aligned as you dig through your book.

The Husband Pillow is large enough, fit for kids and adults. It has large supportive side arms and also adjustable for firmness. It is available in different colors with a removable cover for washing. The customers who buy it are love it for its firmness in their support, the range of colors to choose from the ability to wash its cover. Ideal for grandma when she is reading her old second-hand books!

The Personal Library kit - Track your second-hand books

Lending must be in the vocabulary of a book lover. Book lovers are all about sharing knowledge for that is how we have survived as humanity over animals and plants that evolution has wiped out. In fact, sharing you books is one of the top five ways to get rid of old second-hand used books. The only problem that rises is the risk of losing your books and never having to be in possession of them. The Personal Library Kit is a great tool for ensuring that you keep track of all the books you lend.

It comes with checkout cards, date stamps, and ink pad and a mini pencil. It helps you know who you lend your new favorite classic novel or that old second-hand book given to you by your father. You get to know how long one has been with it and who has returned your second-hand books, if not new. There is no pressure of worrying about the whereabouts your books.

If one of the people you lend your book knows you are in possession the Personal Library Kit, they will automatically be aware that returning them is good for a long-term bibliophile friendship and a chance to borrow more second-hand books if returned on time.

Clothing & Accessories for Book Lovers 

You might be wondering how will you get to choose a clothing that will be liked by that one friend of your that you have not known for a long time? That is weird, isn’t it? Wonder no more. There are lots of clothing and accessories that can be gifted and almost accepted and loved by many book worms.

In this day, many people use smartphones. Book readers not only do they read physical books but also have e-books that they can read at the comfort of their phone anywhere. Book inspired phone cases make your phone look like a book on the outside. Even thought the phone will not feel as good as flapping pages of an old used second-hand book, it is just a good feeling to have a book’s view before your eyes.

Book printed T-shirts with words or quotes from any of your favorite characters in one of  second-hand fiction books. These T-shirts can also have customized graphics to meet your need. Imagine you have just relocated to a new place in town and now you have to go to chill out a little bit with nobody in mind. Then, you meet someone wearing a T-shirt with lines from a book or a photo of an old-used book you have. You instantly start a conversation and connect with each other!

There are more accessories such as an Ancient Books Watch which is a timeless gift. You book lover friend now has one of the most important accessories of all time. It blends well with those old second-hand used books with its outward look.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition game - an ideal game for bibliophiles

This board game is ideal for book lovers who are on the run to building their rich vocabulary. It is a Deluxe foil-stamped Scrabble game board with raised grid to hold the tiles in place when turning the cabinet. It features 100 Easy-to-Read Mahogany finish Scrabble Letter Tiles and (4) Matching Scrabble Letter Tile Racks. It “allows you to enjoy America’s favorite Word Game in style.

Games are great for lowering pressure on your mind and breaking the reading monotony. Thus, you are not just playing a game and resting from reading tens of second-hand old used books, you also get a chance to add more arsenal in your vocabulary. This game edition features a solid wood cabinet with mahogany finish and built-in lazy susan. The top of the cabinet features a deluxe foil-stamped Scrabble game board with raised grid to keep the Scrabble tiles in place when turning the cabinet. Lift the top off of the wood cabinet and you will find individual storage compartments for all of the premium game components.

Noise-blocking headphones- silence for bookworms

For that one book lover who loves sitting in solitude and wants to read novels faster, these headphones come in as a handy tool. It is quite frustrating when you are chilling in your room with one of your favorite books and your siblings are playing music a little bit louder to cause distractions. You have no choice of going to turn it off for it maybe a weekend and everyone wants to enjoy themselves. These headphones provide you the peace and quietness you need to read your second-hand book with ease. They have a built-in mic that enables you to take hands-free calls. Noise cancelling can be personalized since you can adjust ambient sound to your activity for the best noise cancellation. Touch controls enable you to control music tracks and volume, activate your voice assistant and take phone calls. They also have a long battery life. A single charge provides up to thirty hours of playtime for reliable all day listening. You can carry them anywhere without a single worry.

Book Lovers’ Soy Candles - candles that create the mood for book readers

One step in being productive is ensuring that the environment you are in gives you the comfort flap lots of pages. Being in a quite room, not so bright room with a little scent while reading an old second-hand used book just makes the environment flashy and ideal. The scented candles evoke fictional worlds, literary characters and the pleasure of reading. Within twenty minutes of reading your second-hand Young Adult or even your old used second-hand Mystery, thriller and adventure book, they can turn your usual boring room into a world of romance, adventure and drama. You will not have to read lots and lots of pages so you can feel like you are the main character of the story.

They are also generally just good for the smell in your room. Candles evoke that stoic feeling that many philosophers encourage people to cultivate. Seeing the calm flex with a little bit of smoke that disappears in thin air, evoking good smell that sends a message of peace is just a great way to have peace of mind. Make the lights a little bit dim with the Philips Wake-up Light, create your own comfort with the Husband pillow, cut off all distractions and you have just entered a new world!




Gifting is humane and the types of gifts you give to other people define the kind of relationship that holds you. It also creates the bond between two people or more. Finding gifts to give to book lovers is a little bit challenging for one may say, “Well, Tom is a good friend of mine who loves reading in his free time.” You ask, “How will I gift him apart from just buying him that one cool old used second-hand Finance and Investment book


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