6 strategies will Lower Your Cost of Studying Abroad

6 strategies will Lower Your Cost of Studying Abroad

6 strategies will Lower Your Cost of Studying Abroad

Indians have a natural pull towards western countries, be it for relaxation or education. We now bring you the major ways through which a student willing to study abroad, can bring down his/her cost.

By studying abroad, you get great career opportunities, global networking, a multicultural environment, Improve your language skills. Experience a special sort of teaching. Enhance your network. Study new cultures and perspectives. Develop your confidence. See the planet . Discover career opportunities abroad and much more to find out and explore the world.

The important aspect about abroad education is your surroundings. You would be surrounded by people from different cultures, mind-sets and opinion. Initially, it would be a challenging process. But, as the days progress you would learn and experience on how to talk and network with people from different locations. This would give a huge self-confidence about survival.

As you spend your days abroad, you would slowly start realising the cost factor of staying abroad. It’s too late to realize, and hence we encourage all students to be prepared well ahead of time. Following are the major strategies that could lower your cost of studying abroad.


1). Apply for Scholarships and Grants

Study abroad scholarships and grants are the simplest way to cut your study abroad costs. Of course, they're also more competitive than other options, in order that they won't work for everybody.

Going abroad has an in-depth list of study abroad scholarships and grants across different subjects, countries, and programs. Google is a great resource to seek out scholarships specific to your study abroad program, or the country where you would like to review abroad.

Scholarships have different ranges, varying from 10% to 80%. It’s important to analyse universities criteria for various courses. Grabbing these scholarships is the best deal that a student can make during his course time. Since this is a big chunk of money, he/she may take lesser loan amount for abroad education, thus reducing the pressure faced by parents.

2). Look for Ways to save lots of Money on the bottom 

The most important expenses are housing and food. Participating during a homestay is taken into account the most cost effective option and includes meals and laundry, and offers the simplest immersion. you'll also economize by preparing your own meals, if possible, and eating at local restaurants.

You ought to also manage your money wisely by Work to support your lifestyle, Use your student status, Know what to do, and where to go, Learn to cook, Do As the Locals Do, Explore the place for the better opportunities.

It’s good to research on shared accommodation and find a suitable partner. Finding the right roommate, who matches your mindset is highly recommended than going for a cheaper rent. You would have the freedom to do what you would like or prefer.

3). Cut down price on your stationery items

Store accounting records and other daily expense records on a device. That’s gonna lead to a paper reduction initiative. You can use Second hand stationery items, textbooks, etc. to cut down some of your expenses.

You can purchase some stationery items, some required textbooks from your own country. As it might be expensive in western countries. It's cheaper to print / distribute in India. there is a lot that goes into a book even after it's written / edited / designed. you've got to truly print and distribute the book. This involves purchasing glue, paper, and ink, then paying people to truly run manufacturing firms to print. All of those are cheaper in India.

You can purchase from secondhand online bookstores who aim to provide your every type of new books, second hand books, used books, old books at the lowest price as per your preference. There are high chances that you might get your core subjects, especially second hand engineering books, which are most preferred by Postgraduate students

Before making any impulsive buying decision, firstly assess the quantity of stationery you use. Especially once if it suits you, you'll choose an avenue from where you'll supposedly buy all of your stationery supplies. There are two ways of doing this- Either accompany the offline stores or shop online via E-commerce portals. There are many websites that sell stationery online in India. Handpick anyone that most closely fits your criteria of durable, high- quality office stationery supplies and plow ahead with them.

4). Search for cheap flights / airfares

Great program that allows you to see, compare the prices for multiple destinations. However, while student airfare discounts often vary, there are a couple of websites that really do cater to student travelers trying to find the simplest deal. 

For some, you will need to supply proof that you are a student so as to access their searchable fares. But others are more lenient, requiring no proof of identification to book.

Flight fares vary drastically with respect to time. The close the booking date, the higher is the cost. Planning your travel well in advance, saves a lot of money. And a roundtrip booking would be even cheaper and make a stellar discount. Try finding out coupons and deals that can be applied on certain festival days.

5). Encourage responsible usage

Effective use and conservation of obtainable resources at our disposal is that the precursor to chop costs. List out the wastage of resources and the way it seeds environmental degradation.

If one is informed about their environmental obligations and responsibilities to enhance the carbon footprint, it'll certainly provide sustaining the environment and can prove cost-effective to the one within the cohort at the end of the day. Lead by examples.

Find alternative to buying new products. These include renting options, such as renting cars, renting furnitures. These not only come at a 50% discount, but also brings down the upfront payment. Rent is usually deducted monthly, and hence there’s no question of upfront payment.

This is a better option since you don’t have the head ache of re-selling while completing your abroad education

And get a commitment towards savings.

6). Use public transportation.

If you've got access to public transportation, you'll save quite a lot of money on gas, parking, and maintenance over time. Whenever you’re ready to leave the car behind, you’ll be saving money.

And that’s just the cash you’d save on gas and maintenance and therefore you'll save much more if you’re ready to forego buying a car completely. Rideshare services like Uber make it easier than ever to measure car-free in major cities, allowing you to rent a car or hire a ride for the occasional run.

One can use this strategy. Can go for exclusively used public transportation to urge around and economize , and it has been downright painful to get a car on my monthly expenses.


It’s very important to understand the need of wise-spending, especially when we step outside India. It’s a very good practice to save money and spend the same on wise thigs. This will give a clear and unpressured mind, which ultimately leads to the success of individual. We wish the students good luck.


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